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New Poster & Images From ‘Out Of The Furnace’ Starring Christian Bale

New Poster & Images From 'Out Of The Furnace' Starring Christian Bale

So, we guess this means we’re getting closer to a trailer… Earlier this week, we got the first images from “Out Of The Furnace,” the gritty drama from “Crazy Heart” director Scott Cooper featuring a great cast including Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Zoe Saldana, Sam Shepard and Willem Dafoe, and now a few more have arrived.


The movie tells the story of an ex-con (Bale) who goes on a hunt to find his brother (Affleck), after he gets mixed up in a crime ring (led by Harrelson) and goes missing as a result. It’s some serious blue collar blues, but that’s what Bale seemed to like about this film. “It seemed uplifting and tragic at the same time,” the actor told EW. “In the midst of this crumbling town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, which people were deserting, [Russell] was somebody who was staying, and also staying with principles and loyalty that defined his life, regardless of the consequences. And therefore a very memorable individual.”

But will it make for memorable film? Fingers are crossed. “Out Of The Furnace” lights the fuse on November 27th.

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@CB don't buy into what ILIA is saying I agree with you I am sick of that trend but the real truth is that after PACIFIC RIM BOMBS they will all be heading back to making these kinds of films what happens when the only product on screen in theaters are Super hero films for fan boys the moving going public will shut it down. We are due 2 more huge Bombs besides Pacific Rim and that is RIPD and there is one more and it all be over for the dumb ass attempt blockbuster excuse I mean flopbuster mentality!!!


I'm so tired of generic blockbusters. This is real American cinema with great acting, real human characters, complex human flaws, raw emotions. Bring it, Scott!


Bale's crying tears of fire.


in the last picture.



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