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Disney Fans Makeover Newest Disney Princess

Disney Fans Makeover Newest Disney Princess

After Disney unveiled images of its latest lead, Elsa the Snow Queen in the upcoming Frozen, fans decided hey had had enough of the typical Disney princess, so they made her over. Elsa, per Disney’s usual whitewashing (other lead character Anna is also very white), falls in line with their typical fair skinnned, light hair, blue eyes always wearing a glamorous but impractical gown.  

Disney fans on Tumblr, under the hashtag This Could Have Been Frozen, took the new image and redesigned Elsa representing different races and in different (and at times more practical) costumes.

One participant, Rachel McGuffin explained her motivations for the project.

I was feeling rather hopeless about Disney’s whitewashing the past Princesses so I went ahead and racebent their future white characters.

In the Disney Princess Brand–8 of the 12 princesses are white. This project really brings to light the severity of Disney’s race problem and also shows them that they don’t always have to go with the same generic white route. 

Angry Disney fans create their own ethnic princess after
latest film features ANOTHER ‘generic’ white female
(The Daily Mail)

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Matt Hooper

Just saw this today. And it has nothing to do with whitewashing. Frozen is based off a story by a man named Hans Andersen. Who is Danish. Danish people are generally white.


I would also like to point out that there is Mulan, Jasmine, and Pocohontas were not white. Each princess and thier ethnicity is based on the original story and what country and time period said story took place. Also, saying that because someone or some character is white they are "generic" seems pretty racsist to me.


Most of the disney princess movies are based on European fairytales about European people. Disney is not whitewashing these princesses. It would be whitewashing if they made Princess Jasmine white, which they didn’t. In Frozen, they are white because the story is set in Europe where they are naturally very white. By making Elsa brown you are doing the opposite to white washing. Don’t harp on about racism when you don’t fully understand what you’re doing


Lol, I thought native Inuits (eskimos – derogatory term) were NOT pale skinned. So realistically this character could have been any colour right…


Some little African American girls feel bad about their skin color because just about every princess is Caucasian let the African Americans have some glory too.


Frozen happened in Scandinavia at a time when immigration was non-existent and everybody was white


For someone from 18th Century Scandinavia it would be quite anachronistic for them not to be white. If Elsa looks unusually white, remember, they did wear lead at that time.


Wait a second Ana and elsa aren’t white because disney just wants them that way they are white because of where the story line makes sense in the world and the only racism in the fact is people who love to do the stereo type because it apply to them and they want attention


8 of 12? wow that sucks. I think there should be more african american princesses. Just because Elsa is an Ice Princess doesn’t mean she has to be white, thats just a stupid logic. But whatever, racism will never end in this world. profiter de vos vies.


Disney should have more princesses if color .. Not only black but maybe other races like how jasmine , Mulan, Tiana and Pocahontas are . But considering the face that frozen is a movie where the people live in a cold climate it does make sense that the characters skin is very pale


When I ran across this image I thought it was going to be a version of Storm from X-men!
It is silly to see people say this is racist or that is racist, how about expanding on the characters already out there!

jhonpaul sobresida

wat is tour mena

Noel Grace

I'm 15, frequent tumblr user, and half African-American, and I SERIOUSLY DO NOT CARE about the race of the Disney princess. The next Disney animated movie is coming out with a Japanese bi-racial protagonist, African-American, Japanese, Possibly Hispanic/ Caucasian, and a caucasian. But people on tumblr are complaining that the characters were all originally Japanese.

Some people are NEVER happy.

Request for Disney:
– Bald disney princess
– Curvy Disney princess
– Hispanic Disney Princess
– More dark-skinned princess
– Gay/Lesbian characters

No matter what, someone will always be upset with these.

Todd Grosser

Sorry but this is NOT Disney's newest princess. Thor is, God of Thunder, child of Odin ergo princess of Asgard since Thor is now a female.


But there actually Norwegian so its not just a classic valley girl princess I mean I'm all for this but some people need to look at the facts before they act


Oh jez if I was the guy who was working on the design of Elsa for some four five years than saw this, I would of begin PISSED. Seriously this would be me


Sigh, oh look another argument saying White people and Disney is racist, good bye calm structured nice society, I shall miss you. Maybe I'll get to see you again when people find out there's nothing wrong with a white snow queen.


Seriously this whole racist thing is bull and I'm tired of it. Why is it that everyone only gets worked up about the fact that there aren't too many black characters? It's not just black people, get over yourselves. It's also everyone else there aren't too many Arabs or Asians. Since I am pretty sure aladdin is arab that means there aren't any real desi characters. Also there is no Hispanic princess at all. You're all worked up for this, well at least black people have a princess. What about little Latina girls? And how about gay characters or maybe a plus size princess? I think those are far more important right now than another ethinoc princess. Little girls, or boys for that matter, who are struggling with their sexuality deserve a character that can show them what they feel isn't wrong or bad ( regardless of some people's opinions on the topic). And also kids who aren't a size 3 deserve someone to look up to. My dream is to play a princess in the parks but I can't because I have big breasts and can't fit the costume sizes. They base the race around where the princess is from so get over it. Maybe it isn't far but if it bothers you so much get a job with power in disney so you can make the decisions about who looks like what. Most princesses are European and most movies are set in a far back time. In Europe during most of these movie settings the population was primarily white except for some of the poor. Face facts they do it by country. When they made a movie about china she was Asian and when it was in the Middle East she was arab. Also people tend to base the things they have on themselves. That's why different Christians believe jesus to be different races even tho speaking from a logical point he would have been brownish since he was supposed to be from the middle eastern area. He would have been tan not white or black or whatever. Same with disney. The people that primarily run this thing are white and therefore tend to create the characters in their own image. It's what they know and are comfortable with. When I read a book I picture the character to look kinda like me regardless of what the text says they look like. That's a big factor in disney races. Also most of the fairytales that these movies are based off of are European and the writers were basically white. Maybe it's not fair but it's how it is. The characters were designed to be a certain way so they are. They base them on themselves and where the book was written. It's completely inacurate to say a princess in Europe during the, I believe, 14th century like aroura would be black. You wanna complain? Go after tiana. I found her movie to be a little racist, on accident, all the other girls get to be set in a far off place once upon a time. Tiana was in New Orleans in the like earlier 1900s. And a girl who was black there during that time historically most likely wouldn't have had her opportunities, at least not like being such good friends with a high social family like she was. I love her movie but still… There are bigger issues that disney needs to fix than another black character. They have plans to make a new princess soon called moana I think, and she will be Polynesian. They are slowly making progress so calm down and either get on board or get over it. All things take time so hopefully one day it'll all be good. Honestly most princesses will always be white cause most fairy tales are set in Europe but there will be more ethnic princesses chill. Oh and Elsa? That's probably the worst on to try to black wash. She looks stupid cause of that white hair it clashes far too much with her dark skin. Shoulda tried belle or snow or it you really wanted frozen Anna would have even been better.


lol. Making Elsa black is blackwashing. A black royal family in Norway? You also have to make the story more or less believable.


It's not their fault. It's ours for supporting them. DON'T SUPPORT THEM. Keep your money in your pocket and support the ones that represent YOUR people. That show/movie doesn't have minorities in it? Don't watch it. Don't pay for it. The only way it will change is if you choose with your wallet. Let's face it Disney will ALWAYS have majority white characters. That's never going to change. What you CAN change is whether or not you'll support it. I sure as hell won't.

Doctor Reno

Why not just admit you're racist. Everything should be about blacks regardless of what story you are trying to tell–that's BS and just plain racist (a word by the way that's only been invented since the 1960's, prior to that people merely had their own opinions–no thought police needed) and extremely stupid.
And to the moron who thought this was a racist plot to make people hate blacks–what do you call it when you start hyperventilating because there aren't enough blacks to suit you. Maybe instead it's a weird plot to get black people to feel left out and hate whites.
Acting like three year olds who had their skates stolen isn't cutting it–grow up and stop whining people.


Another funny thing… all the people who are "outraged" about this are likely white. Blacks probably see this and say "Hey kids, want to go see the new Disney movie?"


And how are you gonna come at how she's dressed? Royalty had to dress fancy.. Kind of the thing to do. And "costume"? Bro it's not like she's going out trick or treating, it's a damn dress. Deal with it


I am so tired of hearing about "whitewashing". Shut up. Just stop. It is not white washing, every princess looks the way they look depending on where they are portrayed to be from. Elsa is Scandinavian just like belle is French. Get over it.

Usually backing this but...

I usually advocate for more diversity in children's media, but that doesn't mean that we can't have white people. White people are people too. And, in this particular story, they're in Scandinavia – home of the blonde haired, blue eyed people. Scandinavia has its own culture, which is different from the "white American male" culture, and is a collection of some of the most progressive countries in the world. Yeah, I guess we could have made a dark-skinned Scandinavian ice princess, but she might have contracted rickets.


I don't know why people are complaining, Rapunzel was the first white princess since Belle in 1991 (23 years). Since her, we had: Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana. Before Belle, we had Jasmine and after Anna and Elsa, we have Moana.


It's not really white washing though. They are from Scandinavia which is all, well, white skinned people. So yes, disney doesn't have a lot of colored people in their movies but having all the characters be white in frozen is actually legit. In fact it'd be weird if there were any PoCs in Frozen. I know, 'but there's colored people in scandinavia!', and this is true. But not back then. Back then it was like, all white people. And with Anna and Elsa being royalty and being born there it makes even more sense for them to be white skinned. (PS, Elsa controls cols so pale skin is pretty okay if you're going to match up her power with her physical form. ie, white hair and blue eyes). Also, it makes sense to be set in Scandinavia/Norway because that's where the story originated from!!!(in case you wondered why the setting was in a place with all white people.) So putting Frozen in a different location would be like having the tale of Pocahontas set in Argentina, it wouldn't be true to the story.

So that's my two cents. For once, Disney has the right to have an all white cast. But seriously though, we do need more colored characters and different body sizes. I'd like to see a Hispanic character to represent me :3 (Sofia the first does NOT count.)


Maybe Disney doesn't want certain types watching their movies! Take the hint!


Actually, most disney princesses eyes are brown or black. Only three (not including Elsa and Anna) have blue eyes. Only three have blonde hair, and most people agree that technically Cinderella had orange hair in the movie. And in my opinion, some of the most beautiful disney women were the ones of color. Esmerelda and Kida are absolutely gorgeous, and Pocahontas is my 2nd favorite disney princess. The next Disney princess is going to be a Polynesian woman named Moana.


Sorry this was suppose to be before I ranted. lol

I think the main characters in Frozen are fine. The movie is set in a fictional Scandinavian or Norwegian town. It's expected the characters are going to be white. I think the characters were really pretty and their personalities were nice. It's based off an northern european fairytale and then there's the other "snow queen", but it's a japanese one. That's far more scarier and eerie then this could even hope to be.

I thought the movies was gonna suck, but I saw and it gained a fan. ;p


Why doesn't disney ever do a story w/ a male lead? I mean do you know how awesome that would be. Especially one that actually makes an impact and doesn't just fade into the background like most male leads. Or even another ethnic princess/character. It doesn't matter if she's spanish, african, asian, american (any race), italian, or etc…but at least put a spin to it w/o it being stereotypical. For example don't put someone of the asian persuasion (no offense) in something one would expect, an "eastern" story. Make it a "good" story instead and get creative!

The Frog princess was okay for example, but it could've been better. A few good songs here and there. Even if the main character isn't of the usual princess hierarchy, (i.e blonde hair, blue eyes, and etc…) still make them as magical, and significant as you would any other.

