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Solid Ratings Debut For BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’ – 4 Millions Viewers, Highest-Rating On Cable

Solid Ratings Debut For BET's 'Being Mary Jane' - 4 Millions Viewers, Highest-Rating On Cable

It’s been quite a week for the BET network, starting with Sunday night’s record-breaking broadcast of its flagship awards show, BET Awards 13, (which drew 7.8 million viewers and set some social media records), and now with this news, which I’ve been waiting to receive all day…

Despite a late 10:30pm start on a Tuesday night, The BET original movie (pilot) Being Mary Jane, starring Gabrielle Union, drew a strong 4 million viewers and a 2.0 rating with adults 18-49, making it Tuesday night’s highest rated cable TV show, and the 2nd highest rated show on all of TV, behind NBC’s America’s Got Talent in the same target demographic (adults 18-49).

Meanwhile, The Game, which returned for the summer, as a lead-in to Being Mary Jane, came in as the second highest-rated cable TV show, with a 1.7 rating in the adults 18-49 target demo, drawing 3.6 million viewers.

This news should bode well for the Being Mary Jane TV series, which is slated to debut on BET, staring on January 2014.

Congrats to Mara Brock & Salim Akil, as well as the audience who tuned in to watch!

If you missed my earlier post, share your thoughts on the film HERE.

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January2014 for the next showing. That is too far away! I hope this is not true they need to get to it ASAP. Why make your audience wait so long! The show was really good and I felt some parts related to me. Trying to be the strong one is tough. Great job Gabrielle and writers! Please hurry up with productions.

Brenda Ross

BEING MARY JANE WAS SUPERB! Best show about AFRICAN AMERICANS I HAVE SEEN IN in years. The movie was so authentic and real in a way that spoke to anyone not just blacks! I felt someone had stepped into my home and written this story about my family!



Honestly, at first I was really into watching Mary Jane. The program was turning out to be high caliber and on par with rivals that have a (white) female as the central figure in a story.

But seeing the gay couple in Mary Jane just cause my heart to sink low into the crevasses of disappointment. Once again in a black fictional (largely hetero) program, the powers that be decided to feature a supporting black gay male character paired with white man. Why? Is there some kind of statement being made about black gay men? Is the idea of seeing two men of African descent romantically and monogamously involved with one another and who ARE NOT on the stereotypical down-low offensive? What exactly are the prejudices involved?

There are homophobe within black America. They are the typical loudmouths who get all the attention because of the spewing ignorance that is like venom coming from their mouths. But, the majority of blacks are not homophobic! Many of these blacks have sons, daughters, uncles, aunts and cousins who are gay and lesbian. Most love these relatives so much they will pull up a tree to beat down anyone giving a gay or lesbian loved one a disapproving side eye glance. And, most of these beloved gay and lesbian kinfolk have significant others who are also of African descent like them. This makes the constant portrayal of black gays and lesbians always preferring whites in black films puzzling (especially when it comes from gay filmmakers).

Gay culture is far from being this large community unfettered by racism. In gay media, white supremacy is the norm. One is more inclined to see a man of African descent paired with a white man, or any man of color paired with a white man. White gay couples are the norm followed by the man of color usually legitimizing white beauty and supremacy as he looks lovingly into the eyes of a white partner. Seen more is a gay black couple in an AIDs drug advertisement than in any other advertisement. It's bad. Men of color in general are just a means to an end with respect to political goals in gay culture than sharing a legitimate seat at the proverbial table of true inclusiveness or oneness.

This is why the gay couple in Mary Jane upset me. Outside of this, the show was almost perfect.


I'm sorry, but I can't get past the weave/wig. I won't watch.


I watched Being Mary Jane, and I was quiet impressed. I really enjoyed it, and will probably keep up with the series.

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