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Watch: Nicolas Cage Wants To Put John Cusack In Jail In Trailer For ‘The Frozen Ground’

Watch: Nicolas Cage Wants To Put John Cusack In Jail In Trailer For 'The Frozen Ground'

Here we go, yet another low budget, crank-it-out-in-a-few-weeks Nicolas Cage movie, and if you forgot about it that’s cool, because it’s hard to keep track of his prolific, if unselective, output. The latest? “The Frozen Ground,” a based on a true story tale with Cage as a cop, tracking down bad guy John Cusack, with Vanessa Hudgens playing a prostitute. Obviously. 

And as you might guess, the trailer for the movie looks typically generic and bland, playing out pretty much like any other straight-to-DVD crime flick/procedural. Anyway, Cage stars as the Alaskan detective Glenn Flothe, who tries to bring down serial killer Robert Hansen (Cusack) and finally gets the opportunity after a 17-year-old (Hudgens) escapes from the killer and provides key information. But as these things usually go, The Cops Won’t Listen and Cage is forced to Take The Law Into His Own Hands. Yawn.

Surprise, surprise this is going VOD on August 23rd, the same day it drops into (probably a small handful) of theaters.

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The trailer is pretty good. At least a lot better than that crap that usually come out and people think they're great movies…. As for the storyline…Well the movie is based on a true story so…


You had me at Nic cage and John Cusack
You lost me at being produced by 50 Cent
You could win me back at Vanessa Hudgens pole dancing

My guess- This will be tunk but I'll give it a watch


The cast is just…dreadful.I've heard that the movie would just directly go to DVD/BD/VOD,according to Star Media Entertainment,hmm…


My guess: Vanessa Hudgens is John Cusak's lover & they're both the evil murders & using this as a trap to get Nicolas Cage.
Guess 2: There will be at least one amazing Cage reaction moment.
Guess 3: This movie will be utter shit.

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