I know Disney's favorite past time is "borrowing" other stories from other cultures. That's how it got famous. Well if Disney is still "borrowing", then tell tales we haven't heard before. I mean there are thousands of fairy tales out there from all cultures. And if that get's difficult, then create some originals. There is so many ideas and material that hasn't even been touch. So many unique characters to be and not the cookie cutter one's either. You guys could make your stories as light, or dark in tone, or subject as you want them, but just make them.

~sighs~ Done ranting. lol



Give us a guy!

Seriously, with all these people seemingly having collective outrage as a hobby, makes you wonder why there aren't any entertainment companies catering to them.

N. Buck

I LOVE the people who keep saying, "There are no Scandinavians with dark skin! So get over it!"
In that same vein, there are NO TALKING SNOWMEN… like ANYWHERE… EVER!
You want an accurate depiction of humans? What about that new Noah film? We all know the story takes place in Northern Africa/Middle East. So why are ALL the actors white and speak with British/Austrailian accents? What say you?


Great, now you've turned Elsa into Ororo Monroe (Storm) of the X-men.


Oh, come on. I'm tired of all of this griping. Nearly 70% of the population of America is white. So only 3 out of 10 people in America are other ethnicities. I think it would be accurate to represent ethnicity in such a way as to reflect America. I'm not even white. I'm African American/Indian, but it sure seems fair to me.

Divide and Conquer Tactic; It's Probably Fake

This looks like troll bait to me; like more race bait "disguised" as something progressive in order to, actually, anger "white people" over "black people's/non-white-people's reactions." The majority isn't in danger of the minority so it's really in all honesty to make the minority look bad and "more racist" in order to dredge up old excuses to hate minorities. No, sorry, I don't think it's a genuine, sincere "intention," I think it's a shady trap designed to get as many brain-washed screamers on board as possible under "divide and conquer" so both sides can fight.


Oh the story take place in Scandinavia. Now I see, makes better sense now. I thought this was a fairytale fantasy , taking place in a fantasy land. My misunderstanding. Bye I'm off to find a talking snowman now. Have fun peeps!


By keeping the blonde hair, aren't you setting a physically impossible standard for black people?


There are not a lot of Norwegian or Russo-Finnish brown or black people. Of course Elsa and Anna are white. That's who lived in stony castles in the frozen North, back in medieval times. That's not whitewashing. Whitewashing would be if they took a princess who was originally black, and replaced her with a blonde. The franchise has begun to add princesses like Pocahontas, Tiana, Mulan, and Jasmine. Tiana and Pocahontas are the only American princesses. The rest are French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Scottish. No, it's not all the same thing, even though they're all not black. I think they are making a point now of adding more diversity to the mix, and we can expect to see African, South American, Pacific Islander, and Native American fairy tales, with appropriate princesses, probably every third movie or so. The colors of the princesses so far, have been determined by the origin of the fairy tale in which they appear, so send Disney suggestions if you have a favorite.

cat L

Well Elsa and Anna are from Norway. People from Norway are white. Rapunzel and Snow White are from Germany. Germans are white. Ariel's from Denmark, Belle's from France, Merida's from Ireland, Cinderella's from France, and Aurora from another part of Europe. There is a reason these princesses are white. Europeans had the castles and the good fairy tales.


You know that "whitewashed" refers to characters that were written as people of color and then represented as white in the movie. Not characters are supposed to be white.


Sorry to say this but you people are so racist with the black people


Your all racist. Can't you just except Elsa for who she is? I have white and black friends… but I don't want to go around painting them different colors! If you want the Disney Princesses to change from here on out, then you get off you dead a** and work for them! If not then shut your ape of a hole you call a mouth and back off of their hard work! I thought they did a great job on the movie…

Words of advice: Don't like it? Don't watch it! is that so hard?

Dr. Applebox

I think I've finally found the stupidest website on the planet.

William Boissonnault

Yeah, it's been AGES since we've had a race-bent princess! Like, FIVE WHOLE YEARS! Disney CLEARLY hates black people.


Although I agree that putting more diversity into the Disney roster would be great, suggesting that a Scandinavian ice queen should have had dark skin is a bit ridiculous.


You people complaining about this are proving the point. It SUCKS to see yourself ERASED. There are people on this planet without blonde hair and blue eyes with a varied, exciting culture that could be the subject of a Disney movie. But they never are. So these people took matters into their own hands and forced the issue. And you people freaked out! GOOD. Now you know what it feels like to be wronged. And by the way, there was African culture before there were any such things as WHITE PEOPLE. AND, many Europeans had brown skin along with their blue eyes up until 7,000 years ago, which isn't long. You need to STOP thinking the world revolves around YOU because soon, it won't.

team princess

That is completly unfair and wrong . Firts of all not all of disneys princesses are whitewashed theres merida who is fairly new who and whos to say that disney dosnt have an yes her skin color is white but she is scotish, jasmine who is arabic , pocahontas is native american , and alot more . I belove that ever princess has a ethnicty. People need to look past skin color because they are missing out on a great princess . I believe that if they made elsa or anna look diffrent the movie would be kinda off, not saying that if they were black they would be ugly but because where the setting of the movie takes place that would be a little weird.


That would be culturally inaccurate and terribly presumptive. In 1840's Norway, their monarchs certainly wouldn't be black. In fact there weren't even many black people at all. And Disney princesses being 'whitewashed' is BS. Pocahontas was Native American, Jasmine and basically all of Aladdin was Middle Eastern, Mulan was Asian. There was the Princess and the Frog. The majority of white princesses are in movies set in Europe in time periods where most of the people there would be white. Besides, what do you have against Elsa? Just because she's white doesn't mean she can't be a positive role model for all girls.

Tumblr feminists are scum

percentage of white people in USA – 72.4 %
percentage of white princesses in disney films – 66.66%
percentage of non white people in ancient norway – probably close to 0%

stop whining social justice warriors. I'm fed up of seeing your outrage all over the internet. You people never speak up about this stuff in public most of the time and when you do you are (quite rightly) ignored for being batshit insane and probably autistic. Therefore you flood the internet with your unfairness bullcrap for any and all reasons projecting your inner schizoid personalities into every comment section available.


No, this is what the fans SHOULD NOT have done.
I don't mean to be racist, but seriously, Frozen's Elsa is not supposed to be black.
The whole theme of the movie revolves around purity that eventually becomes muddled- the background and EVERYTHING is white- and so is snow. It only makes sense for Disney to design Elsa with white skin and blond hair- that's how she fits in with the theme of the Snow Queen. She had to be pale white- even a bit of tan wouldn't have cut it; forget being dark-skinned.
Again, if these haters needed to redesign a princess, they should have chosen Ana. Ana would have worked out well with having a darker skin color.
And as to say inequality, it's ironic how no one complains about the princesses' hair colors and eye colors not being some other color- that's a form of inequality as well.
My point is, these people need to stop crying over appearance- the whole essence of Disney movies is not color or appearance, but rather the emotional and mental message that it conveys- for example, this whole movie upheld the women's movement/sexism in showing that women were capable of standing up for themselves and being who they want to be. Why aren't haters applauding Disney for that, and instead crying over skin colors? Kids don't really care at all about these things, it's instead a bunch of oversensitive adults who end up fighting over Disney's supposed "racism".

Let it go

Her parents are white and she is black, and an ice sorceress…. yeah, perfect sense. I'm not white, I like her this way.


These people are idiots.

1- There were no black people in Norway in the 1840's
2- Ginger people are usually really white skinned.

Wow, some people are dumb.


Okay I'm black and i gotta say dude stfu. I like her white! She's okay the color she is! Yes i would love to see more black people used but that doesn't mean i hate the princesses they have now.

Just pointing something out!

Frozen is set in the 1840s, or something similar to that time period. Just a little reminder for all of you (specifically, those of you saying it's from the 1300s-1400s- Middle Ages time period). Though yes, that is rather later than it may seem (and than Tangled seems, as the films are crossed over [Tangled is 3 years before Frozen]), it is the date listed on the Disney Wiki, and I am rather inclined to trust that.


This is all getting absurd! Maybe Disney should make "Purple" or "Green" prinesses, then no one have any room to complain. They REALLY would be Fantasy at that point and everone could just stfu. This racism thing is really getting on my nerves!! LOOK when and where these stories are set. Time period. . place . . .etc. Did you all forget MULAN, ESMARELDA, POCOHONTAS, TIANA . . . . .duh! NOT WHITE! Get over it already!

Historically Accurate

This is very ridiculous.
Frozen is based on The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Anderson, and was set around a time where all of Norway was WHITE. It is CULTURALLY and HISTORICALLY ACCURATE, as are ALL OTHER PRINCESSES. They are all white because of the plain and simple fact that EVERYONE OF THAT TIME WAS WHITE, ESPECIALLY ROYALTY.


Well, she is an ICE sorceress, you could've changed Anna. And, to make her look prettier, change her hair colour to black. But no doubt, they should make princesses with different skin complexions.


The point some people are trying to make is that its sometimes hard to explain to little kids of color why they dont see themselves in disney. I personally love Disney and Frozen is one of my new favorite movies. I also agrees that, yes, elsa's skin tone was perfectly fine because she is the snow queen. Yea I would love to see another black princess or main character in a Disney movie but either way im still going to love disney just the same if I dont. They are cartoons and people should stop turning a fun thing made for kids into something horrible and racist.

Michael J

This is Rediculous! Let's get real for a second here. The movie is called frost!!! Legit morons would be offended by this character selection that fits the entire scenery of the film, so Disney should have made her any race or ethnicity BUT white? And THATS not a form of prejudice towards a particular race? Get your brain cells in order people. People are actually counting how many WHITE princess' Disney featured in their last 12 films? How about the last 20? Why 12? Because that number suited you're racism theory? Yes that's exactly why! If you go back a certain number of films you will find several different ethnicities and racially diverse Disney films. Whatever you're motivations were to make this project, you had to manipulate the truth to make this argument seem true. Get your definitions correct as well, this is far from "racist" a word that was originally reserved for defining the use of force or Ill will towards a different or particular race. If anything, this would define prejudice, which is a particular dislike of all other racial/ethnic groups. Finally, it is prejudice of who ever believes only the word "racism" is reserved to describe the actions of the "white" race, as if to say no other race or ethnicity is capable of such behavior, well I believe whoever created this project has some serious issues with the "white" race. Yes, the white race displayed serious racism in overwhelming numbers for a long period of time, but 29 yrs old, I did not live in such a time and only know of these events through what I have learned in history class. In my early years of life I also witnessed some prejudice behaviors from the white race. Today, this country is far more tolerant of each race from white to black and everyone in between, we are even seeing the Gay community gain more acceptance from the general makeup of this country. Basically what I'm getting at is quit your B-tching over a Disney princess and your almost intolerable idiotic display of ignorance towards "white racism" and what truely represents that definition what has NOTHING to do with Disney and their choice of character for a film called "Frost" that displays a character who fits the scenery. Try me morons, tell me how "racist" Disney is, the Ku-Klutz-Klan is a racist organization, don't get them and Disney confused.


I'm sick of this posts.
I am white and white hair. I never saw a disney princess like this until Elsa.
Black princess: Tiana, Mullan, Pocahontas… etc. So… please.
Albinism needs a disney princess too. :p

That is hella wrong

I just came here and saw the picture. That's all.
And a word just came out of my mind.
that is racist.

Mad At White Princesses

I am sick of them making white princesses. It's not fair that if for example, the princess is chinese, they have to be so cultural. Like Mulan, they wear those chinese traditional dresses. Why cant they just make a chinese character with like a normal english dress? Pochahontas has to wear that native dress. How is this fair? They need more cultured princesses. A mom I know had a hard time explaining to her daughter why none of the frozen characters looked like her. Very dissapointing.


