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Watch: Robert Rodriguez-Directed & Fan-Assisted Short Film ‘Two Scoops’

Watch: Robert Rodriguez-Directed & Fan-Assisted Short Film ‘Two Scoops’

Two months ago, Miramax announced that Robert Rodriguez would take part in Blackberry’s “Keep Moving” project with his own “Project Green Screen.” The “do-it-yourself” filmmaker had an unfinished short at his disposal and called out to fans “to use your creativity and imagination to help complete” the film. Although this reads like a fun experiment in fan collaboration, it also sounds like a bunch of free labor, but what do we know about innovative filmmaking? 

The result is “Two Scoops,” an 11-minute short about two ice cream-slinging, monster-slaying sisters, which comes in handy when a monster captures their father. Rodriguez asked fans to send acting demo reels along with ideas for brainstorming and designing the monster. The film seems like “Violet & Daisy” meets that cut scene from “Dogma” with Rodriguez’s trademark “Mariachi-style.” If that sounds up your alley, check out the completed film, including a few fans and fans’ ideas below, along with a poster. Thoughts?

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Hi! Maybe its not supported in mobile but the video posted here is just the trailer, not the 11 minute short! Would love to see it though!

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