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Disney’s Overhead Advertising for “Planes”

Disney's Overhead Advertising for "Planes"

As an ex-New Yorker living in Hollywood, I actually enjoy taking the subway in Los Angeles if it happens to go where I need to be. Last night, I had an event on Hollywood Blvd. and instead of fighting the rush-hour/Hollywood Bowl traffic, I hopped the Metro to Hollywood and Highland. 

I’ve seen all manner of advertising in this town – i.e. mega building-size billboards that rival Times Square – but in all my years of riding subways, this was a first:

Disney has plastered the ceilings of LA subway cars with posters for their forthcoming animated feature, Planes

I almost missed seeing them – I usually look down at my shoes or read a paper to avoid eye contact with my fellow subway travelers (a habit I picked up from my old days in New York). So there you have it: another innovative first from our friends at Disney marketing!

In case you can’t read the posters in these iPhone snaps, Disney’s Planes opens in theaters on August 9th. 

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