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Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is Back…And He Wants Your Money for a Horror Film

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is Back...And He Wants Your Money for a Horror Film

If Spike Lee can do it, why not Nick Carter?

Just days after Lee announced his Kickstarter campaign for his next project, Carter has jumped on the celebrity crowdfunding bandwagon. Carter posted on Indiegogo that he is looking to raise $85,000 for “Evil Blessings,” a horror film which the Backstreet Boy plans to produce, co-write, and star in.

“Most of you already know that I’m passionate
about music, but what you don’t know, is that I’m a HUGE horror fan as
well. To that end, I’m about to start down the path of my other dream:
to become a film producer and screenwriter,” said Carter on his Indiegogo page.

Rob Carliner (“Crazy Heart”) is on board as a producer, according to Carter, who said he will be matching a portion of all funds raised.

As to why he has taken to crowdfunding, Carter said, “it not only helps me to gauge interest in
this project, but it gives my fans out there an opportunity to get
access to what I’m doing that I wouldn’t be able to offer
elsewhere. Having seen what a great community there is on Indiegogo
supporting each other to make passion projects happen, this feels like
the best way to do it.”

Although Carter’s minimum goal is $85,000 to make a full-length feature, he said, “the more we get, the better we can make it.” 

He is offering contributors various options as part of the “perk package.” For the lowest amount, $5, contributors will get a special thank you on the film’s web site. For the highest level of $10,000, contributors will get an executive producer credit, an invite to the VIP “Red Carpet” premiere, a “meet and greet” with Carter, after-party VIP passes, and other goodies.

He has already raised over $8,000 and there are 47 days left until the campaign ends.

Check out the video which Carter posted on his Indiegogo page. Do you plan to contribute to make Carter’s Hollywood dreams come true?

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Look at the dates on which we are, eh? And the movie, no nothing!. This guy and much to my dismay has its days in regards to fame when Backstreet Boys stop sing together, it's over. And what are you doing Nick? This trying to stretch a little more rope to get that pull everything he could ….. If I had used the break he made with the group in 2001 to attend college film I think people would have taken more seriously. But his reputation tossed overboard when he started out with real sluts like Paris Hilton to attend their parties and their subsequent abuse scandal you have not benefited anything and topped with a cheap reality show about his family. This film does not get anywhere by being a theme exploited ad nauseum. Best to go to college and learn to make real movies.


What a loser and a good example of trash


So another celeb crowdsourcing?….I found this comment on Spike Lee's Kickstarter campaign and couldn't agree more…."Love your work. I bet you would get more support if you embraced the community that you are seeking pledges from. There are a lot of great projects on Kickstarter and it's a community about supporting each other." – at least the filmmakers from Veronica Mars project has backed 7 other kickstarter projects and Zach Braff backed 13 other kickstarter projects. What's your take on this?

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