In my opinion this argument makes as much sense as saying Snow White should have been a PoC.

Also I am of Scandinavian decent and my sister looked a lot like Elsa when she was younger as her hair was generally the same colour (Whereas mine is more like Anna's).

Finally Elsa is supposed to be the pure representation of ice, as they portrayed this very well in the film.


remember the princess and the frog! wasnt tiana black? this just proves they arent racist


Its a Norwegian tale…just saying…back in the I don't know 1300 most blacks in that region were slaves or merchants…not princess…freaking seriously…how pathetic…


I LOVE the white princesses. it is as it should be. stop trying to black everything up. I would have NEVER watched it if the movid featured blakoids. Still have never seen that Katrina version of the disney Princess. Also blackoids don't spend money on their kids so how can Disney make a profit on black girls. they cant so they dont make the leads black. good for you disney.

I Just Liked the Movie

I thought the movie was good, and the songs were well written and performed.
Can't we just enjoy the movie, people? I don't care what race people are, it does not define us. We are all descended from Adam. We are brothers and sisters, all of us. Can't we overcome this? But I know we can't, simply because it is human nature to cause strife and this temporary world is flawed. Life is too short to be caught up in something like this. I am going to get off my soap box now, but I hope just one person takes this to heart.



I am actually black and I watch a lot of Disney movies. Doesn't Frozen take place in Scandinavia some time in the past? Just for logic's sake, think about that people… You do know that people in that region are quite pale. However, it'd be nice to see more Disney stories take place outside of Europe or the USA.


In the future white people go to be killed by black? :O


Well, she's the ice queen. She "should" be super pale.. She's got platinum blond/almost white hair too yknow.. The sister isn't as pale which makes sense.

And this darker version of Elsa doesn't look right. (The hair, I mean. It shouldn't be as light because it creates too big of a contrast, either blue or grey hair might work if her skin was dark.

They did have some non-Caucasian people in he movie, at least.

I'm Hispanic and I see nothing wrong with the princesses being of whatever color they feel like. Green, white, orange, brown, lol doesn't matter to me at all. I would feel awkward if I had a kid who asked why they're white or whatever but.. I don't suppose that happens often :S


Why are people getting so worked up about this just because a person is white does not mean they are from America. A lot of the princesses European. Disney has plenty of diversity in their movies and it makes no sense for Elsa to be African or any other race because she is Norwegin and it would be historically incorrect. Does anybody have a problem with that?


A plea for more cultural diversity in Disney films? GREAT! Count me in.

But this is one of the stupidest things I ever seen. Did the "angry Disney fans" in question even see the movie? It's set in NORWAY. Specifically, MEDIEVAL NORWAY. Native people of Scandinavian countries are predominantly fair-skinned, light-haired and pale-eyed. To design ELSA as a black woman is absurd.
Were this a contemporary story set in modern day Europe, she could be any race. Were it a historical story set in a different country, it would be absolutely pertinent to design her according to said country's native people.

I would love to see an African princess. Or an Aztec princess. Or an Australian aboriginal princess. But Elsa and Anna were perfectly designed in accord to the setting of their individual story.

Stop manufacturing a controversy where there needn't be one.

Scandinavian girl

This topic is very annoying! I'm a white Scandinavian girl and can you even immagine if I got all bent out of shape about a princess of another culture not being portrayed as a white Scandinavian? Stop this nonsense! It is appropriate for her to look the way she does because that's what we look like!!!!! This is just ignorance! Every time people do this, it fuels racism! Do you not see that? Please please please evolve!!! Your goal of trying to make me feel bad about having white skin and blond hair is not working! It's just skin and hair!!! So please shut up about this garbage!

Moving to Antartica, Hope the penguins aren't racist

OK. Wait, Before I begin, I just need to go bang my head into the wall. Pinch myself a few times, just to make sure I'm not dreaming and the world isn't this stupid.

Sigh. ERMAFERGINGERD. WHITE-WASHED??? SEVERITY OF THEIR RACE PROBLEM??? GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFRRRGGGGGLLLLKLLLLLLL! Oh wait, was my screaming too white for you? Let me just pretend I'm black for a moment then, even though I'm probably the whitest person I know. I'm not being racist. Don't tell me I am. I will stab you with a knife.

First off, There were officially 11 Dsiney Princesses before Anna and Elsa. (Btw, Elsa is a QUEEN) Then add in Kida, Megara, Eilowny, and Melody. Not to mention the Non-royalty, like Alice, and Jane. Now, Snow White is German. Cinderella is European with many versions. Aurora and Ariel are European. Belle, Rapunzel, Eilowny, Melody, Anna, and Elsa are EUROPEAN. ERYBODY ELSE BE FROM THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. (exception is Tiana) DEY BE HAVING DER OWN ETHNICITY YO. WHY YOU NO HAVE BRAINNESS?! BOUT TO MOVE TO ANTARCTICA AND BE A HERMIT CUZ OF YOU FOOLZ. Jeez. Understand now?

Also. Rachel McGuffin is white, so why was she feeling hopeless? Shouldn't she have felt, you know, empowered? Cause, You know, Elsa is so awesome and white and has awesome powers and she's a woman, and she's out there being epic? Wait, that wouldn't be right? Because Disney is racist? But what about everybody getting excited because Tiana was black? That was totally justified? Because somebody's relative that they didn't even know was a slave? Oh. That makes total sense.

I feel offended as a white person. My family is Scottish and Dutch, but I'm not allowed to enjoy Disney because they don't have enough Black people? Because I should be ashamed of my ancestors? I want to know if this is as big a problem in other countries. Do the non-whites get this easily offended in France or Greece? Because other countries had slaves too. Some of them weren't even black. Yeah, there were white slaves! Unbelievable right?

How about instead of worrying about whether or not the latest animated princess movie set in Europe has a black lead or not, we worry about something like, I don't know, the rising debt of our nation, the lack of resources, the lack of FRIGGIN FOOD AND WATER for people in Africa. The people being kidnapped and used as sex slaves. The kids and teenagers committing suicide. The inefficiency of public education, as made apparent by this whole debacle.

And I swear to Google, if something like this ever pops up about Disney beauty standards, I will go unicorn-charizard-Voldemort-infant-cup rampage mode on this Earth.

There. Rant over. Gonna go sit in the sane parts of the Internet now and try to calm down.


The original tale was Saami of origin. The Saami are Indigenous European/Asian and lived in a similar way to most Northern Indigenous Americans, so to me I think Disney could have tried a little harder to capture the essence of the Saami and their way of life as well as their peoples' looks.

A fed up guy

I kind of (just KIND OF) understand the frustration. However, picking Elsa from Frozen to demonstrate against white Disney-princesses is a poor choice for obvious reasons. The setting in the film takes place in NORWAY, and Elsa is a NORWEGIAN queen. Last time I checked, Norwegians have white skin, often blue eyes and light hair. Making Elsa a dark-skinned woman would be completely irrational. It would be just as irrational as turning Pocahontas, Mulan or Jasmine into white women. I mean, come on! Use that brain of yours… if you have any. It's simple logic.

PS: The reason why so many of the Disney-princesses are white, is simply because the setting in most of the films takes place in European countries. Most of the fairytales that Disney has chosen to turn into films, are EUROPEAN faitytales, hence it is only natural that the princesses are white. However, in the few Disney-movies, where the setting in the film takes place outside of Europe (Alladin, Mulan, Pocahontas), Disney has been accurate regarding the characters' race. The day you see a white, blue-eyed, blonde, Caucasian Mulan, Pocahontas or Jasmine is the day you have the right to complain.


I think I'm gonna make Pocahontas, Mulan, Jasmine and Tiana blonde, white and blue eyed. For shiggles. Seriously guys? First of all, the 'white-washing' you all are so fond of carrying on about is less existent now than in the 30's-60's when the first Disney princesses were created. And though we have the princesses I first mentioned, CLEARLY not white, people choose now to bitch about this? And I wont even mention the princesses that are white but not English… LIKE ELSA AND ANNA (Scandinavian, I believe?)… and the vast majority of the others, actually.

And may I mention, that though I am a grown woman and love the Princesses very much, this is a CHILD'S movie. Well, family… but more for the kids. Nonetheless, get a grip, folks. Find something else to bitch about. The only truly horrible I see here is the butchering of the character and the ignorance of the multi-racial range of girls for your daughters to look up to.


Do you know what movie I couldn't stand? Mulan. There weren't enough Jews in Mulan. I mean, who cares that the original story must be set before it's earliest known version composed in the 6th century and the Jews didn't arrive until the 8th century? It's just a movie, Disney doesn't have to stick to the exact story. And of course, it goes without saying that there should have been Muslims, who were there just as early or earlier, and Ainu: even though they are from Japan they are an indigenous people and vastly underrepresented, unlike the Han Chinese, who are the largest ethnic group in the world and 20% of the world's population!

Did I hear a peep out of anyone about Mulan? No. And unlike 1950's Disney movies, who everyone thought would just be for 50's Americans, and so made them to sell in America not to be "sensitive", Disney by then knew that it's movies were being translated into just about every language and shown all over the world.
The only reason people are complaining about Frozen is because of Melanin-Linked Perceptual Disorder, where Leftists and SJWs can't get past the colour of somebody's skin. Race does not mean skin colour, though skin colour may factor in, it means "people who descend from a common ancestor" which is why there is a human race. Blacks are a race, but so are Ethiopians, by and large, and Irish, and Koreans etc etc. And many of them are also cultures, which unlike race, people can be adopted into as infants or adults….but the minute they marry someone born in the race and have children, those children are also part of the race, and also still the race of the other parent. People do not pick only to be related to one side of their family, so RACIALLY you belong to both, even if CULTURALLY you have to chose just one. So yes, people can be racially half Hispanic, and racially half Jewish. I can't speak for the Hispanics, but you can't be Halakhically half-Jewish; you either are or aren't.
Each culture has it's OWN ways of deciding who is in and who is not, so people OUTSIDE that culture need to shut up and stop imposing your personal melanin linked criteria on them. One of my cultures traditionally defines itself according to RELIGIOUS LAW, and it is not your business to decide what "race" they are or aren't, or who belongs. My other culture once defined itself by race (descent), but today defines itself by mostly by language. If we say a speaker from a totally different race and religion is one of us, then they are one of us. The Roma define themselves by a way of life called Romanipen, and only secondarily by race. If Deaf people say a hearing person who grew up in a Deaf household is one of their in group, or a hard of hearing person who uses ASL, then deal with it. And on that topic, why no d/Deaf princesses, blind princesses, or princesses with wheelchairs….not a word about that. Hello, ABLEIST!
The Sami are an indigenous people (so are the Finns but that is another story), they are a tribal people struggling to maintain cohesion and their customs, and they have been persecuted because they are a separate race, and because of their traditional lifestyle. The fact that YOU can't tell a Finn from a Sami and judge them both to be "White", and therefore of equal status, is both irrelevant to their historical and current reality and frankly, it's outrageously arrogant. The worst thing about "colonialism" is not that people occupy your land, it's that people (also) occupy your head: they try to change the way you think, and force their conceptual framework on you even if it doesn't fit or make sense….and that is exactly what every person complaining about the skin colour of the Sami is doing to them, forcing them to fit your worldview. And frankly, I'm getting pretty tired of the WEIRD hegemony. (Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic) The rest of the world does not think like you, stop thinking you have a right to make them.


people are so sensitive first of all belle is french… also aurora is french! snow white was german.. megara was Greek cinderella is also french and so on the color that they are depends on the origin of where the story comes from disney really doesn't just come up with a story out of thin air most of then are very old tales the disney basically remakes so everyone whining about the color of them really need a reality check maybe africa should have come up with more fairytales they could have made movies out of and their would be more black freaking princesses. Not to mention if people actually opened their they would see the princesses are acually very diverse people are honestly just plain stupid!!!!!


