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Watch: First Trailer For Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’ Starring Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin & Sally Hawkins

Watch: First Trailer For Woody Allen's 'Blue Jasmine' Starring Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin & Sally Hawkins

Well, it’s been twelve months, so it’s time for another Woody Allen film. This time around it’s “Blue Jasmine,” and no, he’s not in exotic Barcelona, stuffy London or the touristy Rome. Instead, he’s in San Francisco for the first time, and the results look pretty great.

As always, the plot details have been kept under wraps but the first trailer finally reveals what looks to be a pretty solid-looking dramedy. Cate Blanchett, in what looks like a pretty great turn, leads the pic as a woman, once riding high financially, who becomes broke and moves back in with her sister, played by Sally Hawkins. And what’s revealed is a strained relationship between two sisters, with those around the latter (including Andrew Dice Clay and Bobby Cannavale) looking to protect the Hawkins from Blanchett, who may be using her.

It looks both funny and dramatic, and Allen has usually excelled with stories about siblings (i.e. “Hannah & Her Sisters“). So consider us optimistic. “Blue Jasmine” arrives on July 26th. Watch below.

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"Play It Again Sam" was not directed by Allen, but written by him, starring him and set in San Francisco. While not named as the city, "Take the Money and Run" was written and directed by Woody Allen — his first film with those credits? — and set entirely in SF.


Love it! Blanchett's performance looks amazing.


It looks like a nice change from actors doing Woody Allen impersonations, now they're doing Judy Davis ones.
No, seriously, I think it looks promising.


Looks like it will be one of the better Woody Allen films. Cate Blanchett looks like she will be fab. As do the rest of the cast.


Andrew Dice Clay! … Come one. someone had to say it.


Play It Again Sam, one of his early movies, was also shot in San Francisco.


I'm not sure Blanchett is getting an Oscar nom for this. Its being released awfully early in the season and while it seems to be a showy part, Blanchett's not playing a real person + there's no deglam factor like Cotillard in La Vie En Rose and it's doesn't seem as dramatic or hearbreaking as Julie Christie's turn in Away from her, (those are the 2 examples of early releases that went on to garner Oscar noms for lead actress I can think of). Yes, she suffers from depression, but then every Allen character does. She even misses a Globe nom for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button so it's not like she's nominated every time she gets a lead part. Also her character might be too unlikable. She stands a better chance with Carol next year.


Wow, looks great. I can't wait to see Louis C.K. in action.


I sure hope he's going to give Tennessee Williams a credit for ripping off A Streetcar Named Desire.

Ken Guidry

Whoa… Cate Blanchett kinda sounds like Judy Davis in that trailer.


"Allen has usually excelled with stories about siblings (i.e. "Hannah & Her Sisters")" — incisive. vintage playlist.


Blanchett's accent is all over the place.


something horribly predictable about Cate securing an oscar nom here. I mean, tons of actresses could excel in that role its pretty much an actresses dream role and script :/


I think the return to drama is doing Woody a lot of good. Early word of mouth on this movie is that it's a great one and that Cate Blanchett is a shoe-in for the Best Actress Oscar. I'm hoping for his best since, oh , say 'Sweet and Lowdown'. Cannot wait!


It looks like it won't fall into the "minor Woody" category. I'm very much looking forward to it.



It's always funny when old school directors finally have to use CGI in their movies, and that shot of the plane was pure Tim & Eric perfection


Whoa, is this really shot in 'scope, or whatever we're calling 2.35:1 these days? If so, would that make it his first film since Manhattan shot super wide?

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