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Can’t Wait For The Sequel? ‘Prometheus’ Will Live In An Upcoming Comic

Can't Wait For The Sequel? 'Prometheus' Will Live In An Upcoming Comic

It was only a couple of weeks ago that “Prometheus 2” started to become more of a reality, as “Transcendence” writer Jack Paglen got hired to pen the script. And, while it’s a long way off on Ridley Scott‘s calendar (he’s doing that Moses movie next for a 2014 release), those of you anxious or perhaps just curious where the story might go next (and what else there is to explore in that world) might want to find out where your local comic shop is.

Dark Horse Entertainment has told THR that “we’re brewing something up that I think the fans of Ridley Scott’s amazing film will really like.” So deconstruct that however you like. A comic version of the original script, pre-Damon Lindelof rewrites? Side stories from the film? An explanation of why those scientists were kinda total idiots? Bleeding Cool adds that “much in the same way Dark Horse expanded the lore of Aliens with their line of comics from the eighties to the current decade…Dark Horse will now be adding the characters from Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus into the fold.” Hmm….

So something to contemplate for now, with more details promised for Comic-Con. Thoughts? Should this even continue? We haven’t read the Dark Horse “Alien” comics, so we’ll leave it to you guys to tell us if the torch should continue to be lit/carried/whatever for this series on the page…….

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Elizabeth Shaw returns to Earth and report to the US Government the events that happened in LV 223.
US scientists investigate the engineers ship and discover the location of their home planet. Knowing the risk of an imminent attack to Earth the US Government orders a military operation to destroy the Engineers. The US Colonial Marines (USCM) are assigned and request the presence of Shaw in the operation as an advisor.
The Engineers are caught by surprised…a great fight takes place. In a desperate attempt the Engineers launch a ship full of alien eggs headed to Earth. Elizabeth Shaw manages to enter in the ship and sabotage it. The ship crashes in LV 426. Several years after the commercial ship NOSTROMO catches a radio signal transmitted from LV 426 and Alien (1979) starts….


I Loved Promethus! It was not anothern Alien movie. We did not need another movie with more aliens and blood shed. It was well done the first time with Alien and pretty good the second time. But really folks…did we really need to look at the same kind of movie over and over again. I liked that Promethus was not about the Alien…but about humanity reaching too far away from home. Icarus flying too close to the sun. Same universe as the Alien movies…same story line flowing into each other. That's what I liked about it, we got something new and familiar at the same time and it was not all about a giant acid fill super bug killing people. There is more things to discover. Are the aliens genetically engineered species to exterminate the human race? Are we genetic mistakes from another species from across the universe? I can't wait to see what it all means!


Wow, An absolute train wreck of nightmare garbage? I don't get how you could be that dissapointed with this film because of its lack of aliens or its apparent story about nothing. I loved alien and aliens but after that they really were no where near as good. from what has been said it seems you would be happy with just another alien movie which would in my opinion devalue my memory and respect for the series of movies. The comment you made makes me think your the kind of person who would be dissapointed if a new die hard movie didn't have the line (yipee kiya mother fcuker )I feel prometheus offered a very interesting and fresh plot which I feel was necessary for a prequel to the alien movies. Doing what writers should which is create new things not just spreading the same manure so 'fan boys' can feel nostalgic. If I have to look on Twitter to see what your movie was about, you've failed. I believe if you have to look to twitter to see what any movies about youre the one who has failed. You ruined any chance of enjoying this film becasue of you're own expectations. To finish I think a true fan or preferably an admirer of the original movies wouldn't want alien 5 they would admire the originals and expect somthing different from a prequel.


I hope they still make a movie though,
so that it can flop miserably after all the Alien fans they burned the first time don't come back.


Prometheus was an absolute trainwreck of nightmare garbage. It was a friggin' disaster. Completely and totally about absolutely nothing. All the hacks involved in this thing can tell you that it was about "hope" and "the future" and "man's inhumanity to man" or whatever, but watch the F-ing thing and you'll see for yourself it's F-ing garbage. It was slickly produced, don't get me wrong. Gorge to look at. But for the most part it was space humans running away from falling space rubble and screaming, "Look out for that space rubble!" What was the black goo? Who F-ing cares what the black goo was? WE PAID YOU. YOU TELL US WHAT THE BLACK GOO WAS. If I have to look on Twitter to see what your movie was about, you've failed. A comic book is too generous. This thing deserves to be a two-panel comic included complimentary in a bubble gum wrapper. Panel one: WE'RE ON THE PLANET, CAPTAIN. Panel two: NOBODY IN THE WORLD GIVES ONE S. Try again, Ridley. Seriously, try again. I think you're good when you want to be. This one struck out hardcore. Giovanni Ribisi could have played the alien and I would have still fallen asleep in my chair. I regret having paid for it. I was suckered. Comic book = absolutely not. Under no circumstances. And I can't wait for the "sequel" that is NEVER GOING TO COME OUT BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T CARE. Ridley's just going to go ahead and make his Blade Runner sequel where Deckard tries to get out of bed and throws out his back and then thinks, "Oh, shit, replicants can't throw out their back, I'm actually old." ALL THE INTRIGUE OF THE ORIGINAL MOVIE RUINED.

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