I don't agree ! Elsa and Frozen's story was extract from North mythologie ! Alors comment pourrait-elle être de couleur ? Certes, il y a plus de princesse blanche que de couleur dans les Disney mais ce n'est pas forcement pour des raisons racistes !

A Disney Princess

Only four? But what about Kida, Esmeralda, and Megara? Adding them makes 7 out of 15, which is about half.


She looks like storm from X-Men!!!!


Seeing as this movie took place in Scandinavia and every Disney princess movie has always based its characters on the time/region it takes place in… yeah, how totally stupid of them to make the characters white! (Note the sarcasm.)

Are we just supposed to assume that every time a character is white, the movie's creators are racist? Come on, surely we are better than that? Besides, Disney princess movies are typically based on real fairytales– most of which have originated in Europe, where the majority of people just so happen to be white. It's not like, say, Rapunzel was actually an old African story and the creators of the movie were like "Yeah, let's piss everyone off and make her white!" Nope. Instead, that story originated in early 1800s Germany, and the characters of "Tangled" reflected that. Same goes for the other princess movies.

Now, the overall racial makeup of Disney princesses actually corresponds pretty well to the overall racial makeup of the United States, the country in which these movies are made– White Americans are still the majority, being about 72 percent of the population. Eight out of 12 princesses are white, which is actually 67 percent. In addition to the eight white princesses, we have four perfectly lovely princesses of other colors, who show the other kinds of people also living in the U.S. today.

By all means the minority should be represented, but you know what? That doesn't mean the majority should be ignored either. That would be discrimination, and to argue otherwise is quite frankly insane. Every person of every color is a human being, and they all deserve a shot in the spotlight– this includes white people.

So when one actually engages in intelligent and rational thought, they can see that the Disney princesses quite fairly represent the American public. Check out Disney's future plans for princesses sometimes. There are princesses of many races/ethnicities still to come, but it's gonna be one hell of a miserable time if people continue to go crying about imaginary racism every time one of them happens to end up white.

Yeah, me

Anyone complaining about racism in a movie that takes place in Scandinavia is only trying to bring attention to themselves. The people that live in this region are as white as snow. It would look stupid to have Asians, Indians, Blacks and Mexicans running around in the movie since none of those races live there. I'm half Hispanic and the fact that everyone in this movie was White didn't bother me one big. People need to stop whining so much. Now go on and tell me I'm racist.


Ethnicity based on population %
you are right, 65% white is way too high.
A north American company with a 65% white princess % crazy. we all know it should be closer to 10% to make thins fair.


Well Frozen is based on 'The Snow Queen" it would have been weird if elsa is black :|


Holy hell. This movie is based in Scandiavia, Baltic and Northern Europe! There's Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Danish, Swedish, Scottish, German and countless other Northern European cultures slammed into one movie. I don't know if you are all stupid or something but Blondes, redheads, light eyes, pale skin and freckles were REALLY common in that area back in the time period this takes place. They still are.
Must we place a person of color in every damn movie created just to please your 'white people are racists' quota. News flash: The race card is getting old. It's the 21st century. Move. On.


Geez people get over it! It's an animated movie, the objective is to accurately tell a story, entertain the audience and make money. Not to represent modern day ideals of racial equality. Now I'm not racist, I think that racial equality and diversity are wonderful things to strive for; but photoshopping an animated characters skin color because you weren't happy with her appearance is ridiculous. (Not to mention racist.)


Elsa's Norwegian… what do they expect? A black Scandinavian girl? White skin, blonde hair and blue eyes are typical Scandinavian features. She's also a snow queen.0, so I'm going to assume she's not very fond of sun, especially considering she spent her life isolated in the castle.


It is based on the Danish author Christian Andersen's novel "The Snowqueen", the movie obviously takes place in the old Scandinavian and many comments below make good points. It would be a bit wierd if it was a dark skinned queen. (: But Disney is kind of cool in a way, they make movies from old fairytales we almost forgot about, and there we have a mix of cultures which is great!
I don't know why you all talk about different races, aren't we all the same race but with different looks? :) But I'm from Sweden so I don't really know how you speak about this in other countries. :p


Think of the cultures and nationalities they are trying to portray, european. Old european too. All the fairytales we know are based on EUROPEAN fairytales saves for arabian nights and pocahontas and mulan (the latter two based on true events). Disney relies on creativity and culture. Theres nothing racist about it. Why would they set the story of the snow queen in asia or africa? the cultural symbolism and environment of the fairytale would be lost


I think what's really offensive is taking a white-skinned, white-haired, blue eyed character and simply darkening their skin tone extremely. The eyes are still blue (contacts?), her hair is still European ( a weave?) and her facial structure is Anglo Saxon. This is the real offensive part, and quite frankly, delusional.
If you want black or other "colored" people in movies then go ahead and make your own company. Disney can make WHATEVER it wants; the world doesn't revolve around you. Disney movies don't need anything; they don't HAVE to have diversity, or other skin colors and races. They can do whatever they please and if you don't like it, bye.
Movies and cartoons don't have to represent equal amounts of ANYTHING. Stop your idiotic whining. They make whatever sells and to be quite honest, beauty sells. Considering the American society's standards of beauty, Disney is doing what it has to do to sell. Even as a little girl, I've always wanted the blonde blue haired Barbie dolls, even thought I was a brunette. Ideals of beauty are fed to us from a young age, so it's no wonder movies and cartoons represent what society wants.


Disney is a U.S. company.

8 of 12 is 66%. Whites make up 72% of the U.S. If there is a race problem, it's yours.


If all people want to do is worry about what color a princess is, that's their problem. I agree with "K" from 1/29/14 post that stated there are several princesses of different nationalities and a Scandinavian Princess is supposed to be white. Get over yourselves! Send Disney some stories of interracial princesses and maybe they'll make those stories, too.


I haven't seen Frozen yet, but aren't the princesses supposed to be Scandinavian? Why would a Scandinavian princess be black? I guess the people who wrote this forgot about Jasmine (middle eastern), Mulan (Chinese), Pocahontas (American Indian), Tiana (African American from Princess and the Frog), Kida (the dark skinned princess from Atlantis), Meg (Greek princess in Hercules), Tiger Lily (Indian princess in Peter Pan), and Esmeralda (Gypsy princess in the Hunchback of Notre Dame). Yes, the white Disney Princesses seem to get more attention but to say that ALL Disney Princesses are white is false. Disney should definitely continue branching out to more diverse fairy tales, though.


if elsa or any of the other main cast was anything other than slavic or nordic, the entire movie would be so historically inaccurate and unfaithful to the original story it would make babies cry


Why would people get so worked up about this? I've never minded about it before and I won't start now. And no, I'm not Caucassian. I grew up watching these movies and I'm no racist either. My best friends are black and even white. For goodness sake, do they even know that this movie is based in The Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen? With a lot of changes, obviously…
Seriously, we've had Mulan, Pocahontas, Jazmin, Tiana and even Esmeralda. It's just easy to complain about everything, but it is unreasonable. It denotes quite a lack of character to get offended by something as simple as color.


Well to be fair, Elsa is from Norway and in those times, there wouldn't be black people so it does make same. it's the same for most of them that are set in certain places at certain times


Let's complain about how racist it is that there aren't enough main Disney women that are of color, then when there are some, let's complain about how racist those specific characters are.


People just like complaining. It does not matter what Disney does, you will find something to complain about.

Ice girl

i did

Ice girl

(sorry i meant out of her character to b dark) also i am coloured and i dont mind the mains being white or any of them being white but i agree with Anne i was happy when they made the princess and the frog dark-skinned. BTW who here liked Bolt? by disney about the dog with the hamster an the cat and the dog is called Bolt and he has the lightning bolt on his side?

ice girl

um, i am for race equality, that should be respected and be able to be said of all people… but elsa's character DID revolve around ice… and ice is pale… as another person commented, it is wrong and out of her character to be white.
Also her parents are fair, how could Elsa be white… for that matter where did Anna's hair come from? but i loved the two princesses i thought they were perfect (My fave character is Elsa so insult her and ill turn you into a snowman!! jks) but i do agree more princesses of colour to symbolize race equality might be a good idea. Maybe their next princess will be a beautiful dark skinned girl who can control a different element and then people who question Elsa's awesome-ness would be happy. Personally i like the idea of that. Element control would be epic. DIBS ICE GUYS!! :) u can have i too i was just expressing how much i luv Elsa and her power. Not that i say what u can and can't do… oh whatever :) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

Simon (sweden)

People -.-!
The author is Danish and the book/film is set in Norway.
for example:
Arendelle is a kingdom in the movie Frozen that the main protagonists such as Anna, Kristoff, Elsa, and Sven live in. !!!!!!Arendelle is in Norway!!!!!!.



It's Norway people…..
This is a fairytale from Norway! From a very long time ago.
If you're wanting a different raced princess, then Frozen probably wasn't your best choice. It's geographically and historically incorrect in so many ways for her to be dark. They shouldn't just make her dark for the sake of pleasing audiences who take offence to this. This 100% makes sense for her to be white. Do your research.


As a girl of color I have absolutely no problem with "another white Disney princess". I realize that these stories come from European fairy tales and there's not going to be a lot of people of color. As a little girl (and even now), I never had a problem liking a Disney princess because she didn't look like me. Although I am very happy that Disney created The Princess and the Frog (even though she was originally not of color), I don't believe we should jump down their throats every time there is not a princess of color.


Freakin' seriously? This is beyond stupid. Does no one remember any of the Disney Princesses who were of color? Pochahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Jasmine, Esmeralda. My god, people. Disney does NOT whitewash anyone. If they were in the business of whitewashing, all of those characters would have been white-skinned, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed. Most fairy tales were written in European countries where most of the population was white. What's really sad, though is the fact that, if Disney would have made her black, people would have said, "Oh, that's really brave of them, putting a black woman in the place where a white woman should be, even though it's historically inaccurate." However, if Disney were to make a black woman white, not only would people bitch about the historical inaccuracies, but they would call it racist too. Not everything has to be about race. The only way racism is ever going to stop is if we STOP talking about race. Leave race out of the equation completely, and racism will go away in no time. But that will never happen because no one can just look at a person and say they are a person. They're either a white person, a black person, a Latino person, an Asian person, etc. I have given up on society. I think I'll go live in the mountains with Kristoff and Sven.


Hooray I love race-bending Disney Princesses!
Not so fun when it's the other way round, now is it?


There's no such thing as "whitewashing" stories made by white people. You're a biased racist if you say otherwise.

Maybe the liberal PC crowd hasn't realized this yet, but these fairy tales Disney bases its movies on (Anderson's "Snow Queen" in this case) are actually a part of EUROPEAN CULTURE. And europeans are white.

How would blacks like it if an african fairy tale gets called "blackwashed" and the characters shopped into white characters just for the heck of it? There'd be a huge liberal hypocrite outry.

This really is a sign of the amount of delusion liberals are suffering from though. Their ultimate goal is the deconstruction of any white ethnicity as a whole – It's not only a physical but also a cultural white genocide they're striving for.

Luckily though, people are waking up in droves to these plans now. It's game over soon for the liberals.


