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Watch: Steve McQueen’s ‘The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery’ Which Is Being Remade By Adrien Brody & Hayden Christensen

Watch: Steve McQueen's 'The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery' Which Is Being Remade By Adrien Brody & Hayden Christensen

Well, if the goal was put together the most unlikely cast to ever remake a Steve McQueen film then mission accomplished. We’ll grant you it’s not one of his classic works, so the offence isn’t quite as egregious, but still, surely a somewhat classic film deserves slightly better?

Anyway, it appears that Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Anakin-still-haunts-him Hayden Christensen, rapper-with-that-big-hit-one-time Akon and the-girl-from-Fast-and-Furious-that-isn’t-Michelle-Rodriguez Jordana Brewster are set to star in “American Heist” (a vaguer, more forgettable name could not be thought up, apparently). Some guy named Sarik Andreasyan is directing the movie, whose plot will follow a recently freed jailbird who ropes his brother into a bank job, led by a gang of criminals, that goes wrong and family bonds are tested and you’ve seen this movie a zillion times.

It’s filming now and we guess we’ll see this on VOD by this time next year? Here’s the entire original film which is probably a more worthy claimant for your time.

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By now you woud think this generation Film maker would realize that if your going to remake a film noir from the 50's. Your going have to have a good cast and ideas make it just entertaining as a contemporary morality tale. I saw this movie a year ago and it's very enjoyable. Especially its themes of inuendo and men of principles compromise themselves.
Adrian career s going through a slump. Akon hiring is continuing conspiracy of replacing black actor roles with rappers.


Akon is a legend. A LEGEND goddammit!

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