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New Pics From ‘Odd Thomas’ Starring Anton Yelchin, Film’s Release Delayed Over Monetary Dispute

New Pics From 'Odd Thomas' Starring Anton Yelchin, Film's Release Delayed Over Monetary Dispute

The Playlist giveth, and the Playlist taketh away. Today, it giveth new pictures for “Odd Thomas,” Stephen Sommers‘ adaptation of best-selling author Dean Koontz‘s supernatural thriller. And then it taketh away, with the news that the film may not be coming out anytime soon, due to a nasty financial dispute between two of the companies behind it.

Make no mistake, the film exists. Anton Yelchin took a break from yelling “Kyeptin on ze bridj!” in the “Star Trek” movies to star in it as a fry cook with supernatural powers, alongside Lily Collins, Tim Robbins, Willem Dafoe and Patton Oswalt. Oh, and 50 Cent, playing a blind DJ. (Awesome). It’s finished, and it has a trailer that leaked out a little earlier this spring
. It’s just sitting there, waiting for various Hollywood lawyers to finish off a “Hunger Games”-esque litigation fight (we hope). Basically, as THR reported earlier in the year, shingle Two Out Of Ten is taking their former production pals on the movie Outsource Media Group (good name) to court over $35 million they are apparently owed for marketing and other costs. So yeah, this could take a while….

In the meantime, the film has scored a DVD release in Hungary: a couple of decades from now, that information will be an incredibly obscure piece of trivia that you can use to enhance your standing with movie nerds around the world, so commit it to memory now. But do not despair, this summer will finally see the release
of “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane,” a perennial unreleased film. At which rate, expect “Odd Thomas” some time in 2020. [Page To Premiere]

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not true! GOLDFARB i just saw it and the casting is perfect! . i have read all koontz books and this movie tell the back story of Odd Thomas perfectly. Anton Yelchin does a great job as Odd


Awww, damn! With a cast starring the likes of Tim Robbins, Willem Defoe, 50 Cent, & Patton Oswalt, we already know this movie is going to absolutely suck! Not to mention, Anton Yelchin as 'Odd Thomas'? Really? C'mon! Whoever cast this movie, it's terribly obvious, had neither the slightest idea what they were doing, nor could they possibly have even read the books!
My family and I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Koontz' "Odd Thomas" stories and have been anticipating a few really good movies based on the novels. Thanks for the heads up, though, IndieWire! We definitely won't be wasting any time waiting around for this.


That's not Lily Collins is it? Wasn't she replaced?

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