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Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan Will Reteam For ‘Creed’ – A 7th Film In ‘Rocky’ Franchise

Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan Will Reteam For 'Creed' - A 7th Film In 'Rocky' Franchise

Wow! Just when you thought the Rocky franchise was dead (the last film was released in 2006), MGM plans to revive it; BUT, this time, the focus will be on the grandson of Apollo Creed – the character played by Carl Weathers in the first 4 Rocky movies.

And who just might play the grandson? None other than Michael B. Jordan, star of 2013’s indie darling Fruitvale Station

Oh, and by the way, his director on that film, Ryan Coogler, will come along for the ride, to direct (and co-write the screenplay with Aaron Covington), what is currently being called Creed.

Deadline says MGM is in early talks with Jordan to play the grandson of Apollo Creed, with Sylvester Stallone returning to reprise his role as Rocky Balboa, but this time, as a retired fighter-turned-trainer. 

Apparently, this has been a dream project for Coogler – one that he shared with Stallone after signing with WME, who loved it; the pair then took the idea to MGM brass and they loved it as well, and the rest is history.

The story for what will be the 7th film in the franchise will see Michael B. Jordan play the grandson of Apollo Creed, raised in a wealthy home, living off his grandfather’s earnings, but who, despite his family not wanting him to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, has the desire to do so, as well as the natural gifts and potential that his grandfather used to become a heavyweight champion… that is until Rocky Balboa took his crown in 1979′s Rocky II. Creed’s grandson seeks a mentor to help train him, and, of course, that mentor turns out to be Balboa himself (Stallone), who is no longer interested in the sport, and apparently needs to be convinced to help get Creed’s grandson prepped and ready to get in the ring.

The plan is for this to be Coogler’s next film, after Fruitvale Station, and expectations are for the project to move ahead quickly.

I can’t say that I’m immediately excited about the idea. While I’m glad to see both Coogler and Jordan graduate to what will likely be a pricier, higher-profile studio project, I’d prefer something original, fresh and new, instead of the 7th film in an age-old franchise that really should be buried at this point.

But let’s wait and see what develops here. Coogler’s take might be a surprise to the upside, while still staying within the mythology of the franchise that made the earlier films so well-loved.

Congrats to the dynamic duo! Maybe we’re seeing the makings of a future Spike Lee/Denzel Washington director/actor pairing.

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Both Jordan and Coogler are having an amazing year. Any updates on Jordan as the Human Torch?


If this is his dream project, then I say more power to him.


Coogler did an incredible job directing Jordan in "Fruitvale". Since he has a passion for this particular story, I'm going to keep an open mind about this film. A good writer/director with a passion for his subject and studio backing can pull off just about anything.

mr dobie

@DJ, TheDudeAbides
I don't think there's much to be gained bringing Carruth, Polley, Nichols, Zeitlin into this, they're indie and WHITE. That makes all the difference, black indie film makers not getting anything like the backing, publicity and most importantly long term support from funders, film fest programmers, indie aware media and audiences. Arguably U.S. indie film world even more white and insider than Hollywood. I'd argue best move for Coogler is to follow the Spike Lee route, move between Hollywood and indepedent, build allies and success in both.


Congrats to the pair!

While this is probably a good financially and prolifically for Mr. Coogler, I surely hope they ain't settin that brother up to make a studio bomb. Because it sounds like it.

They'd be better off just telling a new story about a boxer than tying it into Rocky (although I'm somewhat certain MGM won't drag Stallone along for the ride)


Dankwa Brooks

I also want to see a "Bubba Lang" in the mix too. Fans of the franchise will get what I'm inferring. LOL

Dankwa Brooks

I feel what DJ is saying, but if this is a personal passion for COOGLER it's good that he wound up in the right place to bring it to fruition.

As a fan of the franchise I think it's an intriguing, and black, way to bring it back and update it.

I can see Stallone being a Mr. Miyagi/Mickey (from the Rocky franchise)/Clint Eastwood from Millon Dollar Baby type. LOL


Kind of disappointing. I would have much rather seen the movie about the high school football team Coogler was planning to do.


The new reality for indie filmmakers: Pen and direct a personal project to acclaim, get roped into a staid franchise film as a director for hire, and spend years trying to rediscover your personal and creative integrity.


Good move, and good luck to these two.

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