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Watch: Chris Hemsworth Is “Hunt, James Hunt” In New Trailer For Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’

Watch: Chris Hemsworth Is "Hunt, James Hunt" In New Trailer For Ron Howard's 'Rush'

We really don’t get racing at all. Watching a bunch of cars drive around a track for hours on end? Not really our bag, and Universal knows that if they want the ’70s-set, racing drama “Rush” to reach an audience beyond Sunday afternoon couch potatoes, they’re gonna have to sell this thing. So why not introduce Chris Hemworth‘s lead character James Hunt like smoldering, sexy, risk-taking hunk? And that’s exactly what they do.

In the new trailer for “Rush,” we watch a banged up Hemsworth saunter into a hospital and announce that he’s, “Hunt, James Hunt.” Remind you of anyone you know? From there, the new spot gets down to brass tacks, detailing the true life story that Hunt and rival Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl), as they compete across the European and world circuit, putting their lives at risk fighting for fame, glory and respect. It looks like an entertaining yarn for sure, though Olivia Wilde continues to appear as not much more than appealing window dressing.

Anyhow, “Rush” shifts into gear on September 27th and between this and “The Fifth Estate,” we’re just pretty stoked for two major movies this fall featuring Bruhl. Watch below.

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I'm just curious as to why some one who feels this way "We really don't get racing at all. Watching a bunch of cars drive around a track for hours on end? Not really our bag" would write an article on a racing movie , Formula 1 racing is most certainly not nascar and driving around a circle track for 3 hours ,especially in the 70's f1 was extremely dangerous and some of the drivers coped by "living it up " i.e. James hunt ,yes I'm sure that they are going to play it up Hollywood style by doing something's to excess ,But that is how he lived it .I don't care if the played it with just straight facts and no embellishments ,I was going to see this regardless but to say that they need to "reach a further audience than Sunday afternoon couch potatoes" is a insult ,I have watched Formula 1 since I was a little kid, screaming my head off for Arton Senna when he was winning against Alain prost ,and crying when he died ,and then to be excited when Michael Schumacher took up the throne ,I have been a real racing fan since way before this whole nascar craze , and I have my daughter watching formula 1 with me so I can pass it on .unless you have ever watched a formula 1 race I think you have no business pretending to know what its about ,and then to just sum it up by saying "anyhow between this and the 5th estate were just happy to see 2 movies starring Bruhl",why even bother to write an article if your not going to give it a fair shake ……its just disappointing to me that people are writing this up as a "sexed up yarn"(your words) instead of a story of one of the greatest rivalries' in sports

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