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‘Fruitvale Station’ Director & Star Ryan Coogler & Michael B. Jordan Making ‘Rocky’ Spinoff ‘Creed’ With Sylvester Stallone

‘Fruitvale Station’ Director & Star Ryan Coogler & Michael B. Jordan Making ‘Rocky’ Spinoff ‘Creed’ With Sylvester Stallone

To be certain, the “Fruitvale Station” team of director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan spent some considerable time wrapped up in the devastating true story that anchored their Sundance and Cannes selected film. And with the recent outcome of the George Zimmerman trial following the death of Trayvon Martin, it once again brought up those issues of race and class as the duo were out promoting the film. So perhaps something lighter isn’t exactly surprising, but you may be taken aback by the upcoming project’s shape.

Coogler and Jordan are teaming with Sylvester Stallone to make “Creed” which is, you guessed it, a spinoff from the “Rocky” franchise. And yes, Sly will once again reprise his role as Rocky Balboa. The script, which will be penned by Coogler and Aaron Covington, will follow Apollo Creed’s grandson (Jordan), living the high-life, thanks to the success of his grandfather, who decides to get into the ring himself, seeking out a reluctant Rocky to be his mentor. Maybe he’ll box the grandson of Ivan Drago? It’s not the most inspired concept, though it was probably this or a prequel—but mostly we’re just bummed there’s no way for Carl Weathers to return. 

Thoughts? Is this a clever way to keep the “Rocky” franchise going or should they give it a TKO already? [Deadline]

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I just wish Stallone wasn't involved at all- I mean wasnt that the point of Balboa, to kind of give the franchise an apologetic mulligan in place of part V ? To continue on Stallone may as well make it Rocky VII, a Creed spinoff only sounds exactly cynical as what it is, a chance at soely urban black/hispanic market.


Why connect it to the Rocky series and have that tie it down? Couldn't they just make it an original boxing story with no ties to a franchise?


Well… it's official. Coogler is the new Justin Lin.


Am I the only one who deeply disliked Fruitvale Station? Such a manipulatively told story and almost sorely lacking in social subtext. Plus the script was just awful. Michael B Jordan was goodin it actually but still…


WHY WHY WHY would Coogler and Jordan move to this type of film after Fruitvale!?

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