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CIFF Project of the Day: Whatever Happened to Olympic Gold Medalist Tyrell Biggs?

CIFF Project of the Day: Whatever Happened to Olympic Gold Medalist Tyrell Biggs?

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“Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?”

Tweetable logline:

Olympic Gold Medalist boxer, called “the next Muhammad Ali,” loses a
title fight and then must confront the tragic flaws that haunt his life

Elevator Pitch: 

How does the first-ever Super Heavyweight
Olympic Gold Medalist find himself doing janitorial work in a West
Philadelphia gym? With an Olympic gold medal and a new motto, “Realize
your Potential,” Tyrell Biggs seemed poised to become a boxing legend.
Then something happened. Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs? provides a
fascinating look at a life drawn straight from Shakespearean tragedy –
the story of one man’s fall from worldwide recognition and acclaim into
the depths of addiction and despair. In living in that territory in
between, Biggs confronts, though on a grander scale, the struggle that
lives within us all.

Production Team:

Director(s): Dafna Yachin (Digital Dharma), Trinity Greer
Producers: Leilani Goode, Doc Nowicki, David Price, Dafna Yachin
Editor: Geoff Morris
Writer: Art Fischman
Art Director: Andrea Bitai

About the Production:

“In undertaking Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?, my primary
purpose was to contrast the life that Tyrell once had with the life he
now has – the career of an international star with unlimited potential
versus the life of a guy pushing a broom in an inner city boxing gym.
From the outside, Tyrell’s life seems a mystery – the enormously
talented young boxer who wins Olympic Gold, but then comes completely
off the rails. To those of us who have come to know him through his own
words, the mystery quickly morphs into tragedy.” — Dafna Yachin

Current Status: 


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Dafna Yachin

Thank you all for voting for "Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?" Your vote and encouraging comments mean so much to the Lunchbox Documentary team. We came in a respectable #2 and just began our social media plan while completing production and commencing post of "Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?" Please join us on Facebook at TyrellBiggsDoc and be a part of the journey to finish this compelling film.

Nina Madeja

I vote for Whatever happened to Tyrell Biggs, please tell me how to.

Karen Homer

Important story for all to know–YES, please make this available for all!

Lisa Lurie

I would love to see this movie. Here is a true story with real grit, heart, and depth. Hollywood struggles to write these types of films. I want to know about Tyrell Bigg's rise and fall–and what his life is like now. I hope this documentary gets made.

Karen Scioli

wonderful, inspirational and enlightening film. exactly what you want in a documentary.

Geri bortz

Fascinating topic, looks interesting.

Eugene "Gene" Banks

…this is a film (documentary) that will enlighten and enhance everyone's idea, view and spirit of a man, that quielty took the globe, with an Olympic Gold Medal and then went into the Professional ranks during the time of a "killer" such as Mike Tyson. The story could have been different (Buster Douglas Style) but it didn't, but no one can take away the sacrifice, hard work and dedication that was given in the quest for the Gold and professional title. I am deeply proud of him and STILL deeply proud. Hopefully soon, I can be of service, in his rebirth of sorts, where he will have his day in the sun as a prominent figure, not just for Philly sports icons, but sports in general. He did some GREAT things in the ring and always was a good person. Truly. Looking forward in seeing the documentary and will watch it with tears of joy.
-Gene Banks

joanne arminio

Very excited to see this doc. Subject matter so interesting and captivating

Joanne Rydzewski

I would absolutely like to see this movie. A total fall from fame and the potential
for a great career. What happened to Tyrell Biggs to cause his downfall?

Kevin Lofton

I would be interested in seeing, "Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?"


Wanting to see this film . So make this moive.


Good moive

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