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Rex Reed Watches 20 Minutes Of ‘V/H/S 2’ But Reviews It Anyway

Rex Reed Watches 20 Minutes Of 'V/H/S 2' But Reviews It Anyway

Rex Reed has pretty much always been an insufferable blowhard. But lately, it seems his writing has attracted more controversy than usual. Earlier this year, he drew a lot of ire from people thanks to his crude description of Melissa McCarthy in his “Identity Thief” review. He still refuses to back down from his comments, of course. Now, he is getting a lot of flak for writing a review of the film “V/H/S 2,” and describing it as “unwatchable,” while admitting to leaving the screening after about twenty minutes. It’s a move that suggests that the man has really lost his marbles.

As vile and as crude as Reed can be, he’s obviously entitled to his opinions. And while this move does demonstrate a complete lack of professionalism on his part, it’s not as if he has a golden reputation to maintain. It is telling, though, that The New York Observer seemingly encourages this type of behavior. It makes you wonder if there’s anything Rex Reed could do that would actually cost him his job. From the looks of things, he’s not going away anytime soon.

There are plenty of people out there ganging up on the old man, calling him “the worst critic ever,” and they certainly have their reasons. But, like with Armond White, such public outcry does nothing more than give the “hated” critic even more attention and thus, giving them a larger soapbox. In some cultures, according to movies and television, when an elderly person no longer has anything of value to contribute, you can simply send them off to sea on an ice float. With Rex Reed, all you have to do is not read his articles and the effect is essentially the same. [via AV Club]

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YES HE DOES need to sit through the whole movie. That's his job. That is his only job.


I have little to no respect for Rex Reed as a film critic, but I have to defend his review. He said it was unwatchable and left after 20 minutes of being punished by images he could not stomach. There is nothing wrong with that and he is being honest to the "critic code" I think. As an editor, though, I would have suggested he make his "unwatchable" admission the lead so there's no question about his opinion of what follows (i.e. it was unwatchable and here's why).


Its said he can't even get basic plot points right. Isnt that your basic job as a critic.


If he admits to leaving early, I would say it's not a big problem…except he made a point of stating in his headline that it sucks 'from start to finish'. I mean, come on, that's just asking for it.

Leigh Richert

Christ, the guy's almost 80 years old, and has sat through his share of shit. Jeez, Ken, does the poor bastard really need to sit through all of "VHS 2"? He admitted to leaving after twenty minutes, so as far as I'm concerned he can write whatever the hell he wants.

Quit hating on the people it's so easy to hate on. BE BRAVE IN YOUR HATE, AMERICA!!! QUIT JUMPING ON BANDWAGONS!!!


Normally I'd say twenty minutes is plenty, but in an anthology film?


You guys are a bunch of hypocrites:


Armond White is contrarian on purpose. Rex Reed just gives his honest opinion (and V/H/S 2 is definitely unwatchable).

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