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This funny trailer really does illustrates how Hollywood has not fully adopted the cultural changes brought by the feminist movement. Most Hollywood films are still center on men and objectify women. For example, in this trailer at that one time when the announcer said "one women" a picture of a sexy women in underwear appeared. This can be a proof of how Hollywood is a male dominant industry. The other thing that I myself didn't notice until reading the comments is the fact that most of the heroes in the trailer were white. This can also gives an idea of how, even I as non-white couldn't recognize the domination of the white actors in hero and savior roles as an issue. The number of "The White Man Savior" movies in the Hollywood industry was able to plant a picture in the audience's mind that heroes are linked to the white race. Today though, we can clearly see a slight improvement in the industry to paint those pictures in other colors than white.

Susan C

This trailer was very funny, but also sad at the same time. It illustrates just how ingrained hegemonic patriarchy is our world. It also shows how dominant the male gaze is. At the one point where the announcer actually says "one woman" we see the woman looking at sexy underwear. I realize that this video is meant to make a point, and I feel it is a valid point, but there have been many other movies where a woman may not be the superhero saving the world, but never the less she is still the hero. Unfortunately, there are not enough movies like this and yes I would like to see more strong kick ass women leads in the movies.


This trailer shows the prevalence of the white male protagonists that dominate action oriented films. In traditional Hollywood cinema there is little place for a strong independent female lead, who is not forced to rely on a male for support or self identity. It doesn't help that many films that feature a female lead are still directed by men and operate within the male gaze. By increasing the demand for diversity in the media we consume we as the audience can create a market for positive films that better reflect the world around us.

S.F. Oh

This video trailer really makes a valid point that many people do not notice or even think about noticing all the time. In racial studies or ethnic studies there is a concept that we refer to as the White Man Savior. I think this "one man" concept is pretty similar to that. It's as if, whatever it is that is going on in society or around the world it is up to "one man" to come to the rescue. Just as though in a movie with people of color as the main focus, the "white man" comes in to save them or the individual. By having the "white man" come and save the people of color, the focus of the film is then changed to the "white man" and not the original people of color the movie was about in the first place. Similar to this, I believe that the "one man" changes the focus of a film about women or women's issues, or just simply women as the the main focus to the man and what the "man" can do for the women and for society and for the world. It was nice to point out that things have somewhat changed and the wording has changed from "one man" to "one woman", "one warrior", "one person", or "one family" but either way. However, it isn't such a large change and it can still be heard today in comedy spoofs of movies. It has not fully been filtered through yet, but it's good that someone has pointed it out and has made people aware of this notion in Hollywood films.


A great way to drive the point home. It's monotonous in the theaters and it's "especially monotonous" when it's in this format. I'd be so curious to see the YouTube stats on how many people abandon this video about 20 seconds in… Partially the American obsession with the individual hero – and one part reflection of the man-boy trance that has our entertainment system in lockdown. In one article VO artist Don Fontaine was credited with creating the "one man" and "in a world" phrases. Since he's gone, maybe the next generation can break the trance — please.

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