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Watch: First Teaser Trailer For ‘Diana’ Starring Naomi Watts As The People’s Princess

Watch: First Teaser Trailer For 'Diana' Starring Naomi Watts As The People's Princess

With two Academy Award nominations under her belt, Naomi Watts is gunning for a third, and maybe a win, taking on the lead role in the royal family biopic “Diana” and first teaser trailer is here to give you a taste — and it’s pretty much what you might have expected.

Aiming to capture the grand appeal of the People’s Princess, her private turmoil and a romance that tragically fell apart, the Olivier Hirschbiegel film, penned by Steven Jeffreys (“The Libertine“), will focus on Princess Diana’s affair with Dr. Hasnat Kahn (played by “Lost” star Naveen Andrews) that lasted from 1995 until a few months before her death in 1997. He was considered the love of her life, but their relationship collapsed thanks to the frenzied omnipresence of the media.

This first little tease seems to be hitting the buttons we expected it to, but what do you think? Will “Diana” go beyond standard biopic fare and become something more? We’ll find out when the movie arrives later this year. See the US and UK trailers below.

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Well, I quite loved the trailer and going by the buzz on you tube and twitter it seems most have loved it too. It’s quite surprising considering Diana was such a beloved women that many didn’t want her to be portrayed onscreen.

Honestly, trailer exceeded my own expectations. Without giving anything away about the story the trailer highlighted Naomi’s amazing transformation. No spoilers. No unnecessary schmaltz especially considering Diana was such a tragic figure. I was circumspect if the makers would be able to pull of the film, but now I am more hopeful.


I like Naomi Watts but this trailer was pretty bad. Makes it look like a cheap TV movie.

Jimmy D.

It looks awful.


It's a bit too tv movie of the week but when has Naomi Watts ever disappointed? I have to agree with AE, intrigued.


well, I'm intrigued..


YAWN. More sympathetic glossy portraiture of the rich elite. Thank heavens we have the entertainment industry to dictate reality to us.


Co-written and produced by TMZ?


Can't help but wonder how bad a film is when the first trailer doesn't have any dialogue and you barley see the lead actresses face (CAUSE SHE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE WOMAN SHE'S PLAYING!!!!)… Just sayin


Oh gawd.

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