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Would You Pay $50 To See ‘World War Z’ Two Days Early? Does A Digital Copy Sweeten The Deal?

Would You Pay $50 To See 'World War Z' Two Days Early? Does A Digital Copy Sweeten The Deal?

How eager are you to see “World War Z”? Does June 21st just sound too long to wait?  If you’re desperate to scratch that zombie itch and have $50 burning in your pocket, there’s a solution for you.

Paramount Pictures is partnering up with Regal Entertainment Group to create an unheard of package for die hard movie goers. For a cool $50, fans will get one ticket to see “World War Z” in 3D two days earlier on June 19th. They will also get a pair of collector 3D glasses, a limited-edition movie poster, and one small popcorn. However, the most interesting item in the package will be an HD digital copy of the movie that’ll become available for download or streaming when the film hits its street date. In all, it’s a package worth over $75 in value. A bargain if you’re a fan of the undead or Brad Pitt’s dazzling golden locks.

There’s just one small catch, the offer is only available in five cities within the U.S.:

Houston, TX-Edwards Greenway Grand Palace Stadium 24 & RPX

Los Angeles, CA- Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 & IMAX

Atlanta, GA- Regal Atlanta Station Stadium 16

Philadelphia, PA- UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 & IMAX

San Diego, CA- Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18

If you don’t live near those areas or just don’t feel like paying a special price, you could always wait till June 21st when the movie opens wide in regular theaters. So good deal? Bad deal? Is this what Spielberg was talking about when he predicted jacked up movie ticket prices?

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true its not a great deal, but you get a HD copy on release date,,youd own aa copy of the movie before it came out on dvd or blu ray, sounds good in that aspect. that just means pirates will have it up online alot sooner


It's a slightly better deal than Tower Heist VOD for $60.


Hey Indiewire, where's your piece on Dirty Wars??


"In all, it’s a package worth over $75 in value." Really? I love how they pitch this. A 3D movie ticket (outside downtown LA)? $15 max. Digital copy? $10 max. Popcorn? Say $6. Does that mean the glasses and poster are somehow worth $45? Ha. What a scam.


I agree. This deal is ridiculous, and the "experience" which will be dragged out until the film hits DVD/Blu-ray doesn't justify the price. The more sh!t like this I see, plus the continued absence of zombies from the trailers, makes me think this movie is going to suck a$$. I also think Spielberg is wrong here — the future of cinema is not in "super theaters" — not unless you insert the word "home" in there.


Of course not!
That is one of the most ridiculous marketing devices I can think of!
Paying a premium for the "honor" of watching a film two days in advance, who does that?
It's the cynical marketing ploy where products are arbitrarily christened "exclusive", and priced highly. The whole ideology of "exclusive" products is ridiculous, where for some reason the fact that others don't have access to the product that we do is a bonus.

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