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Raphael Saadiq Will Produce Music For Soundtrack To Spike Lee’s Mysterious New Joint

Raphael Saadiq Will Produce Music For Soundtrack To Spike Lee's Mysterious New Joint

Not his usual compadre Terence Blanchard (who scored many Spike Lee films) this time… but Raphael Saadiq, as the above tweet from Spike states.

Saadiq is also writing music for Fox Searchlight’s Kasi Lemmons’ musical Black Nativity, which is out this fall. Oddly enough, while Saadiq is writing music for that film, Blanchard is composing the score.

Still no word on what this new Spike Lee joint is about. Nothing. Nada. All we know is that there’ll be lots of nudity and blood addiction. But it’s not a vampire film, as he’s emphasized. 

As of the time of this post, he’s raised just over $276,000 of his $1.25 million Kickstarter campaign goal, with 24 days left. Will he get there? Well, he’s about $1 million away, with just over 3 weeks to go; meaning, he’d have to average roughly $334,000 raised each week, for the next 3 weeks. The upcoming middle 2 weeks tend to be the toughest (in a 4-week campaign like this), with the final week seen a last-minute surge in contributions to get many-a campaign over the proverbial hump. 

Read our interview with Spike, in which he discusses the campaign and project, HERE, if you haven’t. 

And then check him out live, tonight, in a conversation with the Black&Sexy TV crew, via their YouTube channel HERE.

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man.. spike high as a kite.. can't believe he would smear his own name like this.


"Numbers don't lie, people lie."-Mo Better Blues

Spike went about this the wrong way.


Wow, I'd thought he be close to a $Million or over by now this is not good. I hope he gets his goal but damn this does not look good. How long did it take Veronica Mars to reach their goal. it seemed like a very period like a matter of days -I don't have the exact info on how long but damn that was for a series that was off the air for eons

Let me know S&A readers how fast Veronica Mars reached their goal

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