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Yes, You CAN Make It Up! Black Film News To You… (Survey)

Yes, You CAN Make It Up! Black Film News To You... (Survey)

A little fun on a relatively slow news Monday… On days like these, to entertain myself, I actually sometimes just start making up news headings (just for my entertainment of course), for the hell of it; specifically, FAKE headings related to black cinema, that I would like to read as REAL news on S&A, or any other film website, on any given day.

For example, on previous slow news day, via the Shadow And Act Twitter and Facebook pages, I came up with a few fake news titles, like: “Tyler Perry Decides To Drop Out Of ALEX CROSS, Returning The Project To Idris Elba; Carl Franklin To Write And Direct“; and another, “Hollywood’s Black Elite Meet And Agree To Combine Resources To Form Multi-Million Production/Distribution Entity With Goal To Fund And Distribute Black Films.

You catch my drift?

So, have at it! Come up with your fake news titles – whether new film announcements, casting news, dream pairings, births, deaths, adaptation news, box office, quotes of the day, local or international, MPAA ratings, critics, critiques, etc, etc, etc… 

Essentially, FAKE headlines you’d love to one day read on this site, as REAL news.

Maybe we can make a game of it, and, at eventually, the most interesting one wins a prize – maybe an Amazon gift-cert or something.

Dig in…!

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Miles Ellison

"Sudden and Unexpected Demand by Black Audiences for Quality Content Bankrupts OWN and Tyler Perry Studios."

Mark and Darla

Academy Award committee announces Tambay Obenson and Serigo Mims of ‘Shadow and Act’ will select the Oscar winner for each category.


The Staff Of The Most Popular and Most Talked About and Controversial Black Movie Blog 'Shadow and Act' Just Announced They Hit The Grand Prize Mega-Million Dollar Lottery… $600 MILLION!

Two of their more vocal and opinionated writers, the editor Tambay Obenson and lead contributor Sergio Mims, just released a statement to the press. Their thoughts on what they plan to do with all that money:

Tambay: Well, since I've always dreamed of being Oprah's babies daddy (ala Dave Chappelle's skit) I quit! Kiss my ass IndieWire and everybody else, I'm rich bitch… took a whole lotta cryin' just to get up that hill, now I'm in the big leagues, I get my turn a bat, it's me-me-me baby and ain't nothin' wrong with that. But I'm gonna hold tight until all my relatives get tired of calling me begging for money.

Sergio: I'm going to stay true to the game that has brought me so much love and enjoyment. I am thinking about investing in a few movies productions that have been on my mind. Specifically black films with black stars. And I think I'll center my focus on new actors or those black performers who have been paying their dues in the shadows of main stream media. Heck, I might even hire Tambay as my first director. Many have not seen his first film but I did… but I won't expound on that lost treasure. However, as I said, I do want to stay close at home or a least stay close to the S&A community, so I am thinking about hiring one of Shadow and Act's more verbose and controversial characters, CareyCarey. Yeah, that fool gets on my last nerve and pisses off many visitors at our blog, but I believe I can make some money off his ass. That's right, if Tyler Perry can make money off the backs of buffoons, coons and cross-dressing grandmothers, that clown CareyCarey brings the sweet sounds of money to my ears.

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UK production company Working Title to produce new Richard Curtis Rom-Com starring Idris Elba and Haomie Harris set in Harlesden, NW London.

Current working title "North Weezy: A Crazy Queasy kinda of Love".

Monique a Williams

"Mike Epps, Megan Good, and Blair Underwood, stars of new sexy comedy thriller 'Whose hand is this?' meet with unfortunate fatal accident on set."

I'm a hater.


"Oprah Winfrey wises up and dumps Tyler for Ava Duvernay and Farin Humes projects."


"Facing Reality, Spike Lee Apologizes to Tyler Perry; Lee and Perry Plan to Make Black Films to Cover the Black Audience Spectrum"


"Vivid Video signs S & A's Sergio to exclusive deal to star and direct his own projects"


"Zoe Saldana's Nina Simone Biopic BOMBS On Opening Weekend!"

What more do I need to say?


"Ernest Dickerson locks in financing for his film adaptation of Octavia Butler's 'Clay's Ark.' Nicole Beharie attached to star!"

"Beyonce Realizes She Can't Act And Makes Public Announcement Committing Strictly To Shaking Her Booty."



"Screenwriter Dawn has done it again, her second screenplay entitled "Torn" is a Box Office Hit, taking in $56 million its opening weekend." I didn't want to over exaggerate the millions.


Oprah Winfrey Announces OWN's Success will Finance Smaller But Progressive Production Company, Hires BluTopaz as Creative Director

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