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Watch: A Videogame Was Made Based On The First Three ‘Rambo’ Movies, It Unfortunately Looks Like This

Watch: A Videogame Was Made Based On The First Three 'Rambo' Movies, It Unfortunately Looks Like This

The idea of a “Rambo” video game doesn’t sound too terrible. In fact there have been a couple in the past that weren’t outright god-awful. With the influx of popular of shooters like “Call of Duty” over the years, it’s a shock that a game publisher hasn’t made an earnest attempt to bring the classic Sylvester Stallone series to modern game consoles. Well now that’s about to change, but the results are a little questionable.

UK publisher Reef Entertainment has undertaken the challenge to bring the first three “Rambo” films to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. That means you’ll get the opportunity to kill Americans, Afghan soldiers, and the Viet Cong all in one game. Okay, it sounds a little deranged when you put it that way. Assuming the game follows the story of the movies to the letter, it should prove to be an entertaining experience. That is, of course, if the game plays well…  

…but if the trailer below is any indication, players are in for an incredibly generic experience. From the basic looking shooter mechanics to the dull and lifeless graphics — it kind of looks PS2 at best — the game seems to be excelling in mediocrity. In short, it looks like every other dull POV shooter you’ve played since you first put a controller in your hand. It’s perhaps another cautionary tale of videogames based on movies (a category littered with terrible, terrible efforts and very few successes) but you can find out for yourself (if you dare) when the game hits store shelves this winter. [MTV]

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Looks like Far Cry 3. (which if you played it…looks like Rambo: First Blood Pt. 2) So I think it looks just as it should be!


Looks terrible. And I will definitely be playing it.


This would have been HUGE….in the 80's
Great liquid skin effect too. Yuck.


"it kind of looks PS2 at best"
What? I mean, it obviously doesn't look very good but come on, that is a stretch.

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