Anna was losely based on Grettle for Hansel and Grettle. So it's not really a wonder why the characters are "whitewashed" as it's been stated. Disney isn't much about realism as they focus more on fantasy and tend to twist historical facts to make their productions more interesting. Understand that, while Disney is of course for every age, their main target is children. What small child wants a history lesson from Disney? I have to agree that the Princess and the Frog felt a little forced but they come on, that was more realistic than most Disney movies. At least they were true to the struggle down in New Orleans at that time. But in the end a happy ending was delivered. I personally enjoy the small rumor of Anna and Elsa possibly being Rapunzel's cousin, as they share similar appearances and their mothers are supposedly sisters. Rapunzel's cameo in frozen was enough to stir up that rumor, so I think Frozen is fine the way it is. We're getting into a new generation. Who's to say that the next production won't be a beautiful princess living in a dream castle who will be of color?


I am so fricking sick of this "race card." Why does race matter?!? We are all the same. It was just a story- and hey, when I think of snow, I think of white also. Just because snow is fair and white. Also it is a Scandinavian story so something else just wouldn't make sense. I'm sick of this skin color argument; If you want true equality then accept that skin color doesn't matter. Then none of this would happen.

It's mostly only in America too; people here are way to "race-conscious." You can't use the term "black" without being called racist.


The POINT you morons aren't understanding is this: Why does Disney continuously make white European fairy tales when there are SO many POC fairy tales out there?

The inequality is disgusting. The MAJORITY of women of color characters were drawn over a decade ago and ALL of them were drawin in 2D animation. And only ONE of them got the be the stereotypical "gorgeous princess in a palace" role…the rest of the characters—as awesome as they are—got the role of commoners or workers. And, in Pocahontas' case, her story was intertwined with white people and was also really horribly twisted.

I want a freaking POC princess in a CASTLE with gorgeous dresses and award winning songs, set in India or China or Japan or Africa and it's not that freaking hard to find fairy tales from these lands, okay?


This article is so stupid. It's not Disney's fault that the vast majority of fairytales were written by white Europeans, and that there aren't many African or Native American princess fairytales to work with.


Kinda a bit racist, no? Just a little there?


It is laughably ridiculous that somebody felt the need to create this project.


Frozen is set in Norway a long time ago. Do these people really think there were that many dark-skinned people?


This is a film based (loosely) on Hans Christan Anderson's "The Snow Queen", set in Denmark. Centuries ago. This isn't whitewashing this is an accurate representation of how Elsa and Anna as Danish Royalty at this period/culture would look. PC gone mad to suggest otherwise.

Would you Rather

Would you rather Disney make a very gross, very stereotypical, very offensive, very inaccurate PoC princess? Because crying "racist" and "whitewasher" might make Disney make more PoC princesses and princes which would be awesome, but they might be very badly portrayed and awfully written characters because Disney would feel forced into writing something realistic.


Ok, so I honestly believe Disney isn't "whitewashing," or they honestly do not believe they are whitewashing. Think about it:
Disney has a history of getting their stories mixed up and getting the History of each story based on "true stories" like Pocahontas wrong. A few Historians believe Pocahontas was an 11 year old girl who was kidnapped and raped by John Smith–or another who was with him and the other settlers–while many more believe she really did save John Smith, but was captured and forced into Christianity by other settlers. No one knows for sure because John Smith's stories didn't match up with other accounts from other people–both Native American and European. As for costumes, both John Smith and Pocahontas's outfits in the Disney film do not match what they would have actually worn given the time period.

Mulan was set in China during the Han Dynasty–according to Disney. Most of what you find online about Hua Mulan–who Disney based their character on– says she lived during the Northern Wei period. Disney warped her story so she could be a character who fought the Huns. There's a lot more wrong with the History part of this movie, but it takes forever to explain.
Princess and the Frog. The story of Princess and the Frog is based on "The Frog Prince," which came from Europe–Germany to be exact–and actually features a white princess and prince. Disney wanted to feature a more modern spin on this tale, and wanted it set in New Orleans. They wanted it to be modern because they "wanted a princess movie for people who don't like princess movies." Many black critics actually thought that by making the villain a black voodoo witchdoctor, Disney was poking fun at/being racist towards the History of their culture and the culture of New Orleans. They wanted to make Tiana a chambermaid and they wanted to name her Maddy, which is similar to the term mammy–which is considered offensive. Some of this might be nitpicking on the critics part–Disney could have not known or wanted to make it more "historical."
So what makes Frozen any different? Disney most likely did poor research on the story, "The Snow Queen," and didn't even consider the possibility of making the characters Saami. They wanted to make Elsa, the queen of snow, depict something cold. Therefore they gave her ice blue eyes and very pale, white skin. Anna is her sister, so they felt they had to make her look similar. As for the men, I'm not sure. They probably thought something like this: Norway=Cold=No sun=Fair-skinned people. They also had reason to fear harsh backlash by making a biracial couple like that Cheerio commercial got a few months back.
This doesn't make Disney racist or mean that they whitewash, it just means they're ignorant, and perhaps fearful. They're stuck in their ways, and they honestly don't notice it–one reason being that their movies sell. All of their movies are made to do one thing, to entertain people. And that's what they do.


Well, if you actually used your noggins and THOUGHT about the "Snow Queen", which Frozen was very loosely based on, the author was Danish, which means a lot of the people he wrote about would be white, since he lived in a country where many people were white.
Even the original Snow Queen was white. Disney isn't "whitewashing."
There were only one PoC in the original story, but the character herself played a smaller part in the "Snow Queen." She helped Gerda find Kai. So her character was removed in the movie because Gerda and Kai didn't exist in Frozen.


here we go with the race card. who cares if they're white, they're from countries all over the world. get over the skin color and just enjoy the fairy tale. people like you completely ruin what the moral of the story is all about because you're too concerned about skin color.


LOL did anyone forget about Princess and the Frog? shes dark-skinned who ends up with a lighter skinned prince. she also has a best friend whos light skinned


Whitewashing? They are slowly going over each and every culture, INCLUDING non-white cultures, Mulan, Moana, Pocahontas, Jasmine, etc. I would say you're the racist one if you are attacking Disney over this. A dark-skinned Norwegian princess? That is unrealistic.

Ingrid S

Seriously? Playing the race card, again? A harmless fairytale, all that it was. What about Pocahontas or Mulan, which were based in North America and Asia respectively? Why were those animations not drawn darker or whiter??? Silly to do so, as their appearance correctly depict the nationality they both belong to. This is a serious joke. People need to grow up, since the fairytale had it's origins in Denmark/Germany (ofcourse I stand to be corrected), there is absolutely nothing wrong with animating all characters as white. Even if they were to animate any of the princesses with colour, it would be just fine. It was just keeping with tradition and geographical location, just as Pocahontas was animated resembling a beautiful woman of Cherokee descent, and Mulan, a beautiful woman of Asian descent. Really people?? Rather the question: Is there something wrong with fair skin and light hair?? Racism in reverse, consider that! Grow up please!


All Disney shows and movies are very fair about races but this movie is based on the snow queen so the characters are white like most people in Norway. It's not a bad thing. All Disney characters have different backgrounds so I don't really think it's fair to say Disney only makes princesses white. Enjoy all of Disney's great creations.


While I agree that Disney should include princesses and characters from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds, I think it's stupid to complain about this particular movie. Frozen is based on the fairy tale the Snow Queen, by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, and set in Norway in the 1400s. Sorry to disappoint you, but most people living in Norway during that period were white (there are evidence of like two people with other skin tones during the 1700s). This should be okay. To complain about this would be like complaining about how there are no people of European origin in Aladdin. So please don't take it out on Frozen! Celebrate it because it is a fantastic movie!

Can we appreciate a real role model

I love the fact that they include a very happy family raised by a gay couple ( the trading post owner).
I also cannot express my joy for a Disney movie that shows that true love isn't only found in a man which a girl has to wait around for to come save her but found in ones self. They showed that a woman can be strong and independent.
Can we also take a moment to appreciate that punch Anna took Hans out with because he broke her heart and tried to use her? You go girl.
These are European fairy tales. When they were written, different ethinicities of "white" were the norm. Disney didn't write the stories, they are just retelling them. I'd love to see a wider variety of ethnicities but I cannot think of many stories involving more poc. I'm down for a Spanish princess if someone would tell me a story with one. Or African, but many of their tales are animal based. I'm not being cynical, I really would like to know one. These stories are well known for many people. I see people complain there's no on for their daughter to look up to or dress as. Can we teach our daughters to be strong, independent women. If there isn't a princess of their ethnicity let them be their own princess. I adored Esmeralda as a child, I dressed up like her on Halloween and she's all I ever wanted to be. I'm fair skinned with light brown hair. It didn't matter to me that she was raven haired and of darker complexion. She was strong and and I thought she was beautiful. If my daughter want to dress as Tiana someday I'm not going to tell her she can't be Tiana because she's white. My daughter will see a strong, smart, independent woman and if that's who she wants to be then I'm behind her 110%


Does anyone realize that Disney has branches around the world, and they've produced hits in, for example, India, based off of Indian legends, with Indian characters? If you're gonna complain about Disney, don't complain about just American Disney movies. Start watching EVERY Disney show, cartoon, animated movie, and live-action movie, and THEN you can complain about equality.

Are you kidding me

They are in DENMARK.
During a time period where ships were the fastest mode of transportation. There was one black woman in the crowd, which is a perfect representation of what would actually happen. You seem to think that it makes sense to add completely different ethnicity to a place where people are WHITE WITH BLEACHED HAIR.


There is an African princess/queen in Lion King. One thing I've noticed is that most African or even native American or Indian traditional tales are animal based. Perhaps this is why Disney hasn't done a traditional princess story of them.

Hi there

While Disney may not have many different ethnic backgrounds, they are still offering quality entertainment. And let's be honest, how many Americans actually know any African folk tales? I think that if they did something from South Africa, or Jamaica of any of they things suggested people wouldn't like it because we didn't grow up with those stories. I know someday I will be telling my kids the story from Frozen, not something from another country that I have no relation to. Also the tumblr people who came up with the idea of making Elsa black need to understand not only is she the snow queen and snow and ice are white so it would be weird if she were black, she was also played by a white actress and the look and body language of the character somewhat depends on the actress or actor playing them. Everybody needs to just calm down, it probably wasn't meant to offend anybody from other countries.


Seriously?!?!? You guys are freaking out about how the SNOW Queen shouldn't be white? The SNOW queen. I don't know about you, but most of the snow I see is white. Her hair is white, too because it's important to the story. You notice how when Anna is hit with ice, her hair turns white? Most ice seems to have that same kind of color, too! So Elsa is white for symbolic reasons, and Anna needed to look like her sister, but different enough to show that she didn't have powers. They wouldn't exactly have looked like close enough sisters if they weren't the same race, would they? I'm not saying it couldn't have been done, because they could have spent another MILLION dollars or so changing it just to have her be black. Honestly, though, all of you would have still complained, am I right? Hundreds of thousands of people would have still accused Disney of being racist for this, that, and the other, even if it was done with good intentions. If you know anything about character development, that character's physical appearance should at least reflect their role in the story. I'm grateful that Disney did such a great job on "Frozen," and that they made Elsa look like the perfect Snow Queen.


Oh, so Mulan, Esmerelda, and Tiana don't count? Stop acting like they make everyone white, you ignorant fools.

Luna Tsukino

You people are all complaining that the majority of the princesses are white?

Geez it's not a conspiracy to be racist!

Disney do a lot of fairy tales if you hadn't noticed and all of these fairy tales are based on stories by Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm…. basically…. European Authors and very old ones at that. There just isn't any african fairy tales… sure you could go the direction of Princess and the Frog and change the setting of the story, but for some that just doesn't work.

Dark skin is commonly associated with africa, native ameria, carribean, india, and east asia…. none of them places are exactly frozen…. where would Christoff get his ice in africa.

