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Watch: Larry David Wants Revenge & Recycles ‘Seinfeld’ Joke In New Trailer For HBO Comedy ‘Clear History’

Watch: Larry David Wants Revenge & Recycles 'Seinfeld' Joke In New Trailer For HBO Comedy 'Clear History'

Let’s face it: Larry David isn’t an actor. Like his best bud Jerry Seinfeld, he has a very defined comedic box in which he fits, and within those parameters, he’s devastatingly hilarious. There’s nothing wrong with that — if you know your strengths and can continue to be great, why not? And while David used an extreme version of himself to power “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” his big screen lead outing in Woody Allen‘s “Whatever Works” didn’t quite come together in the eyes of many (though this writer takes a certain shine to it). Can he succeed with his second try at a leading movie role in “Clear History“?

Well, even though he’s playing a hippie-esque entrepreneur, screwed out of billions when he’s booted from the company where his concept car becomes a smash success, he’s still pretty much playing Larry David. And yes, it’s funny, at least in this new trailer, though whether it can sustain a full 90 minutes remains to be seen (and “Seinfeld” fans will immediately recognize that apology gag from the hit show, pretty much recycling the same bit from the episode where George Costanza tries to get an apology out of an old acquaintance played by James Spader). But “Clear History,” directed by Greg Mottola, also has an insane roster of ringers in supporting roles including Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, Phillip Baker Hall, and JB Smoove. That’s a pretty nice crew to fall back on.

“Clear History” arrives on HBO on August 10th. Check it out below followed by the apology arc on “Seinfeld.”

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larry uses the concept in the bisexual episode of with the shit bow… the owner of a chinese restaurant gives larry a half bow as an apology for spilled soup in his take out order but larry later finds out a half bow is a shit bow and worse than no bow at all… so he goes back for the full bow… in fact i think there are many times on curb when larry is involved with real and fake apologies


J.B Smooth and Larry David back together???? HELL YES! Curb Your Enthusiasm was one of the most brilliant shows ever on tv


Looks like Liam Neeson.


Hmm, I dunno if "recycles" is the right word, since David had left the show by that point. Maybe "lifts"?

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