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Shemar Moore Cancels $1.5mill Kickstarter Campaign, Tries IndieGoGo To Raise 1/3 Of Initial Goal

Shemar Moore Cancels $1.5mill Kickstarter Campaign, Tries IndieGoGo To Raise 1/3 Of Initial Goal

Well, it’s worked for some, and not well for other *celebs* who’ve taken to Kickstarter recently to raise money to finance their feature film projects.

Kickstarter didn’t quite work out for actor Shemar Moore, who set up a campaign to raise $1.5 million for a romantic comedy titled The Bounce Back, which he’ll star in, along with Nadine Velazquez (you’ll remember her from the opening scenes of Flight, opposite Denzel Washington).

He raised about $250,000 of that $1.5 million before canceling the campaign.

But he certainly didn’t give up, and instead headed over the Kickstarter competitor, IndieGoGo (which lets you keep what you raise, even if you don’t meet your goal, as opposed to Kickstarter, which requires that you meet your set goal, or you get nothing).

This time, however, Mr Moore has set his IndieGoGo campaign goal at $500,000, not the $1.5 million he wanted for his Kickstarter campaign. And thus far, with 17 days left in the campaign, he’s raised more than half of it – $260,000.

Will he raise the remaining $240,000 to meet his goal? That’s up to you folks. Clearly there’s some interest, since he’s received $260,000 in contributions – which is a tidy sum, considering that most indie film campaigns don’t even ask for anywhere near that figure. 

But, again, this is IndieGoGo, so he gets to keep whatever he raises (even if he doesn’t meet his $500,000 goal); so, at the very least, if the campaign ended today, he’d work away with $260,000, minus whatever IndieGoGo’s pecentage is, which I believe is in the high single digits.

However, the campaign doesn’t end today, so I’m sure he’ll raise more than what he has thus far, between now and the close in 17 days.

Instead of me telling you about the project and the campaign, I’ll hand the mic over to the man to tell you all about it himself. If you dig his pitch, head over to the project’s IndieGoGo campaign page to make your contribution.

Here you go:

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Would love to know what the actual success rate is for black indie projects on Kickstarter, in hard numbers, for celebs and non-celebs. This would be a somewhat lengthy journalistic undertaking, I suppose. Any takers?

Also, "Shemar and Nadine Velasquez movie" screams "ABFF and then straight to video" (unless the screenplay's written by Will Smith, who could get Wilson The Basketball his own action movie franchise.)


I guess it didn't bounce back….bhahahahahah!


Is he starring opposite a black woman or Hispanic woman? That might be the crux of his problem.


Is it me or are his eyes, off? O_o


Can't say I'm (or anybody else) is surprised. And is it just me or does Moore look like REALLY creepy? Like in a store window (sort of) feminine mannequin way?

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