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Will This Finally Be Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar Year? ‘The Dallas Buyer’s Club’ Nabs Awards Season Date

Will This Finally Be Matthew McConaughey's Oscar Year? 'The Dallas Buyer's Club' Nabs Awards Season Date

Matthew McConaughey must be thinking, “What on Earth do I have to do?” The actor stormed back into critical and audience hearts last year by putting on his shirt, dropping the romcoms, and showing that he’s a damn fine actor by delivering a fantastic performance in Steven Soderbergh‘s “Magic Mike,” a subtle and solid appearance in Richard Linklater‘s “Bernie,” and a wonderfully hilarious and sleazy turn in William Friedkin‘s “Killer Joe.” The former was even a massive box office success that was also met with the great reviews. The result? He was snubbed for a much deserved Oscar nomination. This year, he’s again revelatory in Jeff Nichols‘ beautiful fable “Mud” (one of the best of the year), but his next true Oscar shot will likely come with “The Dallas Buyer’s Club.”

And Focus Features agrees, giving the movie a December 6th release date. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (“The Young Victoria,” “C.R.A.Z.Y.“), the film tells the true story (Oscar bait #1, true story) of Ron Woodruff (McConaughey), who was diagnosed with AIDS (Oscart bait #2, tragic disease) in 1986 and was only given months to live. With nothing to lose, he began experimenting with underground, non-FDA-approved drugs and wound up living longer than expected, passing his knowledge to other AIDS sufferers as well (Oscar bait #3, inspiring story). So, can the dude finally at least get into the Dolby Theater with a nomination?

We shall see, but it’s another left field choice for McConaughey who shows no signs of returning to acting with his pecs, anytime soon. [Exhibitor Relations]

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I'm looking forward to his next string of films, including the Scorsese film.
I think the author of this article is just saying that this could be his year after being a joke for so long…
Lighten up people.


I actually think that Jared Leto might get the Oscar instead of Matthew McConaughey.
His character just seems even more "extreme" and well acted.
Yes I know I'm just speculating, but still.
A transsexual woman dying from AIDS and also a drug addict.
Played by Jared Leto. Who proved himself as an excellent actor w/
Requiem For A Dream and Mr. Nobody (if you haven't seem them, do it before you judge his acting). His talent is underrated, and I think that with this movie, people will realize just how good of an actor he really is.


It's not a make-believe film where a screenwriter creates a story. This is a real story, based on a real person. Ron Woodruff was not gay.


Would love to have a movie about a gay character where he/she doesn't end up dead/miserable/beaten up/in jail. Any time now…


I think the use of "Finally" is the bit much. The guy was pretty much all but gone until 2 years ago, seemingly having long ago disappeared into terrible overly expensive action failures (Sahara) & awful romantic comedies (literally all his work from 2005 to 2010). He's been great in all his work of late but his turn around to making quality work has been very VERY recent.


He wasn't snubbed.

oogle monster

I agree with BEF- Gary Oldman is more in the "finally" camp. Also, as much as I like McConaughey- the only actor who TRULY deserves a "finally" Oscar nom is the great Martin Sheen. First Sheen, then Mr. Abs!


Hyperbolic much? He's only been been doing great work for 2 years, he's not Christopher Plummer before 2009 or worse poor Donald Sutherland who is still waiting.


did he put on his shirt for 'Magic Mike'?


Finally? That word belonged to Gary Oldman. I've liked McConaughey for a while and like this resurgence — but one year of serious acting after years of not, isn't exactly "finally." He's taken his old pal Sandra Bullock's approach to movie star. Start dramatic, do a lot of fluff, come out of nowhere to be a serious leading actor, join an auteur's experimental sci fi movie.

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