If you wanna see more racially diverse characters, write some racially diverse Fairy Tales and become as iconic as The Brothers Grimm… then you might see them. Until then Get Over It!


Many of these comments are dismissing a lot of important details. First of all, many Danish countries do have many people living there that aren't white. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the original Snow Queen story feature a Saami character. The Saami, who of which most are poc, are indigenous to Scandinavia. So saying that "poc didn't live in ____ at ____" is a bit ridiculous. Human life has been said to have begun in Africa. Why would the involvement of poc anywhere at anytime, be so far fetched? Disney is deciding not to do their research. They decided to deny any help from ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES when they were making Pocahontas. This should be a red flag. White is NOT the default, white people are NOT the majority. Disney is choosing to set their stories in places that are "white" (leaving many poc who live there overlooked and ignored). If back then Shakespeare could write a play with a black lead in "white" Italy, why can't Disney do the same now?

My arguments may sound a bit weak because I'm not providing sources (though neither is anyone else), so here are some good resources. Educate yourself.
this is a very good post which is relevant to the subject at hand. (be sure to check out the rest of the blog, too! It's taught me a lot.)
This blog is good too, and it primarily focuses on Frozen.

Both these blogs link to other sources quite often, so there's that too.

Case in point: there is no excuse for Disney to not even out the playing field with their princesses. The ratio of princesses of color to white princesses is about 6 to 16. And no, having a princess of color just for the sake of appeasing people's want for diversity (which is reasonable) is not enough. These have to be good, lovable characters like the white ones. (Though whether or not they are that great is debatable). And we need to have a good amount, bc princesses of color, like white princesses, all have different stories. So there's nothing wrong with Disney branching out.


"Frozen" is based on a Danish fairytale. You can't just throw in diversity for the sake of pleasing people because it has to make sense. Not all countries have such a mixture of difference races like in the US.


I do agree that there should be more multi-racial princesses, but I think that people complaining about the ethnicity of the past princesses is rather along the lines of complaining about Santa Clause being white when he came from white traditions. Also, there are different kinds of white, as well as there are different kinds of Asian, black, etc. I would love to see a Hispanic princess (though if they picked a legend from Spain the character would be very likely to be fair-skinned), an African princess, and maybe another Irish princess. There are far too many Germanic fairytales in the Disney lineup.

Let's look at the origins of some of the princess stories:
Elsa – from a fairytale by a Dutch (white) author, Hans Christian Anderson. Changing a Dutch fairy tale about a frozen snow queen into a story about a black snow queen would probably not work very well.
Merida – A Scottish tale, naturally red-haired and freckled, definitely white.
Rapunzel – A German fairytale (Grimm). I think it would be difficult to imagine a black Rapunzel, simply for the fact of hair issues. Yes, her hair grows magically longer than any white person's would, but there's also the line the prince says "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, that I might climb the golden stair."
Tiana – Based on a Grimm's fairytale (German), this one was more easily adapted from its Germanic roots to a black-American tale. The Cajun culture originates from Acadian colonists, some of which are of the aboriginal tribes of Canada. I feel that blacks may have gotten gypped in this one, as Tiana is not a princess in the story, and the fairytale has no distinct African or Haitian ties. It would be great to see a story about an African princess. Disney could do better.
Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty – also Grimm's fairy tales, I believe (unless one is Anderson). I suppose that one could have changed the ethnicities of these stories, but they would most likely not fit in with typical African fairy tales.
Pocahontas – Native American, no need to change anything. While we're complaining about ethnic inclusion, we should complain about the historical inaccuracies of Disney movies.
Mulan – Chinese, based on an actual Chinese legend.
Jasmine – Arabian, based on an Arabian legend.
Ariel – she's not human, so her ethnicity shouldn't be so concerning. Her movie is based on a story by Anderson (Dutch) which has roots in various pale-skinned cultures around the world.
Jim Hawkins, of Treasure Planet – Not a princess, but based on a story by a white guy…there are only two humans in the story and they are white. The rest are animalistic aliens.

If you include non-Disney princesses, we also have Anastasia (white, Russian), Egyptian princesses (The Prince of Egypt/Joseph King of Dreams), and Chel (Mexican) from The Road to El Dorado.


We are well aware of the disney pincesses of color, but I have one question: why is there only one middle eastern princess, one native princess, one black princess, one chinese princess, and then 8 white princesses, as if white is the default norm? Why isn't there just one white princess, as there is only one black one and such.

That's the problem. We assume white is the default norm when it's just one "race" among many others.


Ummmm HELLO?!?! It's set in Norway! How many other races live there??? This is the most ridiculous act of racism I've ever seen! Disney is trying to wash away stereotypical white princesses and I happen to think they're doing a great job. What other princesses should they have made? An Inuit from Alaska? A good majority of our fairytales were written by European writers for European (Caucasian) audiences. If you don't like it. Write your own fairytales but don't hate on these. Also if you don't like what Disney is providing as entertainment don't patronize it. I have three words for any racist out there: LET IT GO! Just like Elsa said in the movie. ;) PS I'm American Indian one of the most forgotten races there is so everyone can please stop their whining.


There has been a disney princess of every race.
They totally need to get over themselves. Does anyone not remember princess and the frog?
Disney gave you a "black" princess because you all demanded that you needed one. And if you think they are racist, then think again. You are racist for seeing the difference in color and not appreciating the story. Frozen was based on a old Russian fairy story. The Ice Queen was white not black, if she was from Africa it would be a completely different story. Russia = Cold = White.


Aside from the whole it's a Scandinavian story, can they really call themselves fans if they change what Disney has created?

Also, Belle is not fair haired. Neither is Pocahontas, Mulan, Megara, Jasmine, Esmeralda, Tiana, Ariel, Merida…even Rapunzel ends the movie as a brunette!


As nice as it'd be to see more women with darker skin, I have to disagree that Disney, as an animation company, has a race problem. (Their merchandise company, however, is a different story, but let's not get into that now.)

Looking at the "Disney Princess Line" I can see how one might come under the impression that Disney is racist. But I think the fact that they include multiple races at all proves that they aren't, or at least aren't racist enough to deserve criticism. There are many animation companies that don't have any women of color as protagonists. In Disney's movies, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana are all non-european, representing arabian, native american, chinese, and african american women respectively. Outside of the usual Disney line you have Lilo and her sister Nani, who are hawaiian, as well as Esmerelda, who is a gypsy. Also, looking at the remade version of Elsa? I think you guys are looking for Kida, from Atlantis. That story could easily have had the race of the people in Atlantis be caucasian. But they didn't, they had them as people with tanned skin and white hair.

You don't have to look hard to find people of color represented in Disney films. Especially if one is willing to give their less famous films a chance. Disney is under no obligation to fill some sort of bizarre quota of having the number of non-europeans equal the number of europeans. Their only obligation is to write a story, and to have that story make sense. Featuring dark skinned princesses in a scandinavian setting doesn't make sense, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. If the setting was somewhere else where that'd make sense for the story, I'd be all for it. But seeing as how the story is where it is, and seeing as how Disney has already proven itself to not be racist (at least to my satisfaction), I'd have to say that it's fine the way it is.


If frozen was wrong I`d like to get the princess and the frog redone , it was based on the fairytale of the frog prince made in the middle of Europe. There are indeed too many white princesses but that`s because disney was telling the stories they heard as children and they all came from Europe. It would indeed be nice to have more coloured princesses but if frozen is wrong , I think that the princess and the frog is wrong too and just a cheap way out for disney to avoid being called racist. The main point is that we should just keep the story`s and charakters from where they originated. The saami didn`t build castles and lived mainly in tents at that time though I do think Kristoff should`ve been saami since he has a reindeer. If there`s ever an african tale they rip-off they`ll probably throw in all the dark-skinned people they can get (and I will tolerate no white people in it) so when that time comes let`s burn princess and the frog and frozen together.


You should have bought more tickets to Mulan, Pocahontas and Frog Princess.


Everyone else here has already addressed the ridiculousness of making a Scandinavian snow queen of African descent, but in response to "calling out" Disney on racist values: Did the people who wrote this article even see Pocahontas? The whole movie is about addressing the hedgemony and openly talking about how sad it is that Europeans invaded, raped and oppressed native people, all over the world. I hardly think a company which believed in white supremacy would write a song with the verse:
"The paleface is a demon
The only thing they feel at all is greed
Beneath that milky hide
There's emptiness inside

Killers at the core
They're different from us
Which means they can't be trusted" – 'Savages'
And although this verse is true of Ratcliffe's character but not, it is not at all John Smith after he is influenced by Pocahontas, which goes to show what a fantastic job Disney did of expressing the complex issue of racism, and how generalizations about any race are ultimately wrong and that the best thing we can do it to learn from and celebrate each other.


Elsa is a queen in Norway, one with magical ice powers that tirns her hair and skin pale white…


There would have been darker skinned people in the past in scandinavia: the vikings went places ffs, and brought people back!

However, wouldn't Anna be considered POC, DESPITE being pale-skinned? It's set in the FAR north, I am seeing a lot of sami thingys, and reindeers and stuff. More of them would have lived in the north than the "other" northeners, and the sami have been "raced"/"othered" a lot in the past.


Tiana, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Mulan… Not white, also there is Esmeralda who is a gypsy if not a princess. Most me the movies made in the last decades have taken diversity on board, there are cloned people in there world too, give it a rest this is supposed to be a Scandinavian story!!!!!!


A white haired, young black women looks a bit off and for character concept would not be the most visually appealing character. This movie also takes place in an area similar to Sweden and Norway, Elsa being that of an royal family…. a Norwegian or Swedish queen would probably never have dark skin…. even tan skin would be pushing it just genetic wise. I personally would have been upset if Elsa had been anything but pasty white because for this movie and setting
it only makes sense and design wise she looks best as a whitewhitewhitepastywhitesnowwhite chick with paper white hair , icy blue eyes and a flushed pink appearance . It would be like making Mulan black or Jasmine white it just does not fit the setting and character

S. Conner

Ok, so let's think this thorough. People are getting upset over the fact that a CARTOON MOVIE for GIRLS/KIDS is not showing a dark skinned Princess, even though not TWO Disney Princess movies ago we got Tiania, a dark skinned Princess. There also saying that Disney Princess gowns are to "impractical". My opinion is that if you asked a little girl to draw a princess, she would most likely draw a beutiful girl with a pretty gown. My message is just let Disney do it's thing and don't get to worked up about a non-existent problem.


Jasmine-Indian, tiana- black, mulan- Chinese, Merida- Scottish, belle- French, esmeralda- French gypsy, megara- Greek, pocahontas and tiger Lilly- Native American, elsa and Anna- Scandinavian, Cinderella- originally Russian I think ( i do not count ariel or tinkerbell as they are not human.)
Yeah, right, Disney is SOOO not representing different cultures… Maybe we should worry about the " negative body image" and " antifeminist" ideals they enforce. Oh wait, all of the princesses I mentioned( excluding Cinderella) are considered feminist and the tiny waists do seem to be improving.

Nah, we should be more worried about the scandalous misrepresentation of gargoyles in disney's hunchback.It is most offensive that these once respected and feared creatures have been frightfully softened into loveable little oafs!!! We must do something before their image is destroyed in the same way that twilight destroyed vampires, werewolves, apples and glitter. Something must be done!!!!!!!!


People are just so ignorant!!! This story is set in Norway I believe ( correct me if I am wrong). How many dark skinned people just happened to be born in the north at this time, especially of royal birth. I wish these people would do their research. I am also offended by the comment that blonde haired, blue eyed people are generic. The fact is that most disney films are based on western stories, this means that the princesses more often than not are white. Maybe disney should explore more "foreign" stories however I fear that people prefer adaptations of stories they know and would be put off by one which they were previously unaware of.


