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Watch: 90-Minute Interview With Legendary Screenwriter William Goldman

Watch: 90-Minute Interview With Legendary Screenwriter William Goldman

While you may not know the name William Goldman (though, if you’re reading this site, you probably should), you’ve likely seen one of his movies. “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid,” “The Hot Rock,” “All The President’s Men,” “Marathon Man,” “The Princess Bride“… they speak for themselves. But if you really wanted to get inside the man’s brain, here’s your chance.

In 2010, The Writer’s Guild Foundation sat down for a length 90-minute interview with Goldman, and he talks about everything, from the craft of writing, to his career and so much more. He talks about falling into the business by accident after being asked to adapt “Flowers For Algernon,” despite having never written a screenplay, the messiness of the “All The President’s Men” (which Robert Redford claims to have written) and basically anything else you could ask for.

A long weekend for many is ahead on July 4th, and with the temperatures going, this will be a good watch if you’re staying indoors. Watch below. [No Film School]

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Casey Moore

More like this please. More sites should cover not just production news but also cover how films are made. Thanks for this.


Absolutely fascinating and insightful interview. Thanks for posting.

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