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Read This: Harvey Weinstein Calls Errol Morris “Boring” in 1988 Letter About ‘Thin Blue Line’ Interview

Read This: Harvey Weinstein Calls Errol Morris "Boring" in 1988 Letter About 'Thin Blue Line' Interview

The Letters of Note blog has unearthed a fantastic 1988 letter from Harvey Weinstein to documentary filmmaker Errol Morris. In it, Weinstein tells Morris that his NPR interview for the yet-to-be-released “The Thin Blue Line” wasn’t so hot: “You were boring. You couldn’t have dragged me to see ‘The Thin Blue Line’ if my life depended on it.” Ouch. Full letter below.

As a reminder, “The Thin Blue Line” is now seen as a landmark documentary, it won numerous awards, and most notably exonerated the film’s main subject, Randall Dale Adams, from Death Row — which also ultimately proved incredible publicity for Weinstein’s Miramax. But before all this came to pass, Morris, per Weinstein’s letter, needed to “start being a performer and understand the media.”

Weinstein also has some ideas about how Morris could spice up his description of the film (“It’s scarier than NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET”), and goes on to ask for “casting suggestions” about an actor who could play Morris in interview if he continues to give answers in the same fashion.

Here’s the letter. Head over to Letters of Note for the transcript.

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A 25 year-old letter hyped as a scandal, which it's not, and it's not even August.

The Thin Blue Line was widely understood as a landmark doc then, and Harvey was spot on about how the filmmaker must make the film's case. Turns out docs don't do much biz unless someone sells them.

It also shows why Harvey is the consummate salesman of his time. Sign me up, if ever I do a book or movie, please.


This is why Harvey Weinstein is regarded as a piece of human feces by the movie industry, and barely tolerated due to certain financial concerns. He's a grade-Z oaf, and has been proved time and again to be more lucky than anything else. He invests in people who would *be a success most times regardless* and then proceeds to destroy them during the interminable post production process he insists upon to slake his slimy, unquenchable thirst for glory. What an ass.

roger friedman

He's absolutely right. Harvey cannot be criticized for brilliant marketing. He wanted Erroll to be better with the media. Filmmakers don't realize they have to sell their movies to the public. Good for him. I'll bet Erroll learned a lot and has used that advice since then.


This is why everyone loves this guy.

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