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Can Someone Explain How Kanye West Got Involved With A Jetsons Movie?

Can Someone Explain How Kanye West Got Involved With A Jetsons Movie?

Rumours had been swirling for a while but late last month, Kanye
West stated once again
that he is part of the team (the creative director
in fact) that is hoping to create a feature-length Jetsons film.

Can someone please explain why a contemporary pop star is
being allowed near the hallowed animated property that is The Jetsons? Did nobody
learn the lesson from the last time, no? Clearly not; pop star Tiffany was
widely derided for her creative ‘input’ in the 1990 feature film starring
George & co.

What could Kanye contribute anyway? If it is something akin
to what Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter is credited for with Baz Luhrman’s The Great
Gatsby, I think I’ll pass. Believe it or not, it is possible to ruin a period
piece set in the future.

Would a Jetsons movie be better if it was played straight,
i.e. as the retro-futuristic perfection that it is? This plays eerily into that
unnerving desire to ‘update’ classic cartoons in order to appear ‘hip’ to the
kids of today. Sadly that is a fallacy that has been proven over and over

Come to think of it, allowing Seth McFarlane to undertake a
Flintsones feature is starting to sound downright appealing…

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Come on guys…didn't you saw that coming?
Remember that Hype Williams "Heartless – by Kanye West" video [ ] ? Nothing it's random folks…Besides, it's just an animation promoting itself with a "onTop" artist. Think of it as a paralel universe and move on…


I hate to say it, but Robert Rodriguez was a better choice.


As noted below, Kanye was an art and design student. He actually has an interest in the retro-futuristic minimalist design style The Jetsons is associated with, and serving as creative director for a live-action adaptation doesn't seem too far off. It's a far different situation than Tiffany's involvement in "Jetsons: The Movie".

As far as the person who brought up "Black Skinhead", Kanye announced that the video had been posted before it was done, and there's a completed/revised version coming soon

Christian B.D

Kanye's a very artful rapper, looking at his music videos that seem to just be oozing with creativity. I would actually like to see what Kanye contributes to the Jetsons movie, since it's his favorite cartoon. I don't think Kanye will do the soundtrack though, isn't he a fashion head?


Um obviously you NOT see his latest music video Black Skinhead…done in some crappy CGI I can only image how terrible Jetson remake will be, and you can NOT give West any type of creative credit for Bill Plymtons work. In response to comment below.

Floyd Bishop

Kanye won a scholarship to an art school in Chicago, and was interested in becoming an animator. He has incorporated a lot of animation into his videos in the past, including a video created by Bill Plympton. This could be a similar creative side step like when Clint Eastwood started directing films instead of just acting in them.

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