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Rosamund Pike Takes Female Lead In David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’; Neil Patrick Harris & Tyler Perry Eyed For Roles

Rosamund Pike Takes Female Lead In David Fincher's 'Gone Girl'; Neil Patrick Harris & Tyler Perry Eyed For Roles

Well, that was a lot of drama for a moment. With names like Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Abbie Cornish, Olivia Wilde and Julianne Hough (really) all being tossed around as potential leads for David Fincher‘s “Gone Girl,” the long-pegged frontrunner has officially landed the job.

THR reports that Rosamund Pike (“Jack Reacher,” “An Education” and next month’s “The World’s End“) has landed the female lead opposite Ben Affleck. But perhaps more intriguing is who is being eyed for supporting roles: Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry. Yes, really. We’ll leave it to those who have read Gillian Flynn‘s book to tell us what those parts might be but did you ever think you’d live in a universe where the orbits of David Fincher, Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry would come colliding together? Anything is possible, we suppose.

The film, which follows a man who moves back home to Carthage, Missouri, to open a bar and becomes a prime suspect when his wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary, will start filming in September and we’d reckon there’s plenty more to come.

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Glen Bennett

Rosalind was a great choice for the part. She sure stepped up to the plate and delivered a fabulous performance.


Very happy to see Rosamund land such a high profile leading role. She is a great actress but, unfortunately has been relegated to girlfriend roles for ages. Hope this is a breakout hit for her.


NPH as Desi maybe? Makes sense to me.


I can't imagine Julianne Hough up for a role those other actresses were up for. The character is 36 in the book. Having read the book, she's a perfect fit (if her acting is up to par) for the MUCH younger role of Andie. It could be how her name got in the mix. If his wife is super young then part of the story doesn't make sense. I'm imagining Tyler Perry as a cop (?) but still not placing NPH. I finished the book a couple of weeks ago and it's fresh in my brain and I still can't figure out who he'd play.


If the female lead is supposed to be older than Affleck, Pike's a better choice than Wilde or Hough. Isn't Affleck at least 10 years older than them?


Is she really the best actress for the part? I didn't like the book. I've never warmed to Mrs Pike but she might be suitable for the role cos the female character was very hard to warm to. Charleze Theron would be better.


I love David Fincher, and will see anything he does but he's a perfectionist and thank god to that and he's in it for the quality and no where in the world does Tyler Perry and quality meet. there are still a gazillion other names that can be selected. I think those two names were mentioned to show the wide spectrum of his casting net. When he gets around to Viewing a TP film I am sure he come raging to his senses

Adam Scott Thompson

So Tyler Perry is not the eponymous girl?

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