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Watch Inevitable ‘Celebrity Kickstarter’ Parody (‘Please Help Me Raise $500 Million’)

Watch Inevitable 'Celebrity Kickstarter' Parody ('Please Help Me Raise $500 Million')

And who didn’t see this coming; I’m surprised there haven’t been more, and that it took this long. 

It comes courtesy of comedian Jon LaJoie. It’s a bit on the long side, but it gets its point across I suppose.


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is he spoofing dane cook or zach braff ?


Spot on! Hilarious!


Haha! At least he's honest. I wish some of these filmmakers would be this blunt. I've given to a few crowdfunding campaigns and I'm still WAITING for these "films" to manifest. I think Indiegogo and Kickstarter should really start getting on the filmmakers who have their projects in perpetual "limbo."

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