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Vincent Gallo Joins Japanese Thriller ‘Human Trust’ Co-Starring Kôichi Satô & ‘Oldboy’ Star Yu Ji-Tae

Vincent Gallo Joins Japanese Thriller 'Human Trust' Co-Starring Kôichi Satô & 'Oldboy' Star Yu Ji-Tae

With a trailer for his unreleased 2007 sex comedy “Oliviero Rising hitting the web a few weeks back, the rare presence of Vincent Gallo on the film scene recently grew just a bit more noticeable. The actor/director’s own output, like directorial effort “Promises Written In Water,” remains an unknown in terms of a proper release, but in terms of appearing before a camera, a globe-trotting Japanese film will feature Gallo later this year.

In a characteristically unexpected move, Gallo has been announced as the final cast member for director Junji Sakamoto‘s suspense drama “Human Trust,” which finished filming in Japan, Russia, Thailand, and the U.S. this past spring. Centered on the legendary “M Fund,” a supposed stash of treasure from WWII, the film follows a conman Yuichi (Kôichi Satô of “Sukiyaki Western Django”) as he’s hired to travel across the globe and steal the money by two mysterious men.

Gallo plays an American investment banker who learns of this development, and employs an assassin, played by “Oldboy” actor Yu Ji-Tae, to track Yuichi down and kill him. The film is based on the titular novel by Fukui Harutoshi, who co-wrote the script with Sakamoto, and it also stars Shingo Katori, Tatsuya Nakadai, Mirai Moriyama and Arisa Mizuki in the supporting roles.

In all, it sounds like a rollicking escapist thrill that could result in killer turns from all involved—Gallo especially—and so while “Human Trust” is scheduled for an October 19th release in Japan, let’s hope it’s not too much longer before it travels overseas. [Film Business Asia]

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The Brown Bunny is most beautiful film ever see. Thank you Mr. Vincent Gallo

Sally May


RTW Bill

I was in Japan during both the Buffalo 66 and The Brown Bunny releases. Gallo is a God there. Which says a lot about the Japanese. Since Gallo is a genius it suggests the Japanese audiences are tuned in. Even Buffalo 66, Gallo's most mainstream project got lukewarm reviews in the USA during its release and I remember reading it did not win a single prize at Sundance or at the Spirit Awards. They creamed him in The Brown Bunny reviews. That film will go down as one of the best of all time.


Cool news about Gallo playing in SF. Worth a trip from Portland. Gallo looks so handsome in this film. He ages like a dream.

Matthew Drake

Vincent Gallo headlining summer festival in San Francisco next month, check out San Frandelic Summer Fest, comment form will not let me submit link

Sandy D

I am so excited. I LOVE VINCENT GALLO


Here's a still from the movie with Gallo in it!

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