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Watch Faren Humes’ Award-Winning ‘Our Rhineland’ (Short Shouts!)

Watch Faren Humes' Award-Winning 'Our Rhineland' (Short Shouts!)

Titled Our Rhineland, and directed by Faren Humes (a filmmaker to certainly be aware of and watch – photo on the left), the film is set in 1937, under the Third Reich, as Germans of mixed race are being rounded up and rendered sterile. Two sisters struggle over what to do in response to the act – Sofia wants to fight, while Marta would rather just survive, and their bond is tested. 

The short stars Sabrina Alashi, Dasie Thames & Josef Urban.
It’s both a a Student Emmy winner as well as a Student DGA winner, amongst other accolades.

It’s now available to watch online courtesy of the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts.

Watch the 16-minute film below:

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I thought the cinematography and acting in this short was nothing short of amazing. This director is someone to watch! However, I just have to point this out.. There is a spelling mistake in the beginning of the short that is hard to ignore: "Commisoon" instead of "Commission." This short is so beautiful, such awful misspelling does not belong in it.


Holy ish! That was the best short film I've EVER seen! It was well written and directed. I can't believe Faren Humes did both! She's Amazing! Thank you so much for introducing me to her. I'm going to follow her career and on Twitter. WOW! And so beautifully made.

I'm so excited to see the content Blacks are creating. This is the best series S&A has hands down!


This was a beautifully made film. The acting was impeccable. I was definitely moved. I look forward to seeing more from Faren in the future.


In sixteen minutes, Faren made a film that blows away anything that has been in the theaters in the last few years. I'd like to see more from these two actresses and less from Sandra Bullock and Jessica Chastain. I'd like to bring that film to tugg around me!!


I thought this was good! Actually I'm disappointed it's not a full movie, when I finished I thought, this is only 15 minutes! I hope to see more from the director, would to see other stories from people of color around the world.




This was excellent yet bittersweet… I was very impressed with Sabrina Alisha"s performance and saw that she was in a web series called Afro City…. so so very very bad and a complete waste of her talent. Like you would never know how well she could act from how bad it was.


Very good!

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