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Melissa McCarthy is Outperforming Comedy Dudes

Melissa McCarthy is Outperforming Comedy Dudes

Melissa McCarthy is crushing it right now–with a $40 million dollar opening weekend with The Heat, a rumored ESPYS hosting gig and recently wrapped up principal production on Tammy a film she co-wrote and co-directed with her husband Ben Falcone.

In turns out McCarthy is also outperforming her male comedy counterparts at the box office as well. Variety compared the numbers between her and her male comedy colleagues including Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jason Bateman, Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell. Her first two movies Bridesmaids and Identity Thief grossed over $169 million and $135 million, and Bridesmaids earned McCarthy an Oscar nomination. 

In comparison, Ferrell’s first major film, A Night at the Roxbury (1998) made about $30 million domestically. And Ferrell never saw a film break $100 million until Elf in 2003.  

According to Variety she’s ahead of all the guys at this point in her career.  But of course, no one wants to see funny women.  Her box office numbers and growing clout prove that men and women want not only to see funny women, they want to see Melissa McCarthy. 

Melissa McCarthy: Comedy’s Hottest

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I think that it's a tribute to her talent. After all, we don't want a movie with the tired wit of Whitney or Jenny McCarthy just to have a movie with a woman comedian doing and saying "safe" lad-pleasing "wild" things. That's dead. There is something to being talented. And as far as the Heat goes, a behind the scenes thanks has to go to Sandra for bringing in a diverse and talented set of off-beat actors who you don't get to see much on the screen. I think the actress that played the Russian drug distributor needs to come back to be the snarky, hateful Huggy Bear and of course, the lip syncing Bostonie blonde. When they cut out the full lip syncing from the trailer in actual movie in the "narc" scene, we got robbed.

Scott Mendelson

A Night at the Roxbury wasn't sold as a Will Ferrell vehicle, merely an extension of an SNL sketch that happened to be popular back at the time. His first star vehicle was indeed Elf, which grossed an astonishing $184 million (and remains one of his better films). A better comparison would be Adam Sandler, who had a number of low-budget comedy vehicles along the lines of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore before crossing over with The Wedding Singer ($80 million) and attaining A-list status with The Waterboy ($167 million) in late 1998. McCarthy merely skipped the whole B-movie portion of her career, similar to Jim Carrey, who went from nobody to A-lister overnight with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective back in 1994 (back when a $9 million debut meant you were a superstar… oh the days!). Even Bridesmaids wasn't sold on McCarthy, so Identity Thief was her first major test, with The Heat being her 'The Mask', a summer hit to solidify that the first Spring hit wasn't a fluke. I assume she doesn't have a 'Dumb and Dumber' set for December of this year?

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