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Hanging Out With Javier Bardem Looks Like Fun In These New Pics From Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’

Hanging Out With Javier Bardem Looks Like Fun In These New Pics From Ridley Scott's 'The Counselor'

While it might seem that TIFF has every major movie coming before the end of the year, there are a still a strong handful of films yet to be announced for any festivals, and though we expect Ridley Scott‘s “The Counselor” to get a splashy premiere somewhere, it currently remains a big get for someone. And with the movie hitting theaters in just over two months, there’s certainly going to be plenty to see from the movie.

A batch of new images have arrived for the Cormac McCarthy penned movie, and while mostly everyone looks appropriately grim—this is a movie about a lawyer sucked into the drug trade with harrowing consequences—Javier Bardem‘s dude looks like he’s having a blast. All Brian Grazer hair and Guy Fieri shirts, he looks like he rolled in off another planet. Well, a planet that cherishes history, as he’s got an old school U.S. flag on his wall, and we can only imagine it may not have come through the most legal of channels.

Anyway, check out Bardem and the rest of the cast—Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz—below. “The Counselor” opens the case on October 25th. [Allocine via The Film Stage]

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Looks like a love child of Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey Jr.

Ayo for yayo

Bardem's shirt is loud as f**k.

Let's hope that this is "Breaking Bad" with A-listers and coke.


Javier's costume: FTW – God, as imagined by Brian Graizer
Cameron Diaz's outdoor costume: WTH – look inspired by an unpopular American Girl doll


This script is utterly fantastic, easily one of the best I've read this year. I'm not sure Scott was the best choice for director, but I can't wait.


@CB Too grown up to be savages, Im thinking it will be more no country with a tinge of Blow.


Hopefully it's more No Country for Old Men meets True Romance than Savages. Fingers crossed!

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