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Watch Anthony Mackie In Trailer For WikiLeaks Film ‘The Fifth Estate’ (Can He Make The Leap? Does He Want To?)

Watch Anthony Mackie In Trailer For WikiLeaks Film ‘The Fifth Estate’ (Can He Make The Leap? Does He Want To?)

Here’s your look at the rather riveting trailer for Dreamworks Pictures’ The Fifth Estate, directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Twilight movies), a film about Julian Assange and the controversy involving
WikiLeaks, which opens on October 18.

With Benedict
as Assange (who is also in Steve
McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave
, which opens that same day), the film co-stars Stanley Tucci, Dainel Bruhl, Laura Linney
and, of course, our guy Anthony Mackie, who, you have to admit, is one very busy working actor with another four and
possibly five movies that he will appear in this year and in 2014.

But once again, this brings up the question that we have
brought up before – that is, can Mackie finally make the leap from supporting actor to leading man status? I’m not sure
that he can. I’m still not convinced that he has the “weight” as I like to
call it, to be a leading man.

But then again, as we have also brought up before, does he
really even want to?

Mackie himself has said that he’s in no particular
hurry to be the next big A-list star, and that he’s quite content to be in his
“lane” so to speak. Why should he not be? 
He’s doing extremely fine where is he right now.

And you have to admit there’s a lot less pressure being
a solid, go to supporting actor than being an A-list leading man, with all the nerve
racking career ups and downs and insecurities that it brings.

Want to bet that not what Johnny Depp is going through right now?

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This is one of the most riveting trailers I have seen this year. Benedict is always fine in everything I see him in, so not surprised he was cast. On the whole Anothony being a leading man, well, when its his time, it will be his time.


Forget about Mackie, we all know that story, but Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave OPENS THE SAME DAY as The Fifth Estate?! Ut oh, I-AM-TORN.

Now, since my money is always funny, which way should I go? Well, lets see, a slave movie of one which includes Stanley Tucci, Dainel Bruhl, Laura Linney and a guy name Anthony Mackie? I loved Linney in Showtime's The Big C so I can't go wrong with her. However, I have to admit that I am not familiar with Benedict Cumberbatch? But based on BEEZDABLOCK's extreme excitement, he must be something special.

But we're talking Steve McQueen, Micheal Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor and there's that guy again… Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh hell, this is a no-brainer, I'll wait until FIVE dollar TUESDAYS and then watch them both.

Btw, I thought The Fifth Estate opens Oct 11th?


WOW! He sounds just like Julian Assange, when Steven Spielberg is behind the lens, things get done quickly I see, I think this will be in the same vein as 'the social network' I smell Oscar nod.


I'm surprised there is a wikileaks movies, shoooot I'm gonna check it out along with 12 years a slave! That's a good movie weekend. Anthony Mackie can act! I think we need let leading black actors develop as opposed to being pushed. Let's remember black people are only 13% of the population and we have great representation especially since Civil Rights movement. If he wants to, Anthony Mackie will get there and another 'star' will surely emerge regardless


This is a pointless debate that we don't need to have unless you have something new to bring to the table. Can't judge a guy's "weight" until that person gets a chance and right now the only thing new here to add to the evidence are clips in a trailer. At least he is saying dialogue in his past two trailers though. I suppose that is some progress in of itself


I thought we settled this weeks ago when you asked the same question.
Mackie is just an OK supporting actor. He doesn't have a screen presence (read: He's not a hot, hot, hottie!) needed to make the leap to being a LEAD actor or STAR!

Men don't want to be him and women don't want to "do" him.


there isnt a presence to mackie on any level.
also, he's neither a comic or studly


Also, I'm not sure about Mackie's ability to be a strong lead. He had such an opportunity in Brother to Brother, She's Gotta Have It, and that black panther film with Kerry Washington (the name of it escapes me), and he just wasn't very compelling as a lead to me. I think he's a much better secondary actor, which is not a bad thing at all. Good secondary actors make you leave a film remembering only them, and that is not something to scoff at. Some of the best actors out there only do secondary roles, and they are brilliant in those roles (for the longest time, Tom Hardy, for instance was only in secondary roles, before he managed to become a lead and he was amazing in those roles; in fact, I would watch certain films only because he was in them, even if he was only secondary or minor). I think it's wise to stay in secondary roles for a while, learn from the biggies, and then try to make the leap or not. I personally liked Idris a little better when he was in secondary roles (Stringer will always be his best role), although I still love him in all that he does. The same goes for the one and only Alan Rickman of Harry Potter fame (I hope he never becomes a big lead actor because he is a scene stealer in his secondary roles). Cillian Murphy, Harry Lennix are other superb actors I can think of, who rarely play leads, but I will watch their film just because they are in them, if only briefly. There's more freedom (of choice, etc.) in being the actor who does only or primarily secondary roles (Idris said that once), and I can see why for some folks it's not a big deal if they don't ever become the lead. I'd prefer the freedom, even if the money isn't as great as being a lead.


Oh my gosh, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite actors and one of the best of his generation. On top of that, he's playing Julian Assange?! I cannot wait to see this. I just hope they keep it truthful and not too hollywood. Wow. I haven't been this anxious for a movie in a long time. Thanks for the info!

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