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Whatever Happened To Caine?

Whatever Happened To Caine?

It’s ironic that I stumbled onto this recent Grantland article about Tyrin Turner, considering that, just a
few weeks ago, I watched the Hughes Brothers’ Menace II Society for the first time in many

It’s amazing as well that it’s been over 20 years since that film was made, and that, even today, it is, unfortunately,
still as relevant as ever. Perhaps even more so.

It is a grim experience watching that film and wondering
how many young black men (and women) have ended up dead since that film came

But what about those involved with the film? The Hughes
brothers are still making films. Bill
and Larenz Tate are still
around, and Samuel l. Jackson hasn’t
been exactly lacking for work. Also Jada
married very well – to say the least..

But whatever happened to Turner?

Yes, Tate played the most memorable character with all
the most shocking scenes, but it was Turner who starred as the main character, Caine, in Menace.

After the film came out, everyone said he was going to be
a big star and predicted a major acting career for him. Even Roger Ebert told him that he should have
been nominated for an Oscar that year. 

But all the big predictions didn’t come to pass.

So what went wrong?

Well, according to the Grantland piece (which you can read
in its entirety HERE), it was a combination of things: Bad luck, bad decisions,
bad timing, typecasting and missed opportunities, for starters.

Along with an misguided attempt to establish a rap
career and a falling out with the Hughes brothers, Turner’s career failed to
take off, and he’s currently trying to
make a comeback at the age of 41.

And yet his story is all-too common in this business. He is
among many who, at one time, had bright, shiny, promising
futures, only to see them dashed to bits.

But can Turner make a comeback? Of course. Anything
is possible, and if there is one thing for certain about this business, it is that
there are no rules.

He’s learned a lot of lessons along the way, but he’s got a lot of ground
to make up.

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The acting business is a funny business that I would wish on my worst enemy. I mean seriously, one could get better odds of winning the Lottery than hitting and stinking in that profession. But listen, I wanted my lady's feedback on this article so I asked her if she'd seen ol'dude in awhile? She said "are you talking about Willie?". Now excuse me but I was never an Urkel fan, so how was I do know Larenz Tate was Urkel's nemesis in Family Matters? HUH? Who knows stuff like that? Anyway, I asked her who she was talking about. She pointed to Larenz and said "that dude, he was also in The Women Of Brewster Place."

Now wait a minute, I hate to admit that I'd never seen The Women Of Brewster Place. Nope… and I don't know why? But not to be outdone by my lady, I found it on Netflix. Sure enough, there he was, nappy head Sammy (Larenz Tate) sitting on a broke down couch in a run down high-rise tenement with his hungry looking siblings.

Damn, show business is a funny business, how does a little kid go from Willie (Urkel's buddy) to Sammy (eating out of garbage cans in Harlem) to O-Dog, a trigger happy menace, in Menace II Society (South Central Los Angeles)?

And btw, I don't know what happened to Caine.


Wesley Snipes' baby brother.


"Also Jada Pinkett married very well – to say the least.." Wow. Patronizing misogyny at it's best. No love for any of her movies? Or the fact that she was in the Matrix trilogy? Maybe you've heard of Hawthorne? What about Jada being the lead singer in a rock band? No? I didn't think so.

Coffee Wright/SAG


Sergio Mims From The Meteor Man

Belly ended his career. That was one awful movie, and his role was an embarrassing caricature.


I was just looking him up the other day on IMDB dude did kind of fall off the map.

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