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Watch Short Video About Amazing Heavy Metal Rock Band ‘Unlocking The Truth’

Watch Short Video About Amazing Heavy Metal Rock Band 'Unlocking The Truth'

Starting today and through this weekend, I’m going to post a series of inspiring video
shorts about black musicians who are breaking boundaries, because… why not?

There are so many unbelievable fantastic and talented black musicians who
are following their own paths and thinking “outside
the box.”
  Not only should they be wider known, but also, it all goes back to
what S & A is all about – what defines black imagery and how it’s portrayed
in the media.

Which leads me to today’s video about the heavy metal
rock group Unlocking The Truth, who
are Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins, two Flatbush Brooklyn six graders who, along with new bassist Alec Atkins, have caused an absolute sensation in the underground rock movement.

They’ve already appeared on W. Kamau Bell’s show Totally
on FX  (HERE), and their goal, according to their website
(HERE), is to simply be the “world’s best heavy metal bands, and with
their music, they want to encourage their fans to just be themselves and not be
intimidated by what people say.”  

All this means, of course, is that they have been totally
ignored by the black media since “they don’t
do what black people are supposed to do” (Though watch. Wanna bet they will now after we’ve done it because they have no imagination?)

So here’s the video about them created by The Avant Garde Diaries.

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Raymond Lambert

Awesome. I am going to book them one day…soon

Phyllis Haynes

Talent and Courage! The combination for success.




this is so dope.


So cool! I love it.



Howze Man

They're great now, but can you imagine those kids at 30?


i remember telling people about this other band who played the afropunk tour called "The Bots" about 4 years ago id love to get these two bands together Check them out on youtube The Bots – i like your style THEY ARE AWESOME


Love these kids, I blogged abut them couple weeks ago. Looking forward to what else you post up.


Those young men just inspired me.


This is great. reminds me of a "Hair Band" that I was in when I was about 16/17 sometime ago. People thought I was weird. Its great to see young brothers going for what they like instead of following the trends. Actually learning an instrument.

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