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Watch Short Video About Amazing 11 Year Old Cellist Prodigy Sujari Britt

Watch Short Video About Amazing 11 Year Old Cellist Prodigy Sujari Britt

So here is my third and final edition of my weekend
series of inspiring video shorts about black musicians who are definitely breaking
boundaries and “thinking outside the box.”

And this time the focus is on the New York based 11 year
cellist prodigy Sujari Britt, who
will absolutely astound you, not only with her extraordinary talent, but as well
her grace, poise and intelligence.

Actually, I interviewed her almost two years ago when she
was only 9, and was immediately struck by her intelligence, dedication and maturity, which is lot more than I can say for a lot of adults who are three (or four) times her

The video was produced by @radical media for their YouTube channel THNKR, whose goal is it to create videos “that will change your mind.”

And if this video doesn’t
do that, then there is truly no hope for you.

Ms. Britt also has her own website which you can access

Below is the video:

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Avery Jarhman

I have a feeling that UNLIKE many of the musically inclined Americans our nation’s PREMIER PRESIDENTIAL & PARENTAL FIRST COUPLE invite to our White House, Ms. Sujari Britt will not be writing or performing music that characterizes the MATERNAL HALF of our population as less than human ^itches and ^hores unworthy of respect.


Gary (IN) Civic Symphony Orchestra

Sujari performed for Gary school children, about 1,500 of them when she was just 9 years old, and then later for an adult audience. She was simply amazing, and inspired so many children in grades 2,3,4 and some in 5 in ways we may never know. I do know that we got a few cello wanna-be’s for our summer program of free classes that year. We will NEVER forget that experience or her. It’s great to see her maturing and expressing herself so well! (NM, manager)


Amazing — but inspiring, too! I'm gonna tighten-up on my rap game now!


What an AMAZING little lady. I love the reason she chose the Cello because of its deep "tenor" tone. I also like the fact she says the Cello is her voice. Just in awe, I love reading stories like this about black folks, especially kids.

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