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Watch: Warwick Davis Tries to Raise Funds for ‘Willow 2’ in the Trailer for the ‘Life’s Too Short’ Finale Special

Watch: Warwick Davis Tries to Raise Funds for 'Willow 2' in the Trailer for the 'Life's Too Short' Finale Special

“Life’s Too Short,” the showbiz cringe comedy created by Warwick Davis, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, will top off the seven-episode run it had on BBC in the UK and HBO here in the US last year with an hour-long finale special. Starring Warwick Davis as a fictionalized version of himself, “Life’s Too Short” is, in the words of Gervais, about “the life of a showbiz dwarf,” with Davis portrayed as egotistical, arrogant, desperate for work and subject to frequent humiliations.

The special will find things looking up for Davis, as, alongside Val Kilmer, he tries to raise money for a comeback via “Willow 2.” The special airs on HBO on Friday, July 5th at 10pm. Merchant has a cringe comedy offering of his own coming up on HBO — “Hello Ladies,” premiering September 9th. Gervais, meanwhile, has attempted something more sincere and heartfelt with his new series “Derek,” which will debut on Netflix September 12th (having already aired in the UK).

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I would have to agree with Nate here. His not like his character at all in real life. In fact he has a great sense of humor, making fun of himself as being a person of short stature. Even the title of the tv series, he is bagging himself out. "lifes too short" is actually very daring and funny & I believe is an underrated series. Do you think Ricky Gervais would give him the time of day if he was a wanker.. I highly doubt it.


@Ewok Slayer You’re a fool and not even good at trolling. First, Ewoks won against the storm troopers. Second, Willow was a outstanding movie and Warwick Davis is one of the, if not THE best Dwarfs in the acting profession. He is also a huge activist in rights for dwarfs and has done a lot to help in understanding the condition. You sir are a fool.

Ewok slayer

Warwick Davis is a real idiot. If he's acting 'arrogant' and 'desperate for work' in this.. well, whatever you can call this program, then he's just acting like his real life persona. He's arrogant and self-proclaimed. He's had various MINOR supporting roles but thinks of himself as a legendary icon and an A-list celebrity. He's a Z-list himself, AT BEST. Nobody cares about Ewoks.. They aren't misunderstood, they are just short bears who got a beating from the storm troopers (who nobody else loses to tbh, because they also suck). Warwick Davies actually needs to be punched in the throat and pushed down the stairs, maybe then he'll realise that he's just an aggressive midget who has accomplished quite alot, but not enough to speak about himself in such high regard. What a cunt.


I really want that Willow 2 should come out. I have been wanting to see a follow up for years now.

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