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Trailers from Hell: Max Landis on ‘Running Scared,’ Starring Vera Farmiga and Paul Walker

Trailers from Hell: Max Landis on 'Running Scared,' Starring Vera Farmiga and Paul Walker

Even More Movies You Never Heard Of! concludes at Trailers from Hell, with screenwriter Max Landis giving a very animated introduction to 2006’s “hyperstylized crime fairytale” “Running Scared,” starring Vera Farmiga and Paul Walker.

No, this isn’t the (not really very famous either) Billy
Crystal comedy from 1986, but the very underrated and virtually unknown
hyper-real 2006 thriller from director Wayne Kramer set in New Jersey but shot
in Prague. It’s one of many such currently obscure action films that have yet
to penetrate the dwindling home video market due to a plethora of similar
titles and the disappearance of brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

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I think Max got confused. its not Werner Herzog, its John Noble. and its not Linkin Park, its Muse, haha. I think I watched this when it first came out and thought it was terrible. ill have to give it a re-watch.


Nothing wrong with the trailer — but please get rid of that overwrought and self-centered commentator


I always thought this was very underrated. And extremely disturbing in its dipiction of violence towards children. It takes fairy tales and makes them brutal. It left a bad taste in my mouth just like Martyrs did. Both are films I like a lot but do not wish to see again.

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