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Project of the Day: Check out the Bizarre and Exciting New Sport ‘Chessboxing’

Project of the Day: Check out the Bizarre and Exciting New Sport 'Chessboxing'

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“Chessboxing: The King’s Discipline”

Tweetable logline: 

The first feature-length documentary to explore the bizarre and exciting new sport of Chessboxing.

Elevator Pitch: 

Chess and boxing – together at last. The W.T.F. factor of such an
unlikely combination has made it an easy target for satire on shows like
The Colbert Report or as fluff-piece fodder at the end of the nightly
news, but to the man who invented it, chessboxing represents nothing
less than the pinnacle of sport – an ultimate test of body and mind.
Taking you to London, Berlin, LA and beyond, Chessboxing: The King’s
Discipline will tell the story of this man’s struggle to transform his
sport from underground cult curiosity into a respected and recognized
mainstream phenomenon.

Production Team:

Producer/Director: David Bitton
Cinematographers: Joseph Baron, Scott Baker & Shane Geddes
Sound Designer/Editor: Kyle Stanfield
Picture Editor: David Bitton

About the Production: 

“I believe that the most beautiful things in this world are the ones
that resonate on a subconscious level because they mess with our
preconceived notions of how things are supposed to be or how we are
supposed to act. Things that seem completely absurd and ridiculous on
their face, but upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be utterly
brilliant and speak to a deep emotional truth. Chessboxing, to me, is
one of those things. I became a filmmaker to bring this beauty to more
people and so making a film about chessboxing was a clear and necessary
choice.— David Bitton

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project: 

Filmmaker Website
Kickstarter Page

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I've been in love with Chess Boxing since I first heard about it two years ago. I'm very happy this film is being made! I can't seem to vote for it though. I want to, I just can't find a vote area.


I've been in love with Chess Boxing since I first heard about it two years ago. I'm very happy this film is being made! I can't seem to vote for it though.

Heather Ordon

I definitely vote for this film. Very interesting!!!
Good Luck!!!

Rochelle frydrych

Very unusual and interesting.
Good luck

Ervin Sebag

Spectacular! Very promising.

Myra Manly

Good luck!

Chris Atack

This film rocks! David Bitton definitely deserves maximum support for this work.

Leah Izenberg

Best of luck with i!

ROshell Bissett

I would absoloodly want to see this film! Can't wait till it comes out!

sally ewin

I vote for this film.


Looks like a really good Doc. Kind of in the same vein as King of Kong? I love off beat docs. Will keep my eye out for it.


beautiful documentary.

Chris Y

I'm really hoping this gets the go ahead as looking forward to watching the final release, best of luck with everything as this deserves to be funded.

Ruthanne Wasserman

Looking forward to the completed documentary!


Chessboxing is on of the upcoming future sports.

Joan Sinclair

David Bitton is witty and wildly creative.

Chris Y

Excellent, Chessboxing would certainly be the one for me, Hope this film gets the funding it deserves.

Elisabeth Goddard

Having been a close-up observer of David's filming in London, I can guarantee this film will worth the wait. So much went into the making of it – please support the final push and make it happen.

Ali C.

I can't wait to see this movie! This film deserves to be funded and finished! Help make it happen. The Veronica Mars movie doesn't need your help anymore…this one does. Pledge! PBS has tote bags, Chessboxing has people getting punched in the face…you know what you need to do.

J. Matthew S.

Fringe, kitch and with gusto Origanality is born into this world. Upon it the masses will stare judge, comment and joke about. This is the fire that forges great things while destroying others. Movies like this invite you into this process be it for a good laugh or a eurika of insparation and expects no common opinion ground of thought in the end. The world needs more films like these.

Simon Davies

Brilliant idea, talented film maker, help him out he deserves it!

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