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Watch: New 3-Minute Trailer For Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’ Starring Matt Damon & Jodie Foster

Watch: New 3-Minute Trailer For Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium' Starring Matt Damon & Jodie Foster

The battle to keep surprises in store for an audience versus the need for mass marketing a major tentpole can be a tricky balance, but so far this year it seems studios are wising up. “Iron Man 3” and “Man Of Steel” both had extensive campaigns, yet kept big twists and plot developments under firm lock and key while stoking excitement for these franchise movies. And while we wait to see if Fox pulls a “Prometheus” and eventually ruins “The Wolverine,” Sony is showing off a bit more of Neill Blomkamp‘s original tentpole (a rarity) “Elysium” with a brand new trailer.

You know the rough outline already. Matt Damon is cancer-stricken Earth dweller who decides to bust into the lavish and elite space station orbiting the planet to get the treatment he needs. In his way? Cold bureaucrat Jodie Foster and relentless hitman for hire Sharlto Copley. Yep, it’s Big Ideas meet Big Explosions, but as he showed with “District 9,” Blomkamp is able to marry the two quite seamlessly with high entertainment value. Does this new spot give too much away? Guess we’ll find out in due course.

“Elysium” arrives on August 9th. Watch below.

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Is anyone else bothered that Sharlto Copley isn't getting ANY kind of billing on these posters/trailers? He did lead a major film from the same director, it seems he at least warrants a mention.

My supper

The first half establishes Damon's character quickly and the second half builds action exponentially but doesn't give anything away. I almost never say this, but that's a good trailer. The poster is a huge improvement, too.


Blomkamp is the real deal and if Elysium turns out to be as good as the trailer suggests then he will cement his position as the first great science-fiction filmmaker since Cameron.


This. Looks. Awesome.


I love it when Matt Damon fights evil.


A big-budget film chastising the 1% and giving hope to us 99-ers, regardless of the fact that it was created by the 1% to bank on us 99-ers. Thought provoking my ass.


Love the humorous elements – Jason Bourne in wisecrack mode. Unique and interesting departure for Damon, who elevates everything he's in. Very hopeful this will end up grabbing the summer like Blomkamp did last time.


Well, I don't see the 'Big Ideas'… isn't this the classic plot/arc for basically every sci-fi film/book. ever? The theme of "the corporate word vs the ordinary poor people" again? The design reminds me of shit i've seen a million times before in videogames (even the spaceship, or elysium, is like the one from 2001.. ugh how creative) or even his own film District 9 (insert; Avatar or any other design sci-fi film etc)

Nothing more here than the superhero movies you guys bitch and moan about – even though you know some of these retards will think this is original and important..

It Doesnt Work

It doesn't work guys… pls fix the trailer!

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