Also it is racist calling white people with blonde hair and blue eyes generic. You basicly just called me generic and that is very offensive.


I am tired of black people calling white people racist! When black people call white people honkey and not get in trouble that makes me mad and this is just more proof that black people are racist. Imagine if a white person went and changed Tiana's skin color to white. Everyone would call that racist so how is this not. The story is based off Denmark and people are white there so why change her skin color. Also Disney has 4 different race princesses and lets face it most American are white and Disney comes from America.


"per Disney's usual whitewashing." Are you dumb or something? It's not white washing if the characters in the original story are white to begin with!


Are you kidding me? It's set in Denmark, for a start. Back when Frozen is set, it was a white country and still is (mostly) now. Disney does not 'whitewash'. In the beginning it did, yes, but that's because America was a racist country back then, and non-racist views would have caused uproar. As has been said, there was an 18-year gap when there were no white princesses. Please do not get upset when two Danish sisters are both white, and do your research.


I like the idea but, she's an ice princess. She looks more wintery with pale skin and Anna is a ginger and so she wouldn't be tan. Also, there are other Disney princesses with different races like Pochontas, Mulan, Jasmime, and the more newer one, Tiana. I understand the ideas but in the case it just go with the movie, and I don't believe they are "white-washing" all the character because of the four names above. All the characters are diverse.


"Elsa, per Disney's usual whitewashing (other lead character Anna is also very white)" Gee, you think? Siblings being the same race isn't very unusual.

Tumblr children are idiots and so are the people who write articles on this site apparently.


I don't understand why people say that Disney is "white washing" because they are not. White washing would have been making Mulan, Tiana, Pocahontas, Jasmine, and Esmeralda all white. None of those iconic Disney women are anything but their own race. All of the classic stories that Disney is animating are about white people. Making a character needlessly ethnic is unprofessional and untrue to its story. Disney waited on Rapunzel in order to avoid the constant stream of white princesses. There was an EIGHTEEN YEAR GAP where there were no white princesses at all. Since that gap ended there has been Tangled (a classic that Disney waited on), Brave (that was based in Scotland), and Frozen which is based in DENMARK which was primarily white.

Learn your facts.


Sorry, but this makes no sense at all. It's a fairytale set in Noway, or Danemark in a time where there was close to none immigration in those places… why should the queen have dark skin? I am a black girl living in Italy and I'd really like to see more african princesses… but I'd like to see them as the protagonist of a story set in Africa. Our continent has so many beautiful and interesting stories and I think that our culture deserves more attention: being African means so much more than just having "black skin"… (excuse me for my bad English, it's not my first language…)


I have never seen a black ice princess before.


I am absolutely for having more ethnic princesses, HOWEVER, most of the fairy tales as others have mentioned have been set in Europe, possibly hundreds of years ago. It makes sense that a Scandinavian-area princess would have the typical "blonde-hair-blue-eyed" look. I would be more than happy to see Disney take on stories from other cultures, however, I'm not going to demand that they change the story to insert another ethnicity into it. Belle, Aurora and Cinderella are from France, The Little Mermaid is set nearby to Denmark since that is where Prince Eric hails from, Snow White in Germany. Since all of these stories take place before travel was convenient and black slave-keeping hadn't begun in many cases it makes sense that the protagonists are white.

While I would absolutely adore to see Disney branching off into other ethnicity's fairy tales, it's actually a bit more difficult because these stories are much harder to come across. Many were passed down verbally and the languages from which they originate are dead or dying… Not to mention many, like with the Grimm's collection, have multiple versions due to different translations or the story mutating over time and changing into something else.

I don't think Disney is racist– if they were racist they wouldn't have made Mulan, Aladdin or other movies where the protagonists, while originating from non-white dominated countries, are just as good, if not BETTER than the white protagonists in other movies. Look at Aladdin! He has almost no parallel in the white stories. Pocahontas as well, she is a beautiful character who teaches others to find treasure in what they have around us. Those stories teach us more than that of the white prince and princesses.

It isn't ABOUT the quantity, it's about the QUALITY of the work, and Disney has only been improving in that regard.

William Sullivan

It's a Danish fairytale set in a psuedo-Scandinavian country. What is wrong with you assholes. The attempt to correct perceived racism is racism itself. And besides, there have been princesses of other ethnicities, African-American and Chinese. Is Disney supposed to never have a princess of Caucasian ethnicity again? This is pure stupidity.


A lot of Disney's stories have been derived from European fairy tales, naturally they have been set in Europe and therefore have featured European characters. I agree however that it would be interesting to explore different cultural mythologies and protagonists.


If anyone is really interested why underrepresantation is so harmful and means the questions asked in the comments seriously, instead of as a derailing method to brush concerns of minorities aside go to youtube and search for Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story. I ask you to do it because I think this could be a chance to educate and call for the empathy in people. Something we should do more often.

Thank you for reading and ,if you have searched for the video on youtube, your interest in your fellow humans.


im so tired about hearing about disney's "whitewashing". it's set in 14th century norway. there weren't any black people in 14th century norway you absolute idiot. and there are SO many disney princess that aren't white (such as mulan, pocahnontas, jasmine etc etc etc) this is ridiculous.


Actually there are 6 disney princesses that are not white. Mulan , tiana, mierda, pochahontas, Jasmine, & belle . Mierda is Scottish and is not the usual blue eyed beautiful haired princess. She has wild red hair and an accent. Belle is technically is french she may look typically white but she is not just white like aurora. And technically ariel shouldnt be considered to have a race shes a mermaid. Mermaid is her race. Disney bases their movies on the backround of their stories. So if its based in a white nation it only makes sense to match the character . Get over it and let dismey do their thing . This would be like me complaining because tiana was black or jasmine was indian .


It is set in 14th century Norway so why wouldn't she be of fair skin it makes more sense. Just as Jasmine was made to look of Indian decent. Everyone is offended by something these days.


well elsa is a queen and not a princess so all the points are invalid, elsa is white get over it


I don't this!

I am from Middle East. I have black hair, black eyes, and crony skin.
But I don't care about what the characters' eyes and skin. I just want to watch a beautiful and funny film.
Of course, I want to see beautiful characters, and I think that all Disney princess are beautiful!

Why some people are so sensitive?

Michaela Gilbertson

I hate it when people do this. Think about it logically- if someone were to draw a picture of Tiana and she was white there would be an OUTRAGE. But people doing this to white princesses is completely ok. Honestly, it's completely disrespectful to Disney and the people who spend HOURS of their lives bringing these characters to life. It's disrespectful to people who are white as well, because they are basically saying "this character is so much better black." Just like black people can't choose the color of their skin, neither can white people.


Making black white character who has logical reason to be white(danish fairy tail) is not good or normal. It'll be better if you promote ethnic legend,stories fairy tails:find volunteers,make kickstarter,make short film,tell everyone about your project. I'm sure a lot people will be interested. But doing this thing is not really good. It's like reverse racism.

calm down white people

Finally someone is calling disney out for its crap. The story used in this movie is based on europeans but, the people they researched and used as a basis for this movie are not white. The culture this movie is based on is the saami of the 1800s and those people were not white. the opening song is a traditional saami song called yoki. And what is the big issue with including some people of color somewhere in the movie. Because it wont be realistic??? well neither is a talking snowman or magical powers. Because it isnt typical disney???? We know it isn't normal to have people of color in YOUR movies white people. No need to get all huffy puffy because people of color would like to see themselves in movies with you. God forbid we show white people around anyone other then other white people


I should probably point out that the region it's set in is called, Arendelle. Which is likely somewhere in Scandinavia… Arendelle is not too dissimilar to the word 'Aryan', which was/is a race of Scandinavian, European peoples, also famously pale-skinned, and light-haired. I'm sure this was a deliberate choice for Disney, as the author of the original story was from Denmark. Disney recently set a film in the Deep South, with a coloured lead, be thankful for that. The majority of Disney's films are traditional Euro-tales, America being rather limited when it comes to historical stories. (Even Pocahontas was Euro heavy.) Any Afro-Indian stories tend to be animal lead, ie Jungle Book, Lion King etc.


Not this shit again. If someone is being racist it's you people, stop bringing it up again and again, you're the only one being sensitive about this. Elsa's the freakin' snow queen and is in Scandinavia in a time from the past. You're forcing the color too much that it won't make sense as a movie of Disney.


The fact that its made from Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale "the Snow Queen" is obvious, and its set in Sweden. But if you want to talk about kids being upset; How do you think little girls with blond hair and blue eyes will feel when they find out all kinds of people think its terrible for a Disney Character to be blond and blue eyed? Does anyone care about hurting their feelings, making them feel shame simply because they are pale with blond hair?


Political correctness is rampant. She is the Snow Queen. She should be of a race that lives with ice and snow. Besides, why exactly is it BAD to be white?????


Err…. I'm sorry… Have you ever read the Snow Queen? The story is based in Scandinavia? or Denmark? so the image the snow queen has always been portrayed in is – Caucasian… on the fairer side of the Caucasian Race.

Most of the stories were written by Hans Christian Andersen – danish, and the grimm brothers – german… And they obviously portrayed their stories in the people they see every day (in the 1800's there wasn't a lot of interracial mingling)

I am sorry, but for me it breaks the magic of the story if you try to change stories where DESCRIPTION has been already noted. This is like saying snow white could have been a red head, or pocahontas should have been chinese, or esmeralda a blonde or mulan arabian – N O this is not how the story IS!

I am sorry you cannot accuse disney of being racist – they are simply following everyone's image of the story, including the author's intended appearance, AND what we have seen on fairytale books growing up.

I've read the Snow Queen when I was 7. I have 2 books, both of which draw her white, with white hair. I will scan you a picture, and what? you will SUE these fairytale books?

ps you are really sad to pick on this (and have the guts to write an article about it) … there are real racist issue in schools and real life!!!

KERENSA CADENAS – Disney actually has the right to sue you for slander after writing about the 'severity of Disney's race problem'

you should be ashamed of yourself!


It's things like this that undermine real racial issues and make others who are blinded to them say "Let it go" (no pun intended).


The only one with a race problem is the person who wasted their time doing this. The reverse racism in this country is quickly getting old – and the terrible part is that few people truly consider it racism. Frozen is a Dutch fairy tale set in pre-immigration Scandanavia. Of course NOW there are colored people who live there, but the story was obviously set in the past. Disney has incorporated several princesses of color into their franchise (Mulan, Jasmine, Tiana, Pocohantas), and if we're being truthful, it makes sense that they would have less colored princesses than white overall. Roughly 70% of the world's population is white at the present day – the percentage would have been even higher during the time periods that Disney fairy tales are set in. Disney does a decent job of providing accurate, historically correct princesses. There are a lot more settings to accurately depict a light-skinned princess than a dark-skinned one. In any case, they depict a different CULTURE with each film. That, in my mind, is more important than skin color. It's important to keep in mind that Disney usually bases their movies on old fairy tales – they don't simply make up their stories, they typically have a more serious fairy tale guiding them. Frozen is a Dutch Fairytale written by the well-known Hans Christian Andersen. It is predictable that Disney would attempt to stay true to the original author's basic guidelines, the first and foremost being that the story is set in Scandinavia. The mixing in of colored people among the population would be illogical, serving no purpose other than to be colored people so that those of you who are immature enough to be upset by things like this don't get upset. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that would throw off the entire color scheme of the movie (whites, blues and purples), and Disney does not make money that way. Furthermore, all practical arguments aside, there is also the fact to consider that Disney has the right to create their films in any way that they see fit. As an author myself, it is incredulous to believe that ANY writer or filmmaker should have to ruin (yes, ruin) their vision for their work so as to not upset anybody. Keep in mind that blacks are the only race thus far to have things such as BET – literally, a television station that caters entirely to Black Entertainment. I shudder to think of what would happen if anyone DARED to even THINK about the possibility of a White Entertainment Television. It is obvious that the racism in this country has reversed, leaving people like the person who did the above alterations with a sense of self-entitlement that they shouldn't have. Nobody should view their own race as cheated, as ALL races have been at some point in the past. Frozen was a wonderful movie with strong, independent women. That is all that should matter.


