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ABC’s Reality Show ‘Shark Tank’ Looking For Minority Businesses

ABC’s Reality Show 'Shark Tank' Looking For Minority Businesses

The ABC Network
and producer Mark Burnett’s One Three
, have announced that they are starting measures to actively attract
more minority and women-owned businesses to appear on their reality show Shark Tank.

In fact, casting directors for the show will be holding an
open call on Friday, August 23,
during the Kingonomics Innovation,
Entrepreneurship & Investment Conference
in Washington D.C. and it’s stated that “all conference registrants will receive
priority consideration for a chance to be a part of this casting call.

According to an official statement by conference organizers
Kingonomics conference… will bring together experts in innovation,
entrepreneurialism, crowd funding and in investment from all over the world to
train minority business owners, start-ups, investors, youth entrepreneurs and
veterans on how to access capital, invest and obtain personal and business wealth.

Adding: “Now thousands of minority and women entrepreneurs will have the chance to
fulfill their own dreams with a chance to audition for ABC’s Shark Tank,
providing an opportunity for them to gain the much needed capital for growing
their businesses.

The show, which averaged close to 7 million viewers this past season, features a panel of “potential
investors”, which have included people like billionaire
Mark Cuban
, called “sharks”, who consider offers from “aspiring
entrepreneurs” seeking investments for their business or product. The entrepreneur or “contestant” can
make a deal on the show if a panel member is interested. However, if all of the
panel members opt out, the contestant leaves empty handed.

Of course there’s more than that to on the show…

Many deals made on the show never actually go through, due to the investors’ “vetting process” which includes product testing, and the examination of the contestants’ personal and business financials in the
days and weeks following the show.

In other words, there’s no free lunch on this show.

However, if you’re still interested, go HERE for more info.

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They could have gotten someone better than Daymond John. How about David L. Steward, Kasi Lawal, or Joseph B. Anderson. These are all successful Black men entrepreneurs who would have been way better than Daymond John.


This is my show! The show should be must see tv for anyone even remotely thinking about owning a business. The show is very specific though. It's not for every business. You need to have proven current success and show a strong possibility of future success.

I am always teasing people when they throw out ideas. I'll say, "That's your "Shark Tank" idea.

I like the panel, although it would be nice to see someone like Mellody Hobson (now Lucas) or Oprah join the panel as guests for a 2 or 3 episode arc.


I love myself some "Shark Tank".

Tom Haverford

I'm surprised the article chose to highlight Mark Cuban instead of Daymond John, who's actually been a judge for more time.
Good to see they're making an effort, though. Hopefully, the fact that they're putting this out there means it's more than a token effort.


How about they start by featuring the two female sharks on the same episode? :eyeroll:


I’ve seen with my own eyes minorities auditioning for the show shark tank and not one black person was chosen! I have noticed a patter of minorities auditioning however the casting team only pick white entrapraneuras . I have auditioned several times and I have not been picked. Some may say “well you didn’t have a great idea that sparked their curiosity.” The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of minorities auditioning but they tend to turn them away and pick the white person. Shark tank discriminates against minorities! It’s obvious if you watch closely . Very rarely do you see a black person in the show !

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