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Classic Action Hero Kellan Lutz Joins ‘The Expendables 3’….Wait A Minute….

Classic Action Hero Kellan Lutz Joins 'The Expendables 3'....Wait A Minute....

Stallone. Rourke. Snipes. Chan. Jovovich. Gibson. Lutz!?!?! More like, “What the Lutz” amirite? It seems that in putting together the cast for his old-man-does-action franchise, Sylvester Stallone still thinks that “Twilight” beefcakes are going to be a draw. Did he not see “Abduction“?

Anyway, The Wrap reports that Kellan Lutz — SQUEE EMMETT CULLEN— is the latest person to join the film, presumably taking over the “young person” role that Liam Hemsworth was saddled with last time around. Why he went for a third-tier “Twilight” stud is beyond us, because seriously, was Taylor Lautner not available? Anyway, the sophisticated plot will involve “a younger group of tech-savvy action heroes who initially clash with the older crew, though they eventually team up to save the day.” Cue Twitter and Instagram jokes, and…okay, maybe this will be the best movie ever. Because if there is any movie that will get “tech-savvy” hilariously wrong, it will be this one.

Production begins next month and apparently still needs to lock down its cast, as Gibson is not 100% confirmed like Stallone’s recent tweet might’ve suggested. Until then, check out the latest German trailer for Lutz’s masterwork, “Tarzan 3D” (via ComingSoon).

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Louden Swain

I always love when you 'report' these stories if only because of the fact that you're so disdainful of it but have nothing else to say.


Seriously another one of these? As if the first two weren't enough garbage. These are just beyond laughable.


As long as he Gibson kicks a knife through his chest and Stallone seemingly loves him than we're good


Luts was very good in Generation Kill. Stewart and Pattinson are both good actors exception of Twilight series like in Welcome to the Reilly and Pattionson is doing The Rover with David Michod. Lautner on the other hand…not sure.

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