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Why You Need To Go See The Heat This Weekend!

Why You Need To Go See The Heat This Weekend!

Remember two years ago when Bridesmaids came out and women went to the movies and Hollywood (except for every woman who worked there) was shocked that women and men went to see a movie about a bunch of women talking about a bunch of women’s things like weddings and boyfriends and shit like that?  Wasn’t that movie supposed to herald a revolution for women at the movies?  Well I’m still waiting at the curb for my ride to the revolution.  Sure, we are psyched that Kristen Wiig now has a movie career and that Melissa McCarthy is a fucking mega star and that Paul Feig (who is officially an honorary chick) is the only dude in that town who gives a shit about directing funny women, but have things gotten better for us at the movies?  


Some days I think we should give Hollywood the big middle finger because why should we go and spend our money when we get nothing in return.  This summer box office season is so bad on the women front that it is not even the 4th of July and I want it to just be over.  I am sick of superheroes and their complexes.

But because we love movies and we believe that culture matters we still give a shit and so that means we can’t give up on the movies even though it seems that movies have given up on us.  That’s why this weekend is important.

This weekend is the ONE FUCKING WEEKEND THIS SUMMER WHERE WOMEN ARE THE STARS.  Have you been watching TV this week?  Commercials for The Heat are everywhere.  This is it people.  This is where we prove again, probably to just ourselves, that we want to see women at the movies.  That we think that movies about women matter.  That women are funny.  

It sucks to have your whole gender’s future at the movies is represented by the success of this film.  Actually, I think it is more important for the film not to fail.  Because it does not seem that success is getting us anywhere, but damn if it fails we will hear about The Heat forever.  Every pitch will end with, well, the Heat couldn’t open so we aren’t doing any movies about women or some variety of that misogynistic bullshit.

While this site may be a constant call to arms we don’t do many ACTUAL call to arms.  This weekend is one.  This movie will be playing in your neighborhood.  It will be on 3,000 screens – still less than the big boy flicks – but it will still be everywhere.

So you and everyone you know needs to go.  

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This movie is great. $183 mil and lots of repeat and word of mouth. Still going strong.


Honestly, I answered your call and made seeing "The Heat" a priority for this weekend, and loved it. I think it's got enough raunch for the guys and plenty of Sandra & Melissa (although I can never have too much Melissa) to bring the study-in-contrasts hilarity, plus a great supporting cast of comedy mainstays. I cried from laughter, and that almost never happens to me. So say what you want, commenting detractors, I thought this was hilarious, and even – prepare to gasp! – funnier than "This is the End."


"The Heat" brings to mind the line, "Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition."

I'm a feminist, but I'd much rather watch Mark Walhberg and the Rock in a bud-com, then this really bad attempt at an action comedy. Or even better, Helen Mirren in "RED", which is hilarious or Angelina Jolie in "Salt".

"Heat" is the movie version of 1980's should pads in women's suits, designed to make women look like men in the workplace. I don't recall them making a difference in the glass ceiling. Neither will this movie.

Both actresses are better than this.

Maria Giese

So right and so well said! I just counted the directors on all 40 2013 Summer movies getting released in America between June 21 and September 1. Okay, so out of 40 movies there are 45 male directors (several have two directors sharing credit) AND GET THIS: just ONE female co-director. ONE! That's it for the summer. Happy 4th of July, America!


"I am sick of superheroes and their complexes."

So I guess that potential Wonder Woman movie won't have your support after all.

Iron Man 3 has made $ 1.2 billion and Man of Steel will likely make $ 1 billion itself. Movies don't make that kind of dough unless women are supporting them. Women LIKE these movies.

Bonnie Weiss

If Hollywood isn't careful and doesn't support funny women in film, then they are desitined to lose funny talented writers eg. Valerie Weiss, who writes good, smart comedy and directs it all well.
Keep it up Melissa, somebody will listen. It's just a shame that LOSING CONTROL didn't get the right distribution to show it off.

A. L. L.

I'm sorry. I saw a preview of them film and it was NOT good. It just tried too hard to be good. I get your point in this post, but before you jump on the "Go See The Heat" train, consider that the film might suck first, and that it MAY set us back rather than push us forward.


I like your line "still waiting at the curb for my ride to the revolution". I wasn't going to the movies this weekend, but I am going to see THE HEAT because of what you wrote. Women can open a movie.


Is this editorial a piece of satire? Are you suggesting people pay for a film that's getting middling reviews, and is simply riding on the McCarthy bandwagon? Why should a film need an all female cast to be progressive?

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