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Watch: Comic-Con Reel For ‘Veronica Mars’ Brings First Trailer & Goes Behind The Scenes

Watch: Comic-Con Reel For 'Veronica Mars' Brings First Trailer & Goes Behind The Scenes

So, you paid for this, guys. After a hotly publicized, debated and massively successful Kickstarter campaign, “Veronica Mars” has gone from beloved former TV show to fan-enabled movie, and now the first peek of what everyone put their hard earned toward is here.

The nearly five-minute Comic-Con reel for “Veronica Mars” has dropped online offering everyone—supporters, casual observers and those who have never watched the show at all—a generous look at the movie. Skip ahead to about the three-minute mark to see the trailer (Jamie Lee Curtis!) which finds our former high school detective now a psychologist, roped into another mystery of sorts. All the familiar faces are back too and Tina Majorino wins the award for best haircut.

You’re gonna have to tell us superfans if this looks like it’s worth the $2 million that followers plunked down or not. Most of us ’round The Playlist haven’t really watched the show, so in terms of getting newcomers on board….”Veronica Mars” might have to try harder….

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The featurette is not the best but it was just a look for the fans here, imo the real trailer will be far better and quality like.


i'm a veronica mars fan & backer & i'm not impressed, couldn't they wait until kristen lose her baby weight? veronica is supposed to be a young sexy PI, I guess this would be as bad as high school reunions are in real life, hope i'm wrong


5.7 million :)


Looks like a low budget mystery with chippy dialogue and a ton of fan service. It's their movie and probably has no bust out potential, but that's fine. I watched Mars regularly during its run and I'll pony up the cost of a ticket… this is Marshall's passion project, a writer whom I've enjoyed over the years with VM and Party Down, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt despite the "meh" teaser, which seemed aimed squarely at the Comic Con crowd anyway (hell mouth reference, character cameos, stun gun joke). I'm sure the actual trailer will be more mass appeal.


Really proud of all those who made this happen I never was a fan but always wanted to see the series but never had time but now they did it in the best process possible and the fans made it happen cause really bar none that is the bottom line and they showed all that there was a real ardent fan base for the show / series / characters and really concept and fan made this all come real -All you march forward stay positive – you did it !!

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