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Participant’s Soon-to-Launch Pivot Channel Targets Millennials with Aussie Comedy ‘Please Like Me’

Participant's Soon-to-Launch Pivot Channel Targets Millennials with Aussie Comedy 'Please Like Me'

Pivot, Participant
Media’s new cable network targeting Millennials, has announced that it will launch with the Australian comedy series “Please Like Me” on August 1st. Based on true-life
experiences of Australian comedian Josh Thomas, “Please Like Me”
follows Josh on the awkward events following his 21st birthday.  His girlfriend dumps him, he moves back in
with his suicidal mother, and he realizes that he may be gay all in a single

“‘Please Like Me’ is
the perfect show to launch our network,” said Pivot president Evan
Shapiro. “This show is unique and authentic, which speaks to the quality
entertainment that we aspire to present to our target audience.
Josh’s quarter-life crisis will resonate with many Millennials and the way
he and the cast capture that angst is hysterical.”

Thomas, recipient of
the 2010 GQ Comedian of the Year Award, created, wrote and executive produced the coming-of-age
series inspired by his own life experiences.

“Hello Hollywood! I’m excited
about being in America. I hope we get along,” Thomas said. “I’m encouraged
by your oversized slices of cake. I’m also really proud to be on Pivot, a
genuinely new and unique network making really interesting choices.”

Pivot debuts on August
1 and will air all six episodes of “Please Like Me” back to back at 8pm ET/7pm CT. The series originally aired on Australia’s 

ABC2 in February and March of this year. Check out a promo below:

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Totally a waist of time…airtime. was a way different concept, it ws more bout information n telling the truth to the public via those documentaries, but now is all about being gay and putting homosexuallity out there in t market, everytime I tunning in to channel ii ear the word GAY all t time all day long, is more a gay channel for gay ppl, I'm worrie I hv kids, n this kind of media should b banned frm tv, is all about a gay movement n not bout. information like doc channel used to, I dnt hv anything against gay. ppl, but. wn gay ppl are trying to wht exactly?? A hollyday? Wordshipin. g?…we r tolerant enough but now based on lies r trying to ge my house?? Yes I'm against thm, I want doc channel back n I strongly disapprove w Pivot gay channel…is jst an Insult to sociaty n family values….


That's not a great promo, and a lot of people find Josh Thomas irritating, but this is a surprisingly worthy show. It's not brilliant, but it's warm and sad and gets at something about youthful relationships (their superficiality, connection for the sake of connection) that's really interesting. And it's quite funny in a dry sort of way. Definitely worth your time.

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