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Rae Dawn Chong Tries To Dig Herself Out Of A Hole

Rae Dawn Chong Tries To Dig Herself Out Of A Hole

So considering the giant shitstorm (her words, not mine)
that Rae Dawn Chong caused due to
her recent comments about Oprah Winfrey (HERE), not surprisingly Chong has now released a video on her
YouTube channel, issuing an apology (well sort of) and a statement clarifying her comments about O.

And I know what you’re thinking…Rae Dawn Chong has her own
YouTube channel?”

Watch here:

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Chick looks unhinged. Maybe she should team up with that "actress" who is starting a biracial women in film movement?

Adam Scott Thompson

"Harpo… who dis woman?"


Brothers beware and be wise.
The world is full of women like this.


Rae Dawn Chong. The paula patton of the 80's. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Wow, I don't even like Oprah (although I can respect her hustle), but Chong seems about as shallow as they get. I mean, how old as she, and yet she appears to have the demeanor and reasoning ability of a teenager. Anyway, she's dead wrong for bringing Trayvon Martin into her vapid discussion of Oprah. Oprah may be a lot of things, but I'm thinking she's a good deal smarter and more mature than this woman.


Wow…she's seems just as shallow in real life as most of the characters she played back in the 80's.


Complimenting Oprah! That's a good one.


Did she threat of being "black listed?" LOL! I know what you're thinking… what career? Oh stop it… she's on Youtube.




For the life of me, can't understand why she — and a host of others with their own YouTube channel — can't invest in a condenser mic for clearer vocals rather than record off their iPhone.


"Rae Dawn Chong has her own YouTube channel?”

LOL!!!! Yes, that is exactly what I thought when I saw that statement.

Major fail for bringing Trayvon Martin's case into this discussion. I would have rather that she had not apologized than to try to use Trayvon to elicit sympathy from the public.

Alison Wonderland

This is probably the most "relevant" she or her career has been in years. Her clarification of her statement is more confusing than her original comments. Non apologies are worse than insults.


At least she admits she has issues with Oprah. The end.

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