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Watch: First Trailer For Steve ‘Jobs’ Biopic Starring Ashton Kutcher & Josh Gad Boots Up

Watch: First Trailer For Steve 'Jobs' Biopic Starring Ashton Kutcher & Josh Gad Boots Up

Generally, movies about the technology industry aren’t very good and are very few, and outside of “The Social Network,” there are even less based on real events. In fact, it kind of says something in certain dork circles, “The Pirates Of Silicon Valley” — even with its totally ’90s casting of Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates — still stands beloved, even though it’s also kind of not very good. But can “Jobs” challenge for the crown? Granted, it doesn’t have to leap very high, but you may have to get past Ashton Kutcher as the founder of Apple.

The first trailer for the movie has arrived, and coming off a mixed reception at Sundance earlier this year, it has some ground to cover. The movie spans a few decades, starting from the early rogue and rising days of Apple, and tells the story of Jobs’ rise, fall, and rise again, through to the launch of the iPod in 2001. Josh Gad co-stars as Jobs’ tech bud Steve Wozniak, with a bunch of oh-hey-it’s-that-guy types rounding up supporting roles. But the key will be if Kutcher can capture Jobs’ passion and spirit and black turtlenecked or enigma…or not. Does he?

Watch and tell us below. “Jobs” logs on starting August 16th. Updated: Poster below.

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Is utter laughter not the right reaction to this trailer…? I honestly don't think I'm capable of a different reaction.


Waiting for the Bob Hope biopic so I can complete my NO HOPE, NO JOBS, NO CASH trilogy


It's just impossible to take Kutcher seriously…


Hollywood about to suck Steve Jobs' D!


Is that banner for the movie real, or is it like a parody of the Social Network poster? ("Punk. Prophet. Genius. Billionaire. Traitor.")


Wait for the Aaron Sorkin adaptation.


ashton kutcher mimicking steve jobs. He looks like SJ and talks like him, but it's that enough? We'll see. It's my problem with him, I can't see the performance, just AK. Dude, where's my iPhone?


At moments, not bad looking, at it's worst, terrible, the cast looks good if your name does not rhyme with Mashton Smutcher


I'm not gonna lie, this look like shit.

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