You guys do now that there are people of color that are Danish right? Also I'm not hating on Frozen but I didn't see it and I don't want to. I feel that it's kind of the same thing like every other a Disney production. Mostly Disney is about a girl who's too weak to save her own skin and has some charming prince rescue her. That's why I like Brave because she's not afraid to get down and dirty plus she doesn't need anybody's help. Then there's Tiana who speaks her mind and I just love how fierce she was. I felt that this movie was gonna be a good one but now I feel like it's just plain boring and predictable. Mainly I find it funny that it's adults like you that are getting upset over their skin color! I really don't care because when I was little I wanted to be just like Ariel. I didn't care about her skin color I liked her because of her voice and personality. So why can't we all do the same and look at personality and just the person themselves?


I just had a laughter attack! Snow Queen looking as if she just left solarium! Priceless!
But honsetly, I don't care what's her hair color, skin color or eye color. If someone have problem with that, then don't watch it. And the movie was great!


someone needs help


But… their Danish…. I would understand if this was set in North America but…. they are Danish…


This is nuts… Everyone can do whatever they want with the characters they want to create, everyone is completely out of their minds. Besides, I'm a Tumblr user and I didn't see any of those things you're writing about. Keep the resentful race stuff for yourself.

Soren X

The characters aren't "generic white," they're Danish. Danes depicted in an adaptation of a story about Danes written by a Dane. Stop erasure of Danes!

Sarah H.

Thank god people are saying this. I can't stand people doing this crap. I actually do kind of like the skin tone they changed it to, personally, but it wouldn't fit the setting. The setting seems to be Scandinavian from what I've seen. The typical Scandinavian girl? Pale, blonde hair, blue eyes. Also, the two are sisters, aren't they? Which means, if one is Caucasian, so is the other one. Unless their mother really has a lot of explaining to do.

Ryan ken

People are so ignorant, it's based upon historical accuracy, and looks absolutely horrible in brown she's the Snow Queen for Christ sake she should be as pale as white as she can be to match the snow.


Get over it. The movie is set in Northern Europe (per the original short story that it's based on). It's called historical accuracy.


Actually, I was always upset as a little girl. I used to want to be white and shaped like the princesses because those were the ones who were most talked about. So no, it is not just adults who are mad. It is adults who have the ABILITY to express themselves on any random web page.


What I find funny is that ADULTS are mad. Not the kids. The kids don't care. My white son LOVES Sofia the 1st… he wears her amulet everyday and carries around her little figurine. We did the Halloween party at the Disney store and there was the sweetest little black boy dressed up as Rapunzel. He said liked her because "she did Art". BECAUSE SHE DID ART. Not because of what she looked like. Do you get this? The adults have the issues, not the children. My Daughter has an Anna, Mulan, Cinderella and Pocahontas doll. She likes Anna because "Anna is like a viking". She likes Mulan because "Mulan has her own sword." She likes Merida because "Merida rides a horse and shoots arrows from her bow." Seriously. What the hell is wrong with the adults in this country when the kids are more intelligent?


This is so dumb. The story is set in Scandinavia for crying out loud. The leads being anything other than white would've not only been weird and out of place, but also seen as nothing but pandering.
Honestly, the lack of logic in some people…


really ? It's a Scandinavian fairy tale and last I check native northern Europeans were pale.
Disney is just being realistic with their character designs.


The story takes place in Norway (or Denmark). Of course the princess wouldn't be african because well
It's a Scandinavian fairy tale with a Scandinavian princess so *gasp* She's going to be pale or light skinned.

Grow up.
Shut up.
Not everything is about racism.


Black princess like the FROG "princess" with voodoo and sum Juju? LOL. Shaniqua who works at McDonalds with 10 baby daddies will do just fine for the next one, I suppose. I know these movies are fantasy, but we have to draw the limit somewhere.


I like how you guys judged the movie before it even came out. The main characters are strong women and they love eachother. The story is not about the boy and the girl, but because they be white we can't enjoy that small victory?


This is disgusting.
This afrocentrist racism has to stop.
It has even reached our schools too, they're teaching that plato was actually african in unversities.
That athena was african, and that all our cultures originally where created by them because we "Stole", ancient scriptures.
Stop trying to be politically correct!
There is no such thing as race, and by believing such is what you sheep call "Racism".
Scandinavia at the time consisted ONLY of people who had no pigment in their skin, and there for it should stay that way.
This political correctness is disgusting.


Ugh sick of the politically correct bs. Elsa is a beautiful SNOW princess. Snow=white

Ummmm, isn't this based on a DANISH fairy tale?

Of COURSE the characters are going to be white. It's a Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark is in Northern Europe. Historically/Anthropologically speaking, there weren't many people in the area who were black. I don't get why people can't understand that sometimes it's less to do with a race "issue" and more to do with "gee, what makes sense?"
And of course there's the fact that Elsa is called the "snow queen." I don't know if this is just me, but when I hear that I expect the person to be very pale with white/blonde hair. Because that makes me think of snow.

I just think it's dumb how people will jump the racist gun as soon as they see what they think is a "pattern."

Not everything is racism

Congrats you've created Storm from the x men.

If you look back over all the criticism Disney got for making a black princess (Tiana) I doubt they'll make one again. i.e. She works as a waitress – like a slave, She's a frog for most of the movie – it's like she's not black at all, The prince isn't black etc. My response to these being: It's a paying job, so nothing happens – that would make a boring movie and surly it's racist to suggest that a black woman can't marry someone from a different ethnic group.

Most of these fairy tails originally come from old Europe, when there wasn't black people (in Europe). Also the early cartoons were made before equal civil rights. Perhaps if you want another black princess find an African fairy tail & boost it's popularity so Disney takes notice.


Also, if we want to talk about diversity… which Disney princess has white hair? That's new.


The sad thing is. If you look at it from a marketing and business point of view, the ethnic princesses have hardly any popularity with young fans and Disney makes a bulk of their profits in merchandise. They still have to make money to be successful and the sad thing is little girls just don't seem to want to products with Tiana, Pocahontas, or Mulan on them.



Snow White (1937)
Cinderealla (1950)
Aurora (1959)
Ariel (1989)
Belle (1991)
Jasmine (1992)
Pocahontas (1995)
Mulan (1998)
Tiana (2009)
Rapunzel (2010)
Merida (2012)

Those are current Disney princesses. Now, let's look at the last 6.
Jasmine – Arabian – brown skin
Pocahontas – Native American – brown skin
Mulan – Chinese – kinda tan, really
Tiana – African American – brown skin
Rapunzel – German – white skin, but seriously? Golden hair. Pretty much had to be white.
Merida – Scottish – white skin. Let's be honest. Anyone crying about racism would've had a fit if they'd made her black, given how unruly her hair was.

So. 2 out of the last 6 princesses have been white. My god, such discrimination! Stop the white washing!!


I see no problem with Else being white, considering she's a snow princess and snow is.. Well.. White. But why cant other characters in the movie be black, or asian or another ethnicity other than white? And to say its because its not "historically correct" is really not a good enough argument considering theres no such thing as moving snow men and moose that act like dogs. If you want a movie to be historically correct, consider getting rid of those two characters as well, otherwise come up with a better argument as to why there cant be black characters in this movie.


The film is called FROZEN.
A cold colour palate including; white, blues and purples, is an incredibly important part in the making of this film. The artists have created Elsa with much thought, her looks portray her power. If Elsa had a sun-kissed tan, mahogany red hair and an orange gown, the "ice" theme would NOT work. They have given her pale skin, white hair and blue eyes because it REPRESENTS the ice power she holds!
Disney won't ever win because as soon as they release a white princess, people complain. Then as soon as they release a princess who isn't the "typical" Disney Princess, people complain.


So…. Whoever wrote this is retarded. Obviously a show about princesses with castles in a European setting is going to have a WHITE princess. Princesses from Europe are WHITE. This is not racist. This is realism. This is not bending over for the whiney blacks who feel the need to intrude upon European history/reality. If they made a African themed show, would it make sense if the whites cried racism when they made the main character black? Because that's what your doing. It's hard to swallow this stupidity.




Are you fu***ng serious? Disney has a racism problem because they don't draw more multicultural characters? Please go back to BET and Bounce networks with that bull****. Thanks.

Besides, if they made an AFRICAN fairy tale, they would be considered racist too because of the clothes (or lack of, because you know, tribal toplessness) they would draw on them.


…..They're from NORTHERN EUROPE. What were u expecting?!


It's a Danish fairy tale. Based in Europe. You know… before immigration. That's not "white washing". Instead of bitching about the characters in a European fairy tale being white, maybe these supposed 'angry fans' (race baiters) should start a petition for Disney to start making a movie based off a nice African fairy tale?

Or better yet… maybe they should GET OVER IT.


This is just…. god dammit people, its from a danish fairy tail. Most danes are white!


Disney does not have a race problem, many of their films have plenty of diversity. And why are all the "This Could Have Been Frozen" people bashing Disney for THEIR depiction of the fairy tale; this fairy tale has been told and told again by Asians, Russians, and many Europeans.


1. It isn't whitewashing if the Princess is originally white. White washing is turning a POC white, but the Princess is white to begin with.
2. It makes perfectly sense for an ICE Princess to be white, (apart from the fact, that the movie takes place in the North Europe, where NEWSFLASH: most people are white) and by turning her into a POC would be just hilarious and unnecessary.
If you want to do something for the POC representation in media, do something that actually makes sense.


how do you whitewash someone who is white this is so obnoxious

Sad Person

Oh how i miss the 2D movies… :(


Yes. White washing. Mulan. Pocahontas. Jasmine. Tiana. Disney's modern films are pretty diverse. Not to mention Kida and Esmerelda as non-white female leads. Sophia is supposedly half-Latina, but I can understand white-washing with her character.

But yeah, everyone needs to get over the fact that European stories are mostly white Europeans.


The film looks like it takes place somewhere in middle-aged Scandinavia, and people are mad because there are no black people? I wouldn't even want to be caught up there.


It is important to keep in mind that 12.5% of Americans are black now, and therefore, it makes sense for them to be represented more in films. However, it DOES seem unrealistic to have an African in a northern climate. As for diversity, an Inuit could've been the princess.


Aren't roughly 8 out of the 12 American girls white, anyway?

And an ice princess being white seems fairly logical.

Reverse racism is also racism.


Isn't whitewashing turning a previously ethnic character white? From this ad, it looks like the princess is a generic ice princess. There is no reason why she can't be brown, black, purple, red, green, etc. There is also no reason why she can't be white. It seems practical and realistic that a character from a cold climate would have pale skin.


You know instead of wasting their time making this pointless wannabe protest. Why don't these morons pick up a little movie called "The Princess and The Frog" at their local Redbox or download on Itunes. That was a movie that did poorly at the Box Office BTW.


Oooh, how revolutionary! These upper-class privileged bloggers are really doing something revolutionary here. This is a topic that's really essential to everyone and their identity formation. Glad to see someone's out there making a difference and really tackling these tough, tough issues.

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