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Watch First Full Trailer For BET’s Original Movie ‘Being Mary Jane’

Watch First Full Trailer For BET's Original Movie 'Being Mary Jane'

After releasing 2 sneak peek clips from Being Mary Jane, BET has now unveiled the film’s first full trailer, which is embedded below.
Its premiere date is set for TuesdayJuly 2, at 10:30pm, which I found interesting, if only because it’s a feature film, so I’m assuming its feature-length, which means it’s at least an hour+. 
Also, it’s a Tuesday night; and with commercials, it could be ending around midnight, which seems a bit late.
Then again, it’s the week of the July 4 holiday.
My take away from this is that BET likely considers it more adult fare, than some of its earlier more family-friendly programming. I’m often trying to understand who exactly BET’s audience is, whether they skew younger (Millenials and younger), or a bit older, the Gen Xers. Or a combo of both.
Anyway… Being Mary Jane hails from Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, the hit husband-and-wife duo, and stars Gabrielle UnionOmari Hardwick, Tika SumpterBJ BrittLisa Vidal and Richard RoundtreeMargaret AveryRichard BrooksStephen BishopRaven GoodwinLatarsha RoseRobinne Lee and Aaron Spears.

It’s the first new project under the mega-production deal the Akils signed with BET last year, and chronicles the work, social and family life of a successful African American career woman (Mary Jane Paul, played by Union), an acclaimed host of a 24-hour national cable news network. As Mary Jane juggles her life, her work and her commitment to family, viewers follow how far she’s willing to go to find those puzzle pieces that she, and society, insist are missing from her life as a single black female.

Watch the trailer below:

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I missed it and everyone is talking please show it again!


I plan on viewing it. Looks worthwhile.


I look forward to it actually. I somewhat identify with the character.


I'll check it out. It's whatever. But is it just me or does Omari play the same kinda man in almost every film? The sensitive diesel? Lol


I'll give it a shot. Not blown away though.


Nah, I'm good. I left BET alone a long time ago, and until I see quality HBO/Netflixesqe shows in their lineup I'm not them giving ish. No play, no nothing. They made they're bed, now they can lie in it. They aren't getting the older black crowd, they fvcked that up a long time ago.

They should've listened to everyone that demand quality shows. See what happens when you look down on your audience thinking they're too stupid to understand complex dramas? You end up scrambling to get back the audience you lost years ago that ain't coming back.

Now they want to be conscious/relevant, with that Psychology Today bull and the outrage black woman rightfully had when the media kept trying to paint us single, undesirable, and miserable storyline? And Now the Trayvon Martin Case? Baby bye! The only reason they're probably doing this is because people woke up and stop watching their garbage. Well Too late. They had their chance and they failed. And with the looks of this, will continue to do so.


Looks pretty interesting – like a better quality and far more honest Tyler Perry-esque film. I would watch it if I had BET. Omari Hardwick is the flipping definition of hot. Dang.



I wish actors had more to work with out there than this ham-fisted D-List bs.


This looks good -raw and honest.

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